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Cloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli

Wendy Binggeli

Penticton & South Okanagan

Wendy Binggeli works with courageous people who know they are on a spiritual journey. Law of Attraction based, Wendy’s services help folks to have fun while they come into alignment with and manifest

Specialties: Life Coach

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: Penticton, BC

Private Coaching (in person or virtual) $125/hour; 20% discount for 4-session package (free 30-minute initial consultation)

Monday to Friday ‘Tune-Up Train’ (3-month package $60)

Write Goals as Ideal Scenes; Quadruple Your Allowance; Ignite the Fire Within

Seminars (public and private)

Wendy has been a coach for 30+ years in the areas of small business, professional development, career and life coaching. She was born in Penticton and enjoyed fabulous careers working in Canada, the US, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Wendy and her husband are published authors of a workbook for beginning entrepreneurs titled, “After the Idea, What Comes Next?”

Nominated by her private coaching clients, in April 2013 Wendy was a finalist in British Columbia for a Woman of Worth award (Spirit of Success and Soul category). She received a lifetime achievement award from SOWINS in 2011 for her commitment to excellence in service.

When asked why she specifically refers to herself as a Law of Attraction coach, Wendy says: “I want people to ask me this exact question. My answer is consistent: I only work with individuals who know they co-create of every morsel of their life experience, consciously or unconsciously. I only work with individuals who want to shift their thinking and learn some cool tools and techniques to manifest more of what they want.”

I'm already having a freaking awesome day and wishing the same for all of you! If you haven't found a way to incorporate the many lessons of Law of Attraction, I encourage you to check out my Coach, Wendy Binggeli - of Cloud9 Coaching. I've got a pretty good attitude but there's nothing like meeting up with someone lit up from inside! (Monica - Conscious Change Coach)

When you use words that work for you instead of against you anything is possible. I know my two businesses are growing faster than I ever imagined and I attribute a lot of it to Wendy's teachings of allowing and embracing. I honestly don't think you will find anyone that is so collaborative, sincere and downright genuine. The knowledge, insight and fun that Wendy shares so openly is like a breath of fresh air. You need only spend time with her and you start thinking about the words you use and how you use them. (Georgina - Entrepreneur)

I have worked with Wendy Binggeli since 2011. I have experienced huge personal growth under her gentle, loving, and sometimes firm direction. I have gained clarity on my career, my relationships, and the direction I would like my life to go in. Wendy has supported and guided me through transitions, and helped me reach for positivity and peace in the midst of chaos. She makes me giggle in the middle of tears and makes me roar with laughter when I'm already grinning. If you would like to take charge of your life and reach for your dreams, I recommend you jump at the chance to work with such a remarkable woman. (Amy - Massage and Esthetics)

Wendy is a truly amazing and inspiring lady. I am so grateful to be working with her! (Jeannie - Real Estate)

Wendy walks what she talks, therefore her workshops are easy to comprehend, positive and inspiring. Thank you!(Susie - Healthcare)

If the L.O.A is new for you, then Wendy is the woman to pay attention to. She is a true model of positive change & has many amazing tools to achieve this. (Stef -Life Skills Coach)

Wendy brings to her clients 25+ years of coaching experience in the arenas of small business, career, professional development and Law of Attraction. Her careers have included banking (administration management and commercial lending), small business ownership (coaching, consulting and road building), not-for-profit leadership (small business education and fundraising) authorship (After the Idea What Comes Next) and call center management. Wendy was awarded a lifetime achievement award in 2011 for her commitment to excellence in service.