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BodyTalk with Bernice - Online Available Everywhere

Bernice Granger, CBP, B.MSc., RM, MLT(ret)

Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC

BodyTalk is consciousness based healing, unwinding life's conditioning and subconscious beliefs. BodyTalk enhances physical health by working directly with the body tissues as well.

Specialties: Distance Healing, Reiki, Body Talk

Location:Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC
Address: Parksville, BC  Canada

~ Through the Open Door ~
BodyTalk treatments are extremely personalized and gentle.
They unfold from the inner knowing of your very own body. They are also powerful as they help unwind and clear traumas, stressful experiences and the conditioning of life. The healing is holistic, work is done on all levels, physical through to spiritual. You become more in touch with your true self, wholeness, and wellbeing!

Sessions are grounded in the latest discoveries and understandings of consciousness, quantum dynamics, anatomy and physiology, ancient wisdom, and Eastern Medicine. Examples are the five elements, meridians and life force called Qi (Chi).

Sessions are easy to do and very effective when done at a distance! Available Everywhere!

Bernice’s intuition and years of practical experience, self-growth, and continuous study all come together to help you break through these emotional and energetic blocks. Help yourself open up to the vitality, joy, and overall health that you truly are! Welcome through the open door.

Bernice Granger, CBP, B.MSc., RM, MLT(ret)

“You find your True Self in the Light and the Love of your Soul”.-BG

I have received several distant body talk sessions with Bernice.
She has a gentle, caring manner that makes me feel special. Bernice totally honours and respects every part of you and truly supports what you maybe going through, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. After each session my body feels free and revitalized. I highly recommend Bernice. Joy B, Parksville BC

I had two Body Talk sessions with Bernice and I could feel the beautiful energy clearing that she brought to bear. She was also insightful in uncovering the root cause of issues. I have known Bernice for a number of years and have had her do other healing modalities with me as well as card readings. It's wonderful to be in the hands of a practitioner with many tools in their toolbox and I think Bernice is able to bring all of this talent to her work. I would encourage anyone to explore their healing path with Bernice. She is a beautiful, kind hearted woman as well as being very capably skilled.
Rita M. Vancouver Island BC

Bernice has learned Self Realization, Joy, Health and Abundance are our Birthright!. As a Medical Laboratory Technologist, Bernice knew there had to be more to life than the obvious physical world and physical medicine, then she had an awakening experience that left her feeling the Oneness of all life. This sent her on a journey of discovery that has brought her through many spiritual teachings and complementary medicine modalities. In some of her steps forward she would feel that she was standing at an open door and the Light was coming through from the other side. The Light was what she was moving into, her next big step forward. She knew she was being guided, encouraged, and supported. In moving through her own blocks and issues, she found that BodyTalk was the one system that really made lasting changes in her health and wellbeing. She found a BodyTalk session not only helped shift the energy of a situation, it also helped clear the subconscious beliefs and conditioning of why she was creating the experience in the first place! It took her a while to say yes to the guidance of becoming a BodyTalk practitioner. Now she is so excited she did. She finds her knowing and experience are well used and integrated within this holistic, amazing BodyTalk system. Bernice provides a safe, compassionate healing space. She looks forward to helping you find your way to better health and wellbeing!