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Dr Ursula ~ Okanagan Thermography+ Cancer Support

Ursula Harlos, M.A., D.H.M

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan, Kootenays, Interior & Northern BC, Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC

Safe screening for breasts, thyroid, adrenals, lymph, organs: Early detection including German New Medicine, Cancer Support, Homeopathic Toxicology (Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Occupational,

Specialties: German New Medicine, Wellness Centers, Health Clinics & Wellness Centers, Homeopathy, Breast Health & Thermography

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: 103B- 1980 Cooper Rd
Kelowna, BC

Okanagan Thermography+ offers treatments for Breast Health + Thermography, Homeopathic Toxicology and emotional traumas, Cancer Support and German New Medicine.

For Regulation Thermography, scans are interpreted right away and the session includes a two-fold oral analysis of the thermogram (North American and German New Medical)

Homeopathic toxicology
Homeopathic toxicology helps to get rid of the body's toxic signature/negative energetic imprint which causes intracellular fluid degeneration as well as a reduced life pulsation. We treat environmental poisons (like pesticides, dioxins, air travel etc.), occupational poisons ( like nail polish remover, hair dye, formaldehyde, x-rays etc.) and pharmaceutical poisons ( like Tylenol, birth control pills, Botox, chemo/radiation etc.). These create an artificial illness in the body affecting, bones, heart, digestion, hormonal balance, memory, mood and children's development etc. They contribute to early aging and serious disease.

Contact our office for an appointment in Kelowna and we also offer consultations that can be done over the phone or Skype. Urusla is also fluent in German and fairly fluent in French.

“I use Regulation Thermography daily as a tool to conduct in-depth diagnoses and therapy. Additionally, it allows me to receive a complete picture, not just a partial one, of the patient's health. It helps me recognize the links between physical and psychological disorders. I do not know of any other diagnostic tool that can demonstrate the regulation capability of humans like Regulation Thermography can.”

Dr. Winfried Brinz, M.D.
Munich, Germany

BIO - Ursula Harlos, DHM - After completing an M.A. at university, I became interested in homeopathy through a series of health challenges. I then entered a 4 year post-graduate program in homeopathic medicine and treated clients in Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and the Middle East before moving to Kelowna in 2005. I discovered Thermography through my encounter with breast cancer and then studied with a German Doctor and other thermography specialists. I also studied German New Medicine with an Austrian teacher.