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Evolution and Abundance Ltd.with Sheryl Parkin

Sheryl Parkin, AAEP, CATR


Using the modalities of Angel Connection, Reiki and Life Coaching, Sheryl facilitate your life journey through healing, guidance and support.

Specialties: Angel Empowerment Practitioner, Card Readings, Reiki, Life Coach, Chakra Healing

Address: 55 Mayfair RD SW
Calgary, AB  Canada
T2V 1Y8

Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AAEP):
I am an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner®, a Certified Angel Tarot Reader® and a Certified Angel Card Reader®. I received my training in Calgary from Cindy Smith (AAEP), in Pasadena as well as online from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, all of whom are leaders in the practice. I have also trained with other Angel Intuitive practitioners.
My connection with angels began as a child and was rekindled a number of years ago when I was searching for a deeper spiritual connection. Regular connection with the angels has been personally empowering and encouraging to me, and has brought me satisfaction, grace, comfort. Unseen life forces operate all around us.There is so much more than we can see with our eyes. I have been trained to access and understand these forces that I believe are positive and helpful to us. Even challenging events in our lives can be used as a catalyst for positive change and growth. Let me help you with your journey though connection with angels, spirit guides and the elemental energies that surround us.

Reiki Master and Practitioner:
I am a Registered member in Good Standing of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada for my Reiki practice. I am a Certified Reiki Master and have practiced Reiki since 2007; I am proficient in hands-on as well as distance healing practices. In the Usui Reiki methodology that I practice, the universal energy is directed to increase your sense of well-being and your capacity for healing, whether the healing you require is physical, emotional, or spiritual.Different areas of your body are capable of harboring certain emotions you are feeling and thoughts you are thinking. The result of this interaction between mind and body can be irritation, inflammation, pain or even illness. Exploring the connection between our physical bodies and the emotions we are feeling and carrying is fundamental for becoming aware of how Reiki can provide the healing we need. That is why each session you receive from me will include checking in with your mind/body connection. Then through the placement of my hands on or above your body (respecting your personal boundaries and preferences) in the appropriate Reiki positions, the unseen life force of healing Reiki energy which is flowing all around us and through us will flow through my hands and into your body exactly where it is needed. I also offer Distance Reiki healing so that if you are unable to come to me, I can send the healing Reiki energy to you where you are. Direct hand placement is not necessary for you to receive the energy.

Chakra and Energy Healing, chord cutting, etc.:
The Chakras are energy points in our bodies. We all have many chakras but for healing and clearing, we are concerned with the main chakra points. Using healing energy and angel energy, I will clear, balance, attune and align all of your chakras and light bodies for optimal energy flow within your body. I will clear the layers of your aura and cut any negative energy cords that are attached to your body from the influences and residues of emotionally impactful people and their words, actions and energies. Once energy blocks have been cleared and rebalanced, you will have increased emotional, physical and mental energy to engage in life. If you are burdened by belief systems that no longer resonate with you or carry the burden of unpleasant events and memories, through the use of various energy healing techniques, you can be relieved of these burdens.

Life Coaching as a Heal Your Life® Coach, the process certified by Louise Hay:
Louise Hay’s philosophy is based on the premise that “what we think about ourselves and the world becomes true for us”. In order to change our life, we must first change our thoughts. To accomplish this, Louise developed a methodology to enable individuals to develop awareness of their negative beliefs, to release old emotions, to love themselves more fully and to prac

“Thanks Sheryl. Your readings are always spot on and I get good direction for where to take things.” Andrew K

“Thanks again for your precious time today. The insights were incredible.” Leslee

“Wow! So many insights in the reading. I’d never met Sheryl before the reading and she zoomed right into the heart of the matter”. Daniel R

“This reading was exactly what I needed to hear at this time. Thank You!” Carol

“Your Reiki energy is gentle and yet powerful. I can feel the healing beginning already. I’m so grateful for the relief.” L M

“Sheryl, thank you for creating a safe and trusting space and accepting me as I am.
Thank you for being part of my healing. You are a treasure!” Angela M.

“I came in for Reiki thinking the problem was in my elbow, but your work with my shoulder has made my entire arm feel better. Incredible.” T C

“Sheryl is a true teacher of life and has many gifts to share! Her real-life experiences and examples draw the participant in through relatability and create an open and safe environment. Her unique ability to approaching workshop exercises is fun, unexpected and refreshing! Sheryl speaks from the soul and delivers the material with grace and candor. She has instilled how powerful and healing Inner Child work can be when guided by a professionally trained HYL Workshop Leader/Teacher. I look forward to attending another workshop of Sheryl's in the near future!” Dre S.

"Sheryl, your story inspired me and gave me hope that my family can overcome their
challenges as well. Your message is empowering, yet you show love, compassion
and gentleness. With respect..." Diane B.

“The idea of doing mirror work was scary. Sheryl put me at ease, kept the tissues nearby, and I am beginning to see a change in myself. I have a long way to go, but Sheryl’s encouragement and calm manner are supporting me.” Sonia D.

Everyone's journey begins with birth and childhood, and our relationships and circumstances in those early years have a profound effect on the adults we become. I grew up in northern Ontario, and carried into my adult life wounds from childhood that I did not recognize or understand. After university and marriage and a move to Alberta for my husband's career, I began to raise three children and establish my own career in finance in the hustle and bustle of the oil patch. The combination of stress, unresolved issues from childhood and attempts to escape my reality led to my first personal crisis in 1997. This resulted my first steps towards making major changes. I began to understand myself better and started the journey to wellness that continues to this day. But there was still a piece missing. I still had not faced those deeper issues, and with three children and a marriage to maintain, my efforts to experience true transformation in my life were limited. Then came a second, major crash in 2011, and it was more destructive than the first. The only way forward this time was to tear everything down, be 100% honest with myself, and then truly rebuild my life. That is how I really began my journey, "from broken to better than ever." I went back to basics. Back to my connection with the energy of the angels that I had experienced since childhood, but had never understood. A chance Card Reading at a local Tea Room by a gifted reader was life changing. She could sense the deep connection that I had with the energy and encouraged me to pursue that connection. I saw other angel practitioners in Calgary and in the USA and began taking workshops and courses in Angel Card Readings and Energy work. I am now extensively trained in this methodology and I’m proud to say that I have personally taken courses from Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine and Cindy Smith. My learning in this powerful practice continues.