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Okanagan Herbalife

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Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan

Vanda is your local Distributor of Herbalife Products - Personalized Weight Management, Essential Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition, Energy and Fitness, Skin Care & Fragrances. Are you tired of no energy?

Specialties: Health Coach, Cleansing & Detox, Health Food Stores & Supplement Store, Health Products & Companies, Weight Loss

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: Kelowna, British Columbia  Canada
V1Y 5T9

"Now I can fit into cute clothes!" By Michelle S.

"I absolutely love these products and will never stop taking them."

"I felt tired all the time and didn't know why." By Julie A.

"From Wheezing up a Staircase to Training for a Marathon" By Eli A.

"Finally, a weight-loss plan that helps you lose weight!"By Kathy Y.

Your Okanagan Herbalife Distributor, Vanda is here to help you lose the weight, get in shape, renewed energy and to feel healthy.
Try our delicious meals and snacks, weight loss shakes, protein bars and herbal supplements.

Core Program: Formula 1 shakes, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex and Snack Defense® tablets

Herbalife Products available:
Personalized Weight Management
Essential Nutrition
Targeted Nutrition
Energy and Fitness
Skin Care And Fragrances

I'm an Herbalife distributor who lives in Kelowna, BC. I'm originally from Vancouver Island, BC. I love the flexibility and freedom that I've received from being an independent Herbalife representative.

The healthy energy products from Herbalife have made a huge difference in my hectic life. Instead of drinking unhealthy energy drinks, I now have nutritious choices that give me the energy and stamina that I need all day long. Plus, I have a community of other Herbalife members who I can turn to for advice and inspiration.

When our mothers told us to eat our fruits and vegetables, they were right. They are an essential part of our diet, providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals that serve an array of important functions in the body.

I invite you to look around this site for information about how to lose weight, burn fat, and hear from other Herbalife members.

We have a great free community that is working together to help our members lose weight, burn fat, and feel great. Click on the link above to get a free account to Great Shape Today.

Herbalife products are sold exclusively through our Independent Distributors and are NOT available in stores.

Contact Vanda to-day to start your journey to getting in 'Great Shape'.

At 15, Stephanie was dangerously overweight at 226 pounds. She suffered from high blood pressure and doctors warned her that if she didn't lose weight, she could be at risk for serious health problems. None of this motivated her enough. Then, someone told her boyfriend's mother she looked pregnant. Stephanie exclaims, "I knew it was time to do something about it." Because of Stephanie's high blood pressure and other health risks, many over-the-counter weight-loss programs were out of the question.
Herbalife was the only program Stephanie's doctors approved. "The program was easy to follow, and I liked the foods I could eat," Stephanie says. Stephanie went on to lose 100 pounds in a year and is now a happy, healthy 16-year-old. Her weight loss was gradual, but steady and consistent. "I noticed a big difference during my first month on the program," she remembers. "And a year later, I'm still on it and still losing weight. I didn't believe it could work until I tried for myself!"*

"This program took me from a size 9 to a 4!"

After many failed attempts to lose weight, Kevin F. feared he was doomed to spend the rest of his life overweight. And when he heard about Herbalife® weight-management products, Kevin admits, "I didn't jump right in." Kevin had become discouraged after trying for so long to lose weight. "When I thought about my children, though, I decided I had one more try in me," he explains. Kevin is sure glad he gave his "one more try" to Herbalife®. In addition to his stunning weight loss, Kevin says, "Now I have the energy to keep pace with my eight-year-old twin boys. And, because my health has significantly improved, I get to look forward to a long and happy life with my family!"*

After trying the products, Michelle quickly noticed the positive changes. "The very first day, I felt so much more energy," Michelle recalls. "I lost 35 pounds in a few months and people wanted to know what my secret was." Michelle has kept the weight off for one year

Thanks to great Herbalife products like I'm able to pursue my life with true passion! I was a Master’s swimmer for almost 10 years swimming three times a week and competing in swim meets. About 5 years ago I injured my shoulder and had to give up Master’s swimming, at which time I also became less physically active, which resulted in unwanted pounds being put on. My energy level continued to decline. In 2009 I entered a 3 week fitness challenge, which I competed even though most of time I did not have the strength or energy to do most of the activities including aerobics, bootcamps, yoga and circuit training. At the end of the training I met a trainer who put me on a weight loss program and training regime and within 6 months I lost 35 lbs and got my energy back. I was feeling well for a while, then made a huge move in my life and started to go downhill again. I recently started taking Herbalife and have regained my energy and the weight is coming off again.