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SafeZone EMF Consulting

Ross Andersen, DC,ND,DO(MP)

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan, Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC, Interior & Northern BC, Kootenays

SafeZone EMF Consulting is a full-service detection and protection facility for EMF radiation exposure. Every aspect is accurately analyzed and recommendations for complete protection are provided.

Specialties: Bio-energetic Assessment, Kinesiology, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Environment Care

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: 2335B Thacker Dr.
West Kelowna, British Columbia  Canada

We evaluate your home or office according to “The Standard”* set by the Institute of Building Biology. We prepare a report that helps you form an action plan to resolve any issues found during testing. If your electrical system is not performing efficiently, a specially trained and licensed electrician and/or I.T. specialist will determine what needs to be done, and then resolve it.

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)
Retired Chiropractor & Naturopathic Physician
Health Motivator and Educator, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Consultant, Healthy Water Consultant

West Kelowna, BC

Graduate: Canadian Chiropractic College 1976

Instructor: Canadian Chiropractic College from 1976-1978

Graduate: Canadian Naturopathic College 1982

Graduate: National Academy of Osteopathy 2012

Active practice in Chiropractic from 1976-2006
-1976-1984 Toronto, Ontario
-1984-2006 Peterborough, Ontario

Active Naturopathic Medicine practice from 1978-2006
-1982-1984 Toronto, Ontario
-1984-2006 Peterborough, Ontario

Modalities employed in practice
-Applied Kinesiology
-Botanical Medicine
-Ortho-molecular Nutrition
-Cellular detoxification
-Lifestyle management
-Geopathic stress analysis
-EMF Home testing
-Magnetic Field Therapy
-Electronic Muscle Balancing
-Deep Tissue Release
-Live Blood Analysis (Certified 1996 by Dr Phillip Hoekstra Ph.D)
-Hair Analysis
-Oriental Medicine

Consultant and Educational Facilitator for Awareness Corporation from 1995-2002
-Numerous video and audio tapes produced and articles written to assist customers with understanding products and processes
-Regular conference calls assisting customer product understanding
-Regular personal appearances at conferences to assist distributors with product knowledge
-Numerous radio appearances for assisting public awareness of product effectiveness

Consultant and Educational Facilitator for Matol Corporation from April-Sept. 2003

Presently retired from active practice due to a shoulder injury.

Survived a close call with a deadly cancer (Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma) through alternative treatment in 2005
Currently acting as consultant to Water Canada Inc. in Kelowna,BC

Our Clients

Electrohypersensitivity Sufferers (EHS)
Homeowners and buyers
Builders and architects
Health conscious individuals
Naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, alternative health practitioners, yoga trainers, martial arts instructors

Detection of all EMF factors

Radio frequency pollution
Smartmeter output
Cordless phones & cell towers
Dirty electricity levels
AC magnetic / electric fields
Automobile EMF
Sleeping space safety
Neighborhood influences
Wiring / grounding issues
Plumbing currents

Protection includes all available form

Smartmeter shielding
Protective clothing and devices
Protective wall paint window films
Bed canopies and curtain fabrics
Demand switches
Rewiring for safe sleeping
Dirty electricity filtration
Backup electrical systems
Grounding corrections
Health care referrals
Protective nutritional products

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SafeZone EMF Consulting provides an outstanding and valuable service. They performed a thorough inspection of our home measuring electromagnetic radiation levels and dirty electricity. They demonstrated practical and inexpensive solutions to reduce the levels in our home. Every family that cares about their health should get Unplugged.

Lana Belvis, Licensed Optician, Kelowna, BC

SafeZone EMF Consulting finds and rates the Radio Frequency and EMF pollution in the home environment. We are pleased to learn that there are mitigating devices that will diffuse the electrical pollution. We are going to have to change when our techno devices are on and how they are used, but our health is important to us.
Alison Moore, Peachland, BC

With just having moved to a new home, I began to feel unwell. During the investigation there were places within the home that showed enormously high EMF fields. After implementing their recommendations the readings are now in a healthy range. I am ever grateful for this service and cannot thank them enough for returning me to good health.

BB, Lake Country, BC.