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Indigo Dreamer ~ Kerry Palframan

Kerry Palframan, RN

Penticton & South Okanagan

Kerry is an International Visionary, Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Medical Intuitive, Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Readings, Life Coach, Author, Guided Meditation CD Artist & a R.N.

Specialties: Distance Healing, Medical Intuitive, Psychics & Mediums, Counseling & Therapy, Life Coach, Aura Readings & Paintings, Chakra Healing

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: Summerland, BC  Canada
V0H 1Z7

VISIONARY – Kerry has the ability to inspire, motivate and help you know your soul contracts, mission and purposes so that you can envision, create and develop your potential future destiny and lead your best life. She guides you towards your finest possible achievement, individual potential, passion, enlightenment, contentment and fulfillment.

SPEAKER – A dynamic, motivational and inspiration speaker Kerry excels at keynote speaking on a variety of esoteric, metaphysical, mystery school teachings, personal growth and health and well-being topics.

INTUITIVE LIFE COACH – Helping bring clarity about your life’s journey, whether it is about your career, health, relationships, finances or any lingering issues that you feel are impeding your movement forward. Kerry can help you address fears, phobias, blockages, spiritual journey challenges, assist you to recognize your gifts and talents or with just about any situation in which you need clarity, insight, guidance, direction, validation or enlightenment. This information is brought forth from your higher self, guides, angels and helpers in the unseen realms to assist you on your journey towards your life goals.

TEACHER – A vibrant educator offering workshops on a variety of topics. Kerry’s goal is always to assist her student in becoming self-directed; know their own truth; recognize and use their own intuition; see and act on their own potential; know themselves on all levels of their being; know their symbols; know “Who They Are Not” and know Their God. Topics including: Angels and Spirit Guides; Animal Guides, Totems and Medicine; Auras & Chakras (Seeing and Sensing); Aura Protection and Grounding; Dreams and Messages From Spirit; Emotional Blockages; Intuition and Psychic Powers; Intuitive Hands-On Healing; Mediumship and Psychic Readings; Non-Traditional Meditation; Past Lives and Reincarnation; Relationships; Spirit Talk; Your Soul’s Purpose and more!

SPIRITUAL MEDIUM and PSYCHIC – Kerry is an intuitive guide to the spirit world and brings forth teachings from your higher self, angels, spirit guides and helpers in the unseen world to assist you toward personal enlightenment, clarity, direction, insight, validation and vision. Contacting family, friends or pets on the other side; tapping into past lives; helping you understand your soul contracts, soul’s purpose and mission; to know your strengths, gifts and talents; helping to remove unwanted blockages and surrogate emotional energies that seek expression. An intuitive reading with Kerry is very healing in nature and much shifting can and does occur. Kerry is not a fortune teller but rather like a weather forecaster she can see the patterns you have created and let you know what direction you are headed in and how the time lines in your life are lining up. Kerry literally becomes you (or whomever you are asking about) and she experiences what you experience in your inner reality (your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes…etc.). This offers you an opportunity to become sacred witness to your own process at the various levels of your own being and make changes as you see fit.

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Intuitive Readings – 1) “I have never seen anything like it. Kerry becomes the person that you ask about (including yourself), in both attitude and posture. It is like having a conversation with that person and witnessing my own self in action.” 2) “Kerry helped me to recognize the core issues in my life that I am currently struggling with. It was with her that I was able to trace the dots of my everyday symbols and teachings to the grander picture of my soul energy."

Kerry’s Book – 1) "This book has been one of the biggest catalysts in my spiritual awakening.” 2) “This book explains in detail how the Creator communicates with me through spirits, angels, animals, nature and everyday objects and events. On my spiritual path I always wanted to hear God. This book is the best tool I have ever had to help me understand messages from the Creator”

Guided Meditation CD – “Listening to Kerry’s CD for an hour once or twice a week is like taking a mini-vacation. The amazing thing is that the experience is different each time, so I always learn something new about my spirit guides or about myself. When I’m physically tired, the CD often lulls me to sleep! Either way, when the journey is over I feel totally relaxed and refreshed.”

Intuitive Life Coach – “Thank you Kerry for your coaching. ALL is accurate, no fluff. Clear, truthful and with love your words reach my inner spirit. The advice helped guide me as a parent. And for me, as I continue to flounder with so many indecisions, based on fear, your guided messages have helped me progress and shed the fear and replace it with belief and knowing that all is possible.”

Kerry Palframan, a registered nurse by profession, began delving into the world of the unseen to help her overcome life threatening illnesses. A gifted teacher, visionary, speaker, healer, spiritual medium and intuitive life coach, she now offers the wisdom of the esoteric and sacred ancient teachings in a powerful series of workshops, texts, book and a guided meditation CD. She brings forth information from Spirit as a service to all and offers intuitive readings/healings online, in-person, internet or by phone. Read more about Kerry’s incredible story, workshop schedule, articles, free oracle advice and more, online at www.indigodreamer.com or contact her by email or phone.