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Dr. Jese Wiens ~ Naturopathic Doctor in Penticton & Summerland

Jese Wiens, B.Sc., ND

Penticton & South Okanagan

Experience the Naturopathic approach to healthcare. Your comprehensive initial intake and physical exam will result in a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

Specialties: Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Bowen, Herbology, Allergy Testing, Homeopathy, Naturopathic Doctors, Nutrition Coach

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Phone:778-476-6016 or 250-494-3321
Address: Penticton, BC  Canada
V2A 5C3

Dr. Wiens believes in individualized health care and recognizes the value of working with all health care providers to improve patients' health and well-being. She has a passion for finding and treating the underlying causes of illness. The goal is to aid the body in obtaining optimal health, taking health care beyond just getting rid of bothersome symptoms. Dr. Wiens emphasizes educating her patients and uses a holistic and preventive approach.

Dr. Wiens offers comprehensive assessment and treatment for most health concerns including injury, digestive disturbance, fatigue, insomnia, and hormone issues. She has a particular interest in Bowen Therapy, a hands on technique to balance the nervous system and relieve pain. She loves treating children and is passionate about the potential of naturopathic medicine to create healthy happy individuals, families, and communities.

Dr. Wiens lives in Summerland where she enjoys time with her husband and two daughters.


Clinical Nutrition, including individual nutrition plans
Botanical Medicine, featuring customized tinctures
Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture
Homeopathic medicine
Physical medicine. Alignment techniques for spine and joints including, Craniosacral Technique & Bowen Therapy

What Can Naturopathic Medicine Treat?

Gastrointestinal problems
• Irritable bowel
• Candida, dysbiosis
• Heartburn
• Indigestion
• Gallbladder

Menstrual problems
• Heavy or irregular menses
• Menstrual cramps
• Infertility
• Menopause

Skin problems

Hormone & metabolic issues
• Thyroid, Diabetes
• Overweight

Mood disorders, eg. depression
Insomnia, stress, fatigue
Chronic pain, injury


Children’s illness

Infections, Cancer
Any acute or chronic illness

What is Bowen Therapy?

A gentle hands on technique that is used to treat chronic pain or any injury. It ‘resets’ the nervous system to restore the alignment of the spine and joints

To make an appointment with
Dr. Jese Wiens, B.Sc. ND, Naturopathic Doctor
please contact:

Kimberley Health Centre
151 Nanaimo Avenue East, Penticton BC
Phone: 778-476-6016

Summerland Family Chiropractic
106 – 13615 Victoria Road North, Summerland BC
Phone: 250-494-3321

BIO - Dr. Jese Anne Wiens is a licensed naturopathic physician with additional certification in acupuncture and Bowen therapy. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell Biology and Genetics from U.B.C. She received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, B.C. Dr. Wiens is passionate about helping others to achieve optimal health, for themselves and their families. She strives to find and treat the underlying cause of illness, taking health care beyond just getting rid of bothersome symptoms. She is a caring physician who is excited to help you with your health goals.