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True Health Canada

Lorraine Andres, RHNC

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC, Alberta, Central Canada

Our mission is to be the Okanagan’s most respected source of education for health.
We help people and animals with natural alternatives through nutritional analysis.

Specialties: Reflexology, EFT , Children's Health & Wellness, Counseling & Therapy, Health Clinics & Wellness Centers, Nutrition Coach, Pet Holistic Health Care

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: 1-1890 Ambrosi Rd.
KELOWNA, British Columbia  Canada
V1Y 4R9

Services offered, but not limited to: Live & Dry Blood Analysis, Nutritional Analysis, Meal/Food Planning, Eating for Your Blood Type, Blood Typing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, EFT Sessions, Professional Counseling & Reflexology, and Healthy Water Seminars. Educational Classrooms every Friday. Achieve optimal health by identifying your hidden imbalances.

Your blood tells you so much information about your health, save a lot of trying different things that do not work. I have my blood done a few times a year to see what is happening in my body. I recommend Lorraine to get you on the right track to felling better. Laura

The ‘True Health Canada’ clinic opened at the start of 2016. A long, windy road has brought us to this destination of enjoyment, gratitude and level of education that sits on a perpetual wheel of improvement. Lorraine has been involved in living a healthy lifestyle from about the age of 8, when her family moved out of the city and up to the Okanagan area in BC. A happy farm-based upbringing ingrained a link to the animal world. A mother of four home-schooled kids, she's polished many talents, including a university level training in Equine psychology, nutrition, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation. She is proud to reach the status of Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach, however, this was preceded by a Certification in Live and Dry Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy.