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Wind In The Willow

Cindi Tomochko, BA./DVATI

Penticton & South Okanagan

Cindi Tomochko is a BA./DVATI. Certified Art Therapist and Dru Yoga Instructor and offers classes at the Wind In The Willow Studios in Penticton.

Specialties: Art Therapy, Counseling & Therapy, Grief, Fitness Studios & Sports, Yoga, Artists, Healing Arts

Location:Penticton & South Okanagan
Address: 204-219 Main Street
Penticton, BC  Canada
V2A 5B1

ART THERAPY is an expressive and complimentary form of psychotherapy which uses the creative process along with meaningful communication to work with and resolve difficult mental and emotional issues or concerns.

The safety of a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship allows for a healing process via self exploration, discovery and acceptance. Creativity is the means whereby healing takes place. No prior art experience is necessary.

Benefits of Art Therapy

A non-intrusive and self-empowering form of psychotherapeutic intervention. Holistic in nature, it assists in effectively turning around, transforming and healing what were once debilitating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dis-ease.

It encourages confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.
By strengthening intuition, it provides insight and clarity into one's sense of purpose and direction.

It also works through creative blocks.
A pleasurable way to help positively change a person’s attitude, life view and capacity for joy.
A form of stress management, it can affect a person’s immune system and quality of life in a profound way.


Activate, Renew and Relax with Dru Yoga

Yoga of the Heart: designed to restore and revitalize. Dru comes from the Sanskrit word "dhruva" which refers to the still point within. No matter what is going on internally or externally, we are able to respond and act from a place of greater ease and well-being. This informs, supports and enhances our daily life.

This graceful yet potent form of yoga is rooted in ancient tradition with its asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), as well as restorative and relaxation techniques. It is practiced by people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Unique to Dru are the Energy Block Release sequences based on gentle flowing movements harmonized with directed breathing, visualizations & affirmations.

Benefits of Dru Yoga

It’s a subtle yet powerful tool for enhancing physical energy and vitality – boosting strength and stamina.
Significantly assists people with back problems - a greater flexibility in spine, joints and muscles with an improvement in overall body tension and posture.
Improves digestion, organ function, and blood flow to the brain and body.
Enhances ones ability to deal with physical, emotional and mental stress promoting relaxation and sleep.
Improves balance and co-ordination, concentration and focus.
Increases confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
Enhances quality of life by increasing well-being in mind, body and spirit.
By transforming limiting life views and attitudes it can aid in the changing of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Contact Cindi for more information on up coming classes.

A pleasurable way to help positively change a person’s attitude, life view and capacity for joy.

About Cindi: BA; DVATI (Diploma Vancouver Art Therapy Institute) and Certified Dru Yoga Therapy Instructor. Cindi, a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, has been a practicing art therapist as well as provider of mental health services for 20 years. She has a broad range of experience and understanding, working with children, teens, adults, seniors, people dealing with special needs, physical and psychiatric dis-ease, as well as professional caregivers. The experience of being a visual artist as well as using art as a therapeutic tool has enhanced Cindi's ability to cross over more easily between the 2 disciplines. She also brings into her practice a background in play and movement therapies. Certified as a teacher of yoga with Sandra Samartino as well as the Dru Yoga School of Therapeutics, Cindi has practiced yoga personally for over 10 years, and professionally for 5 years.