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Animal Communicator - Anita Unrau

Anita Unrau

Vernon & North Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Alberta, Western USA, USA – all other parts

I am a Soul Level Animal Communicator plus with a special emphasis on connecting you with your pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Specialties: Distance Healing, Energy Workers, Psychics & Mediums, Grief, Equine Care & Centers, Pet Holistic Health Care, Grooming & Care

Location:Vernon & North Okanagan
Address: Rock Creek, BC  Canada
V0H 1Y0

I am a Soul Level Animal Communicator and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner. As "A Bridge Between You and Your Pet" I connect with you, and through you to your pet, so I am able pass on to you the message your pet wants to tell you or the questions you want to have answered. They can be across the Rainbow Bridge or alive as I do most of the readings over the phone while you are in the comfort of your own home. The combination of Animal Communication and Ancestral Clearing has helped people and their pets to overcome issues that make life uncomfortable for all. My Mediumship with animals to help their people overcome their grief and guilt and go from sorrow to smiling about something their animal said is especially near and dear to me.


I have spent most of my life raising and selling Norwegian Fjord Horses. In the early 1980's we imported 20 Fjords from Norway to imporove our breeding program. All those years working with the horses I used my intuition and pictures to connect to the horses what I wanted them to do. As a result when we decided to down size our herd I decided I would learn more about Animal Commuication and get a more educated way of connecting to animals and use this ability to help others, who wanted to learn what their pets had to say to them or help them find out why an animal was having problems. This has been an amazing journey of experiences of helping others, beyond my imagination, while each animal teachs me something in return for passing on the information they wanted to pass onto their human.
I started my Animal Communication Business in 2014 and have had a wonderfully rewarding time being a Bridge for people and their animals. In 2016 I studied with John Newton in Denver, CO to be certified with Ancestral Clearing so I could use in conjuction with my Animal Communication helping overcome people's problems with their pets or as a stand alone to help people with the Ancestral Clearings.

“I called Anita to help me with my dog Sherman. He has been gnawing at his front paws for about six months. I have done everything from seeing the vet to putting the dreaded cone on his head. Nothing was helping. I turned to Anita and she tapped into Sherman. What was really surprising since the reading is he was a lot more calm because I listened to what he said and have been creating a better balance in the household. Anita’s kind and caring nature helped not only Sherman but me as well. I highly recommend Anita, you might be surprised by what you learn about yourself through your fur-kid.”
Amanda, BC