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Energy Medicine with Cheryl


Penticton & South Okanagan

Intuitive Healer Cheryl Schuh, offers restorative healing, live blood analysis, sound healing and all faucets of body mind and spirit harmony.

Specialties: Bio-energetic Assessment, Distance Healing, Energy Workers, Biofeedback, German New Medicine, Sound Healing, Live Blood Cell Analysis

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: Everywhere

Disease proof your body.
Helping Support Changes to Lifestyle Patterns

Re-Sync Your Body Mind Spirit Connection through awareness.

Gifted in communicating with whole body-mind-spirit systems to facilitate and support accelerated healing by accessing Energetic information from an individuals unique field. This energetic bio-print links all body systems; blockages are discerned and released energetically to accelerate healing. All work is done below conscious perception. Entrainment ensures the individual will develop and maintain new neuro-pathways that replace established PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) responses. This ensures a deeper more relaxed and positive mode of being, signaling your bodies cellular receptors into a downgraded, non-alarming state. It is my experience that Spirit disharmony always cascades down first into mental stress and if left unresolved ultimately manifests into ailments of the physical; this combined with burdens of toxicity, lifestyle choices, diet, and environmental agitators (urban stress/traffic/artificial wireless frequencies “electro-smog”) all combine towards overwhelming the bodies capacity to maintain wellness.

Hello Friends,
In a nutshell, I have been chosen to pursue this field. Although some may feel this discourse is not relevant specifically to the health field; I beg to differ....all is energy. My "gift" rests in this realm.
Since the age of five I became aware of another reality outside
of the material realm. Of course, I didn’t recognize this as anything special as I had no comparison to what other individuals experienced. However, as time advanced and I continued to experience endless events that no science nor individual in my personal world had experience of or explanation of; I had a big realization. Very Big. Supernatural phenomenon was just coming out of the “closet” so to speak and the internet or easy access of information was not readily available. Still, my lifelong experience of this "gift" was a struggle one could not just simply converse about.
I kept this “deep secret” under wraps and floated through life using these gifts but not speaking often of them. I did manage to find refuge in my family and close friends who were mystified but accepting. This still is the case, however, science has now caught up with these phenomenon (Lots of peer reviewed studies now- do your research)!
In my late teens I eventually subjected myself to being a “case study”, by a leading U.S. Parapsychologist who was currently teaching at a renowned university in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This Dr. was not only thrilled at this opportunity, but as well, sent me to other “colleagues” who in turn “studied” me. I was encouraged to join a “psychic circle” but instead though my heightened awareness and unique gifting, I instead “was led” by this gift, down a path of love - Universal Love. I understood all the psychic phenomenon I experienced as something like “parlor games” that one could get distracted by, caught up into, and potentially stuck in and “miss the prize." Like an intricate quest, it became clear to me that the ultimate answer which, in all the decades of supernatural phenomena I experienced, just continues to be reaffirmed: that being "Universal Love". We are all here to Help, Heal and Love. Through the gifting of these abilities I have been successfully working in the realm of energetic healing for 20 year.

Distant Healing – Client Testimonials
As you know, I discovered a mass in my left breast on the 10th Dec this year. It concerned me as I knew it was fairly new. I didn’t know how long it was there for because I don’t do routine breast self exams. I noticed it because the skin was red over that spot as well. I’m perimenopausal so I don’t have monthly hormonal fluctuations which could create cysts. You gave me a session subspace on the 12 Dec and by the 15th I could barely feel it, the redness gone. You gave me another session on the 19th. I’ve included an ultrasound picture from 11 Dec of the mass. It demonstrates mostly benign signs except it’s not completely clear (the black area in the center of the picture) and there are multiple large arteries and veins converging on and around it. That was a concern. The second picture is from the 18 Dec showing the (black) mass now very small and the vessels much smaller and less numerous. Even if this mass was a benign cyst, it would not have resolved so quickly on it’s own. Knowing that this mass was the result of an emotional conflict I was working through (German New Medicine), and with your biofeedback assistance on downgrading this conflict as well as supporting my body, and resolving this mass, I am entirely grateful to you. Thank you. I wish more people would open their minds to energy medicine. It’s amazing.

This is my testimonial that Cheryl does indeed perform miracles. We have and adopted daughter who was exposed to drugs and alcohol prenatally. She was a very spirited girl from day one. As time went on spirited turned into extremely difficult behaviours and violent rages. After sessions with Cheryl the results were truly amazing. She now is eating all fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole wheat bread, and foods that previously would send her into a rage. She told me, mom I feel like a normal kid now, my body doesn’t ache and I don’t have a headache. I am here to testify that Cheryl changed our lives literally,

After only ONE session with Cheryl in the beginning I have felt more energized than I have done in six months, I went for a jog two days in a row! My symptoms have decreased and my overall outlook is positive. I am absolutely delighted with my recovery, thank you sincerely. Paula rose, (Ireland)