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Energy Balancing with Michelle Parry

Michelle Parry

Penticton & South Okanagan

Energy balancing for Grounding, Clarity, Acceptance and Choice.
Go to the root cause of your issues, change their energy and awaken yourself to a whole new world of possibilities.

Specialties: Energy Workers, Kinesiology, Wellness Centers, Health Clinics & Wellness Centers

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: PENTICTON, British Columbia  Canada
V2A 3C3

Energy Balancing with Michelle centers you within your own energies, into yourself and directs your energies into you rather than your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotional conditioning. It helps you separate from energies that cause you to go outside yourself, for love, for power, for wisdom, for happiness. The balancing develops healthy, trusting and loving energy patterns for your relationship with yourself, from which all other experiences arise. The work helps you return to You, to your truth, strength, answers and Light. It empowers you to be You.

The Energy Balancing sessions with Michelle are rooted mostly in the energy techniques of Specialized Kinesiology, specifically the icpkp program, and the energies and intention underlying The Nia Technique: The Bodys Way. Michelle has used both these modalities to empower her understanding of patterning that exists at the subconscious and unconscious levels of being. She has used them to help her develop strong and open communication channels within herself, and between the client and their levels of being, acting as a voice and facilitator for change and growth. Because of Michelles commitment to Integrity and Truth, the channel is strong, clear, free of judgement and ego, and allows information to flow, sometimes as language and sometimes not.

The work supports the client in making changes by helping them be aware, and redirecting their energies into self support rather than doubt or anxiety, away from guilt, grief, regrets, undeserving, unworthy, broken and powerlessness to patterns that bring them lightness and clear seeing. Self affirming patterns are established, giving rise to inner strength and freedom to make choices, change and think and feel differently.

"Michelle's work comes from a special place that she finds for us" Lisa S

"When I first began my work with Michelle, I didn't know what to expect from this journey, only understood that i was looking for something I couldn't name, nor clearly identify within myself...just simply that I wanted to feel better, I needed to heal. Since our first session two years ago, to this very day, my time with Michelle is treasured. I eagerly anticipate the appointments and rarely miss. She is a Bright Light. A Medicine Woman. Her ability to channel and facilitate growth and healing is her gift, and i feel ever grateful and blessed. We are on each others paths." Sondra R

"I found Michelle because I had attended her Nia classes and was attracted to her teachings. I hadn't experienced a teacher this radical about being in communion with the body, and the body as a portal into myself. I continued to work with Michelle because this new way of knowing and experiencing the body aligned me so strongly down a path of discovery. this journey has taken me over some pretty rough terrain, and I feel like I've had nonstop metamorphasis with the work. I feel Michelle took Nia past where her creators had oroginally intended and because of being part of this work, i have completely changed my relationship with my body and my mind and am grateful for the results. I now have permission to be curious and interested, and that is exciting" Linda T

"Michelle has helped me gain a better understanding of myself and what is not myself. Her volcabulary that she draws from when listening to my body gives me more contemplative thought long after the session is over. I heard about her work through friends of mine, I liked what they had to say so I gave her a try and sure glad I did. I feel happier than I felt before, or should I say, the happy was always there, and Michelle and her work helped me to manoeuvre there. I feel a satisfaction and inner enjoyment that I attribute to these

Michelle has been studying and living wellness since 1982 when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Illness was not an option for her at age 21, so courses and certifications in reflexology, massage, communication, whole foods, aromatherapy, spiritual intensives, mediation retreats, healing touch, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and the Masgutova Technique filled 20 years. The ICPKP (www.icpkp.com) Specialized Kinesiology certification included the energy approach to modalities such as: Chinese 5 Element Theory, Emotional Anatomy, Color, Sound, Chakra Therapies, Crystals and Gems, Symbols, Affirmations and Goal Setting, Flower, Tree, Sound and Meridian essences, structural and reactivity release, tapping techniques, food/environmental sensitivities and desensitizing, Brain Gym and balancing, body language, acupressure and meridan therapies and more. The Nia Technique (www.nianow.com) certification opened up the world of choice, developing her relationship to neuromuscular patterning, and mental/emotional/physical conditioning. Michelle discovered opportunities for enhanced awareness and listening for personal power and choice through practising and facilitating Nia, and Self healing as a movement technique and a choice. Nia opened the channels to the wisdom of the Body, of the Bodies, and to her own Body's Way helping her to access this for others . Michelle is a Nia Brown Belt, 5 Stages of Self Healing Certified and facilitated weekly Nia classes and workshops for 13 years and continues to apply the Nia principles of dancing through life, and choosing pleasure rather than pain in every possible. Beyond her professional studies and integration, Michelle is passionate to her own personal healing and transformation. Her biggest teacher are Humility and Life.