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Okanagan Thought-Field Therapy with Gerald Morris (distantly).

Gerald Morris, TFT- Advanced

Penticton & South Okanagan, Eastern Canada, Other

Tapping into Freedom. Discomfort levels gradually fall to zero and laughter is often experienced. Clients are amazed at what this Therapy can do and leave with greater levels of wellness.

Specialties: Energy Workers, Biofeedback, Wellness Centers, Cleansing & Detox, Grief, Anger Management, Healing Arts

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: Penticton, British Columbia  Canada
V2A 1B8

OTFT uses an enduring and unique therapy called Thought Field Therapy-Advanced which allows clients to “Tap into Freedom”. After assessing their discomfort levels clients are instructed to tap on specifically diagnosed spots on the energy meridians in a diagnosed sequence.

Thought-Field Therapy-Advanced:
Stress & Depression Relief, Pain Relief (Mental and Physical), Recovery from PTSD
Identification & Treatment of Toxins, Release from Grief and Loss, Removal of Addictions, Chemical and Behavioral, Increased Hope, Empowerment & Improved Health

OTFT IS THERE - When: Shame, embarrassment, anger and loss won’t let go to remove the blocks for your freedom.

When: Chronic depression, anxiety, fear and pain sap your strength to bring lasting relief.

When: Brain-fog clouds the way or health seems complicated to lift the veils and uncomplicated your healing process.

When: The inner recordings of doubt and despair limited your vision to silence the noise and empower your hopes.

Gerald Morris's Bio
In 2005 my health took a dramatic turn for the worse. I couldn’t move my right side! As a result I was treated for a major stroke, and spent two months in a regular and stroke recovery hospital. After four months I was able to go back to work with some reduction in my mobility but after about a year I could not continue; in 2007 I had to apply for a Disability Pension.
My health was very complicated, and did not follow regular presentations for a stroke or TIA. I suspected that the doctors were wrong and started trying various medical options for help. I tried at least twenty-five to thirty various interventions from the traditional to complimentary to energy modalities. The results were always the same, a little bit of help but followed soon by continued health degradation.
At my fifth MRI, I was able to sit with the neurologist and view the scans with her. To my surprise she could not see signs of any stroke, current or past! This was the same conclusions a medical initiative had told me earlier. I had both atypical signs of a stroke and 5/7 symptoms of the bends, yet I had never gone diving. These and other presentations did not fit into any medical models my doctors knew of nor that I could discover online. I was determined to find a way to solve this puzzle. Then by chance I heard about “Thought Field Therapy”.
I was introduced to TFT in the summer of 2007 and was encouraged by what I heard. I sent away for the first level course and as a novice I sought people to practice on. I happened to be working part time as an advocate for people with disabilities at a disability resource center and found many opportunities to practice. I was delighted with the results. This level did what it what it claimed; however it did not do much for me.
I sent for the next two courses, the diagnostic and toxins levels. These new skills taught me to diagnose (using a lower level of diagnosis) and to find and treat toxins. The results were even more accurate. Again the techniques did exactly as claimed. I was seeing the differences in my clients and friends but not in myself. Having built up faith and experience in TFT I decided to go to California and take the Advanced Course (TFT-Advanced) with the founders.
TFT-Advanced teaches “Voice Technology” and the ability to self diagnose. It is a big advancement! Voice Technology and the other advanced skills proved much broader and more penetrating than the lower levels. It even allows the practitioner to accurately treat over the phone! I was amazed during my first over-the-phone treatment using TFT-advanced when my client reported her fibromyalgia pain had dropped from 8/10 to 0. I was confirmed when it continued to stay at 0.
I was thankful and relieved when I found that TFT-Advanced was able to finally turn my health around!

Contact Gerald Morris to set up an appointment one to one or distantly.

“Having lived with the damage that was done to me as a five year old for over 70 years, I could not imagine the anger going away. But it did! After two sessions with Gerald the anger dissipated … it was wonderful to experience the relief from anger and feel peace instead.” Penticton and Area, BC Canada

My recent job loss and subsequent feelings of inadequacy, anger, and loss were a burden for me. The tapping sessions allowed me to leave the negative feelings behind and provided an opportunity to rebuild my sense of hope.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me find a sense of accomplishment. Penticton and Area, BC Canada

Soon after I met Gerald, I gained faith in him, and asked him for help with my physical condition, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) I have worked on it for several years with the help of excellent therapists. To my surprise, Gerald found a major trauma underlaying the whole thing. His therapy and guidance has not just improved my symptoms significantly, it has opened up a process of deep healing of my heart and spirit, truly a life-changing event. I feel in the best of hands! Denmark, Europe

I suffer from PTSD, I have had repeated, traumas in my life and have struggled to find relief and support for my issues. I was at first a little skeptical. But Gerald’s warmth and obvious empathy, and compassion was apparent immediately. He was able to use his insight and professionalism to disarm me quickly. I felt safe. Which is a huge triumph for me to feel. I laughed, I cried. Yet when I cried I laughed again after…this seemed too good to be true…he was able to draw my pain out in a way that was almost silly! Instead of reliving my pain (which was how I had always been treated) he was able to affirm that my pain was real. I was not “damaged beyond fixing.” He gave me hope. Of all the treatments I have had…this worked…and fast…I was able to trudge up all this pain, hurt, and despair in a way that kept me feeling capable of achieving and maintaining good health. Which I never felt before. His way of helping me was new…and I felt amazingly better after the first treatment! I have renewed faith in the world…I know that sounds hokey…but it’s true. I was suffering, silently, for far too long. I am not a prisoner to my pain any more. My only wish was that I found, or heard of this technique years ago. - Ladysmith, BC Canada