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Daydream Esthetics Studio with Deanna Klan

Deanna Klan

Penticton & South Okanagan

Deanna Klan has an impressive line-up of facial techniques including crystal therapy, healing energy and harmonic frequencies. Using organic and wild-crafted skin care products.

Specialties: Hot Stone Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Esthetics - Wholistic, Spa, Crystal & Gemstone Healing

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: PENTICTON, British Columbia  Canada
V2A 4P4

Deanna Klan has an impressive line-up of facial techniques including crystal therapy, healing energy and harmonic frequencies. Using organic and wild-crafted skin care products with world class facial and body massage techniques to give extraordinary results for the body, mind and soul.

Advanced Facial Treatments
A full personalized approach makes each session unique to each client. Soothing organic plant essences calm and fortify rosacea and acne prone skin and when combined with world class massage techniques (like digital rhythm or lymphatic clearing), and healing energetic treatments profound results follow. Essential oils lend another layer of therapeutic and enjoyable benefits to round out the whole experience.

Crystal Therapy Facials
An absolute client favourite! All skins can benefit from a facial using the vibrations of crystals at various points on the body, added to the facial water bath and selected by the client to hold in her hands during this luxurious treatment.

Anti-Aging Facials
A wonderfully relaxing experience with healing microcurrent frequencies (like those of our planet) lift and firm skin and muscles using antioxidants and other gifts of nature. This therapy is a welcome alternative to laser and botox for those who wish to fully enhance the look and feel of their skin as time goes on, in a way that is fully aligned with a healthy lifestyle.

Hot Stone Massage
Delightfully warm ocean tumbled stones are massaged in tandem with a traditional hands-on approach using organic plant oils and chakra stones for a sublime finish. Optional healing energies can be used at various points throughout.

Aromatherapy Massage
A selection of essential oils are chosen by the client and used throughout the massage to bring relief to the particular needs of the client. Additionally crystal therapy and healing energy can be also brought in if desired.

Body Polishes
Great before a big event or whenever weather extremes wreak havoc with our skin! A double exfoliation is completed with hot towels and a light massage with mother nature's precious oils!

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"After Deanna's facials I feel like I am floating on the ceiling" P.H. Penticton.
"By having regular treatments throughout a dramatic weight loss and fitness regime my skin didn;t lose firmness or become lined." M.E. Penticton.
"I have been having regular facials with Deanna for 7 or 8 years and people are so surprised to find out my age". J.C. Summerland.

Bio: - Deanna Klan has enjoyed being a certified Esthetician since 1986 and is very passionate about great skin care and taking a healthy holistic approach to aesthetics. Her love of using bio-dynamic products and natural therapies has continually inspired Deanna to add new facets to her services. After launching the first salon in Australia successfully, Deanna then moved to a home based setting and combined her business with motherhood in a satisfying situation. The family moved to Penticton in the mid 90's and life in Canada has echoed the previous one where once again Deanna has moved her salon to a quiet discreet home based studio. Always happy when outdoors, Deanna loves to play tennis, go to the lakes and spend time in the bush - taking time to daydream!