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CranioSacral Therapy & Rhythmic Reflexology with Judy Lamb-Richardson

Judy Lamb-Richardson, ART Registered, CSRP


Every session is an ecclectic mix of various training modalities that best suits the client on any given day. Judy offers treatments in South Slocan, BC

Specialties: Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, Children's Health & Wellness, Ayurveda, Healing Pathways

Address: Box 78
South Slocan, BC  Canada
V0G 2G0

Judy has extensive training and experience. She has worked with all age groups from seniors to babies who have had a great variety of conditions and traumas. She has also worked with children and teenagers having ADHD and Autism. She considers the whole being of the body including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Treatments and techniques are suitable for all age groups.
Some conditions that respond well are:

Baby and infant conditions: Birth Trauma; premature babies; infantile colic, sucking difficulties; insomnia; irritability; excessive crying; reflux; difficulties in turning the head; poor eye co-ordination; recurrent ear, nose and throat infections; developmental and behavioural delays/disorders.

Children and Teenagers: Developmental, learning and behavioural delays/disorders, insomnia, migraines, depression, hormonal issues, concentration, sport injuries, ADD, OCD, and Autism.

General Conditions: Good for all conditions as well as sinusitis; stress related illnesses; depression; TMJ syndrome; asthma; bronchitis; insomnia; migraine; tinnitus; whiplash; low back pain; shoulder and neck pain; sports injuries; fibromyalgia; MS, Adrenal fatigue, cancer and is particularly effective after road traffic accidents, or falls of any kind.

Types of Reflexology: Ayurvedic Reflexology, Thai Reflexology, Meridian Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Reflexology, Western Reflexology (zone therapy)

WHAT IS REFLEXOLOGY? Reflexology is an alternative form of bodywork that uses various pressure points in the feet, hands and ears to stimulate and relax the body. It supports the body’s own ability to self-heal and return to a balance necessary for the harmonious functioning of all the body’s systems.

WHAT IS CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY? It is an extremely subtle and gentle touch therapy used on the Cranial bones and sutures; spinal cord; sacrum and interconnected membranes and tissues to release blocks and restrictions of movement to the Cerebro Spinal Fluid (the "sap in the tree" similar to Qi and Prana) in and around the Central Nervous System.

WILL IT HURT? Reflexology: There are a wide variety of reflexology styles & techniques around the world. The goal with a therapeutic session is to have the client achieve what is known in Chinese Reflexology as “a sweet pain." It’s the feeling you have when someone is working out a painful knot in your back and it “hurts good." Judy also use the gentle, calming techniques from Ayurvedic Reflexology and various techniques from Thai Reflexology.
CranialSacral Therapy: It is a very subtle and gentle form of therapy.

WHAT TO EXPECT. The first session lasts a little longer than subsequent ones so that we may fill out “confidential” health forms. These help to give Judy an idea about which part of your feet or hands might need a little extra lovin’ or which parts may be sensitive so that Judy may approach them gently. Wearing loose fitting bottom pant legs assists Judy accessing your lower leg and around your knee to massage and open up that area. You do not have to get undressed. The session type you choose will follow different techniques and sequences. Not all sessions will be the same just as your body is not the same each day.
Relaxing music or a silent session is your choice. It is your session so please go with what you feel would best suit you on any given day.

Call to-day to make an appointment and take the first step towards better health & wellness.

"I highly recommend Judy as a healer. After only one reflexology session with her, chronic swelling in my left foot (swelling that was there for many years) disappeared. Over a year later, my foot is still free from swelling! Judy is the most caring, comforting practitioner I've worked with. Her love of being a healer, her joy of helping others, is a gift to us all. When she's working on you, with you, you just know that you are in safe, loving hands and you can relax into the peacefulness that stays with you long after you've left her presence. She is a healer in the true sense of the word."

"Initially taking my child to Judy because she was having trouble falling asleep, I also had a reflexology treatment. After one treatment not only did my daughter sleep the night through and felt rested upon awakening, I was hooked. Since I began receiving reflexology sessions, my energy levels have increased. Reflexology can take the mind and body to a different place - it's one you always want to go back to! I have a better understanding of how my body works as a unit. I believe that Reflexology therapy has improved my overall health and well-being . Judy is very knowledgeable and professional, explaining each step of the treatment. She is compassionate and caring. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found her for Reflexology. Holly, Rimbey, Alberta

Member of the International Council of Reflexologists
Moving the Energy I & II - Instructors: Lillian Morton (Florida)
A.R.T. Advanced Reflexology Techniques (Registered)Instructors: Tony Porter and Hagar Basis, A.R.T. in London, UK & Florida
Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology
CranioSacral Reflexology and Hand CSR. with Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson (UK)
Phase I & II Reflexology - Florida. Instructor: Dwight Byers & Deborah Dowker
Thai Reflexology Instructor: Karen Ball
Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Instructor: Narenda Meta
CranioSacral Therapy I & II through the Upledger Institute.

BIO - I am Advanced Reflexology Techniques Registered in the UK. I have also received training in: Thai Reflexology, Ayurvedic Reflexology, Kansa Vatki Foot Massage, "Reflexology and Meridian Therapy", Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy I & II, International Institute of Reflexology Level I & II, Healing Pathways I & II, Touch for Health I and Marma for Self-Healing. I have been in practice since March, 2008 and have had the privilege in being taught by some of the greatest reflexologists in the world today. Through these wonderful mentors I have learned that it is not a reflexologist that does something "to" a body rather it is a partnership where practitioner and client share and assist each other. It is more about listening to the requests of a body or condition and how we can best serve those requests. Together we try and bring about positive change for someone's highest good.