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Avichi's Rachijpah Healings

Avichi van Campen

Penticton & South Okanagan, Kelowna & Central Okanagan

Rachijpah Healings (pronounced "Ra-Chai-Pah") is the home of various healing modalities. Avichi van Campen is the founder and sole operator, and offers you a variety of Services.

Specialties: Massage, Reiki, Dance, Yoga, Crystal & Gemstone Healing, Chakra Healing

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: Penticton, BC

Avichi of Rachijpah Healings offers you...

Chakradance® - Healing through movement & music, you let your body move how it wants to music resonating with each of your 7 main Chakras. This is an insightful and transformative technique that guides you to connect with yourself, balance and shake off old energies, which all makes space for new light to come in.

Reiki & Crystal therapy sessions with Avichi bring deep relaxation, clearing of blocked energies, and movement of your being into greater peace and more balance.

Chakra Balancing - Avichi uses her highly sensitive hands, intuitive guidance and crystals to balance your 13 main Chakras.

Abdominal Chi Massage - This gentle hands-on massage of the abdomen focuses on bringing gentle release of no-longer-serving physical and emotional debris from the body's main organs and digestive system. This clearing brings balance and calm to the emotional body and organ systems. This massage can be used in combination with cleansing techniques.

Spontaneous Forceless Release - a very gentle hands-on light-touch technique used particularly for treating those with Parkinson's disease (now considered to be a curable disease), but perfect for anyone who wants a gentle supporting massage for new or old injuries.

Meridian Massage - Inspired by her Thai Yoga Massage trainings, this healing meridian massage focuses on bringing shifts to your body’s energy through the stimulation of its main meridians (energy lines). Stimulation of the meridians refreshes the flow of the body’s chi (energy) flows as well as stimulating the flow of lymph and blood in a healthy manner. These sessions will be relaxing and refreshing.

Chakra Yoga - offering public and private classes in Chakra Yoga, Avichi provides you with a journey into your Chakra system using Hatha yoga, Pramayama yoga, Mantra yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, self-reflection techniques, and more. In this way, her approach to yoga or “union” is multi-faceted and highly engaging on many levels.

Avichi van Campen is a licensed Chakradance® Facilitator passionate about providing a safe sacred container for you to experience yourself and deepen your connection with yourself. She is also a licensed Chakra Yoga teacher and has received her Reiki Masters in the Usui and is also trained in the Tera-Mai lineage. Her training in Thai Massage has guided her into the meridian systems of the body, and her love of crystals and the nature kingdom flows through into her Reiki & Crystal therapy sessions. Recently she has had the privilege of working with a non-medicated Parkinson's disease patient, assisting in the recovery from this disease. The website of her business Rachijpah Healings - www.RachijpahHealings.com will tell you all about her Gifts of Service which she now offers to the communities of the Okanagan Valley.