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Challenge in 8 with YJ Reshape ~ Youth Juice

Cynthia Lacoursiere, LPN / IBO

Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC, Central Canada, Eastern Canada, Alberta, USA – all other parts, Other

"Challenge in 8 with YJ Reshape - Youth Juice", an organic whole food, smoothie that tastes great. No soy, no gluten and no dairy. Harvested in the Okanagan and Vancouver. A preventative choice.

Specialties: Body Talk, Cleansing & Detox, Farmer's Markets, Health Products & Companies

Location:Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC
Address: Kamloops  Canada

"Challenge in 8 with Reshape", an organic whole food, smoothie that tastes great. No soy, no gluten and no dairy.

Reshape uses ancient grains protein like Quinoa and chia, and uses stevia as its sweetener.

YJ is a 100% natural, polynutrient, whole food product, produced and harvested in the Okanagan from our local orchards, the sea vegetables are from Vancouver Island area. It contains ellagitanins and fucodian, a all natural anti inflammatory. No preservatives. For diabetes, a glycemic index of 15 and gives you the equivalent of your daily intake of fruits and veggies, which helps fill in the gaps of your diet, aides in all inflammatory diseases, ie) arthritis's, psoriasis, asthma, chrones and more.

Contact Cynthia for more information or visit our website.

The challenge pack is a great way to get started as either a brand partner and join the team or a retail customer if your not looking for some extra income to the household budget. When you are a brand partner you can use the option that if you get three you get your next months auto ship "free". That is a great savings plus you make a commission on your sign ups. Like a saving account from just doing something great for your body and your health as a brand partner. You will soon be on your way to losing weight, weight management or just a post workout smoothie that is totally good for you!

If you love our local fresh fruit, you will love the YJ and reshape and the savings you will have to your family's grocery budget at the same time.

Discover how Seven Pounds of the most powerful berries on the planet, plus three sea vegetables in every bottle, add up to the most potent form of nutritional science served in a glass!

The Goodness of 7 Pounds of Whole Berries + 3 Sea Vegetables in Every Bottle.

Youth Juice has 40 years of scientific research and is the most powerful functional food on the market. As the first product to combine the Orchard to the Ocean approach of whole-food dietary supplementation, this revolutionary product was developed in conjunction with scientists at the University of British Columbia and on the basis of research funded by a Canadian Government Research and Development Grant. In fact, Our World scientists worked for over four years to develop the proprietary processes needed to bring the goodness of SEVEN POUNDS of seven of the most powerful berries on the planet in one bottle. One ounce of Youth Juice has the Resvirotol equal to three glasses of red wine, one of the highest praised antioxidants in anti-aging today, plus many more.

Shipped right to your door from our Vancouver office.

A home business opportunity is always available if being your own boss appeals to you, or to add this product to the shelves of your health and wellness business, for very little start up costs. A very simple concept of just sharing a great BC product with those of whom you want to see live a full and healthy life.

The Perfect "Science In a Bottle"!

The Benefits are:

Improved Energy
Mental Focus & Mood Enhancement
Fat Metabolism & Weight Management
Healthy Inflammatory Response
Improved Mobility
Immune System & Respiratory Health Support
Improved Appearance of Skin, Hair, & Nails
Improved Digestion & Detoxification Ingredients

Red Raspberry
Kombu Fucoidan
Sea Lettuce

Olympic Gold Medalist and Ski Cross World Champion, Ashleigh McIvor becomes first YouthJuice Brand Ambassador.

BIO - YJ Sciences Inc., is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and currently operates throughout Canada and the United States of America. The corporate identity symbolizes the company's commitment to bringing the two worlds of personal health and individual wealth together in a person-to-person networking enterprise.With the detailed science and four years of comprehensive research and development behind its flagship product, YouthJuice, the company could have chosen to sell this powerful functional food product through retailers. However, YJ Science's Co-Founders, Lynda Perry and Bob Edwards, decided to use the power of relationship marketing because not only is it a highly-effective way to sell information-rich products, it also allows people to accomplish their personal and financial goals.The company's management team consists of seasoned professionals in integrated systems, international distribution, digital information management and internet-based communications guaranteed.