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New Beginnings Therapy with Rocky Krogfoss

Rocky Krogfoss

Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC

I help release unworthiness programming. 98% of my clients are women, I will help men, Any chronic pain, anxiety, depression, treated without drug, machines or health products.

Specialties: Distance Healing, Wellness Centers

Location:Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC
Address: 20071 24 avenue
Langley, BC  Canada
v2z 2a1

@ New Beginnings Therapy, I provide the following services:

1) Healing of all types of pain including migraines, chronic pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, virtually any type of pain

2) All mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, grieving, Feeling stuck, feeling unloved, unwanted, not good enough, past traumas like domestic abuse, inner child traumas, ancestral lineage programming, and much more.

3) Global Webinars on various healing and empowerment topics, Live Q + A'S, Zoom Healing sessions (1st session is free)

4) Educational Opportunities including 2 Free E-Books

5) I offer a 8 month training course on becoming a powerful Quantum Emotional Healer.

6) Spiritual and Quantum Sciences Education

Radio Interview with Rocky Krogfoss:



Quantum Emotional Healing
Local and Global Healing Clients Testimonials
• Migraines
• Chronic Pain
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Relationship Drama
• Domestic Abuse Trauma
• Women’s Workshops
• Business Speaker / Radio Interviews


Brenda – Montana, USA – Anger, Depression, Fear

By the time, I had met Rocky, my life was near an end. Suffering endlessly from so constant illness, my body & heart hurt very badly. I had been at "rock bottom" for 8 years. After 8 sessions, I was feeling so much better. I recorded a video containing my explanation of what I had experienced. Not only did Rocky help to clear some emotional blockages I'd been suffering,but he helped me to gain further insight on a couple of things I'd already been unwilling to face. I felt so much better and the pain did not come back. Amazing, and I very highly recommend contacting him because I know he can help so many people with his knowledge, understanding and gifts.


Cathy’s Depression: Healing Inner Child and Abuse Issues

I have suffered from depression for years. I thought I would have to carry this burden for the rest of my life. Rocky Krogfoss has advanced wisdom and experience with how energy flow from thoughts affect the body. He helps women suffering from physical and emotional pain identify and heal what they may not even realize has been programmed in their subconscious mind. I could not believe what came up for me when Rocky brought me to my Inner Child.
He empowered me to embrace my true goddess power, free from the controlling abuse.
He inspired me to release how family and men have controlled me. Now I have a new beginning where I value myself and take charge of my life. By feeling truly heard and understood by Rocky, his intuitive guidance has quickly taken my life lessons to a whole new level in a very short period of time. I am incredibly grateful for his healing gift. With Gratitude, Cathy

ROCKY'S BIO: - After a horrendous violent abusive childhood, and wandering aimlessly throughout my 20's and 30's, I had a sudden and completely unexpected emotional breakdown, which forced me into healing. The healing started and ended very quickly with the 100 % ineffective medical system, and I true angel came into my life, Linda Nardelli. She is most gifted Healing Channel and integrated healer I know. I spent over 12 years and well over 500 hours having conversations with her spirit guides Masian Dia. It was they along with my spirit guides Seth, Desia and Voh that told me about my healing gift. I started out healing migraine headaches in about 30-40 minutes, not knowing what the heck I was doing,.. but it worked. Eventually I created Quantum Emotional Healing and branched out into mental health challenges as well. Today I have helped hundreds of women heal a wide variety of physical pains and many variations of stress trauma, mental health diagnosis. Today, I routinely help women on every corner of the planet heal whatever ails them.