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Mystical Fortune Telling Readings by Shanta - by phone or online

Shanta Meeder

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan, Alberta

Traditional European Fortune Telling Reading by Shanta, using a unique 12 card, three layer clarifying process that will answer your question or concern using the past, present, and future. Extremely

Specialties: Card Readings

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: West Kelowna, BC  Canada
V1Z 3L2

What keeps you up at night?
Questions you don’t have answers to, mostly. If only someone or something had the answers, you’d sleep better knowing what to do next.

Well, the unique and highly accurate twelve card, three-layer process reading I will read for you will give you peace of mind and a solution to your problem.

Will you ever find your soul mate?
Is he the one? Will the money arrive soon?
Will I get the job?
Should I move?
When will I be promoted?
Will my house sell soon?
Will my divorce be settled in my favour?
What does he think of me?
Should I trust this investment?
Is the contract stable?
Will I get the promotion?
Should I write that book?
Should I go back to school?
Should I start that business?
What will happen if I ____________?
How will my trip turn out?
Will I ever marry?
Will I be rich?

The questions, like the answers, are endless. After reading for 25 years, I can tell you I never guess at what the answers will be, and I am always surprised the direction the cards will take you.

Speaking of questions, I never ask for your question first. I always read what the cards tell me to tell you, then I ask for your question at the end. I don’t want to read into what I think you want to hear; the card readings are pure and untainted.

We meet on Skype so I can record the session. After a little introduction (I don’t want to know too much at first), I hit record and we start the session.
I shuffle the cards whilst you think of your concern or theme. (If you don’t have your question, or have more than one question, then I ask you to think of a theme – love, money, job, relationships, etc.) You tell me when to stop shuffling.
I then lay out 12 cards.

The middle line is what the cards want you to know. It may or may not be applicable to your question, but the cards sometime have a mind of their own. This is important information.
Then I read the rows. The first row is the past, the second the present, the third the near future (up to a month or two), the last row, the further future or outcome. I clarify the story the cards are trying to convey. This is the foundation. I will ask you to take a photo. (Super easy to do on Skype.)
Then we do the same shuffle procedure with a second deck of cards. You think of your question while I shuffle and tell me when to stop.
I then lay 12 more cards on top of the first 12 cards. Now we read these cards and it will give us definite detail of your reading and outcome. This is were the answers are to your question. I will ask you to take a photo of this layout.
Now I will ask you about your question so we can further clarify and go one more layer deeper. We go over each set and how it applies to your situation. Which ever one is unclear, or brings up another question, we read 5-9 cards on top.
The reading isn’t over until you are happy. Notice I didn’t say happy with the answer. Happy with the reading, you may not always be happy with the answer but at least now you know, right?
I then stop the recording. Skype processes the video (can take some time depending on how long the reading is) and it will show up on your main Skype page for you to save. (You will have 30 days to save it.) You can also forward it to a friend if you so wish to share it.
You can book your reading directly from the website or come see me in person at the many shows and markets around the valley.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter on my website so you know where to find me. Plus I’ll have monthly specials. (For example, February Romance Special, April Spring Special, September Harvest Special, and so on.)

I also do group and party readings – makes for great fun on a birthday! If you have four or more, I will meet you anywhere in the valley.

I look forward to meeting with you and reading your cards! It’s my absolute honour to interpret the cards for you and I am truly humbled to be of service.

She is amazing. Truly amazing. You won't find a card reading like that anywhere! ~Kim, Westbank

Wow! That's all I can say, is WOW! - Dawn, Kelowna

This is incredible. You nailed it, right down to the detail. -Darlene, Vernon

Shanta! Help! I have a choice of two jobs, like you said I would! LOL - Cara, Australia

You have a real gift. Please don't keep this too yourself. The world needs you. - Anon

Hi! It's Alan. I need my monthly reading. LOL - Alan, Liverpool

Come to Ireland, I'll make you a millionaire. - Nanny Young, Ireland

I so enjoyed my reading with Shanta - Maria Carr, Canada

Born a duel citizen of Canada and Netherlands, I have traveled the world. Fresh from living Spain for five years, I followed my dreams and moved to the valley in 2016. Using 25 years of experience reading fortune telling cards for friends and family, and learning different cultural expressions of card reading, I have developed a unique and accurate card reading you won't find anywhere else. And my clients from around the world agree!