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Chi Solutions, feng shui foundations

Samantha Plovie

Vernon & North Okanagan, Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC, Alberta, USA – all other parts

Samantha will help you: - strengthen family relationships - utilize home spaces effectively - enhance wealth opportunities - find direction in your life

Specialties: Astrologist, Children's Health & Wellness, Relationship and Marriage, Feng Shui

Location:Vernon & North Okanagan
Phone:250 307 2555
Address: Vernon & Everywhere, BC

Classic feng shui is the art and science of understanding how a space will affect you. It seeks to engage nature's positive forces to promote better health, wealth and happiness. As a Senior Practitioner and Lecturer from the Feng Shui Research Centre, Samantha offers:

*Feng Shui consultations: residential and corporate
*Destiny Readings (BaZi)
*Professional courses in Feng Shui
*Workshops in Feng Shui & BaZi

Incorporating Classic Feng Shui into your home will improve many areas of your life and provide a solid foundation that will help:

*build stronger family relationships
*foster clear communication with loved ones
*advance your career
*encourage a more favourable income

Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the results. Feng Shui is the science behind your corporate success and will help you:

*generate more wealth
*support your long term goals
*utilize your staff effectively
*achieve your full potential

Whether at home or in a business, flexible payment options will help bring feng shui into your life. If you want to make changes for tomorrow, then contact me today.

If you would like to attend one of Samantha’s informative workshops or book a consult please check out our website for more details.


We decided to ask Sam for her opinion of the new clinic we were opening before we started our massive re-modeling project. Having her come in at the very initial walk through gave us so many new ideas on how to use the space and really allowed us to create an open and welcoming clinic. Sam always had the big picture in mind and could help us trouble-shoot issues that came up during the re-modeling including some big decisions that included tearing down a lot of walls to balance what she saw in the building and how to support people within. We could always count on a panicked email being returned with quick and clear directions and always a dose of humour! She worked with each member of our team to find the best locations for offices, colours and how to place furniture and accents in each room. Not a single day goes by that someone doesn't say "Wow" when they walk in or comment on how calm and peaceful the office feels. We feel energized, our staff is happy and our patients notice how they feel in the clinic. Business has been steadily growing, referrals are amazing ans we know that a lot of what we have created was seen in that very first day by the charts and our personal feng shui guru Sam!
Dr Shelby Entner & Dr Chris Spooner
Okanagan Natural Medicine, Vernon BC

Based primarily in the Okanagan, Samantha consults throughout North America. If you would like to improve your family dynamics, overall wellbeing and financial health, connect with Samantha and she will help you move forward with confidence.

This is definitely one of the best investments I made! I was always fascinated by spaces, and creating a good flow in them is something I am playing with as long as I can remember. Over the last twenty years I read a couple of feet of books about feng shui for sure, and Flying Star Feng Shui was something I was rather skeptical about. Following Sam’s talks however, made me understand the basic idea and the complexity of this craft. Of course I was thrilled and Sam’s open, supportive and fun personality invited me to to ask for a consultation. To say the least the results are amazing and I am grateful every single day for her recommendations. I feel very blessed to have met her.
Dr. Victoria Jacob, Space for Yoga in Armstrong.

Sam was hired to do an assessment on both our home and business. She knows her stuff and really paid a lot of attention to us during and afterwords. Her knowledge was amazing and she was able to translate the details to us so they were very clear and understandable. I would recommend Sam to anyone, she is professional, timely and very easy to work with.”
Heath Fletcher, Red Door Photographic & Design

Check out more of Samantha's happy clients testimonials on her website

Samantha is a loving wife to Rick, devoted mother to Mackenzie and Spencer, involved community member and inspiring businesswoman. Working primarily in the Okanagan, Samantha also offers off-site consults, so that clients across North America may connect with her easily. If you have questions about your family strength, concerns about your health, or worries over finances, then connect with Samantha, and she'll help you move forward with confidence. Senior Practitioner & Lecturer