Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course

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This is a four month distance training course for those who have counseling experience. This training can be done in your own time, you can take up to one year to complete.

Date:Feb 15, 2016
On-Going Course
Price:$1800.00 including manual
Location:Hypnotherapy course
Based in the Okanagan


Hypnotherapy is recognized as a valid therapeutic modality. There are new applications in the use of hypnotherapy that have created a need for educational enhancement of individuals involved in the profession. In sports,hypnosis and guided imagery is routinely used for training. In health care, the uses of hypnosis are virtually endless.

There are two entirely different treatments using hypnosis.


This is used for issues such as smoking, nail biting, exam anxiety, weight loss, dentistry, pre and post surgery, stress management. Suggestion therapy is only appropriate for people who do not have multiple anxieties.


This is used to uncover the cause of anxieties. Analytical therapy helps to heal unexplained physical or emotional traumas. Often our character disorders are the result of unresolved childhood conflicts that are repeated throughout our lives.

Practicums to be determined by clients you can take up to one year to complete.

For complete course information contact Elaine

I am a registered Social worker with a masters in counselling. I have worked for the past 15 years in medical settings as a patient and family counsellor. Since taking Elaine Hopkins course I have been successfuly using hypnotherapy as a dimension of my work with people who have chronic pain, anxiety and issues relating to trauma and abuse. I have been observing excellent results with these individuals and consider hypnotherapy to be an extremely valuable tool.
Genevra in Kelowna, B.C.

Elaine Hopkins is a gifted and compassionate teacher and workshop facilitator. Her years of counselling work has given her the background and insight that provide a meaningful and often life changing experience for those who have the opportunity to learn with her. Her workshops and training offer a powerful perspective shift that offers life enhancing behavior changes.
Susan Mc, Clearwater, B.C.

I took Elaine Hopkins hypnotherapy course and found it to be well thought out and comprehensive. I also found that Elaine was more than a competent teacher, she is also supportive. Within weeks of of graduating I had my own clients to work with and Elaine is still willing to help me with advice to be the best support to my clienst. With this extra support I feel confident to move forward with my won practice.
Eliz K.

I have taken Elaine Hopkins course in Hypnotherapy. I have found that this tool expands my business to a whole new level. When clients have issues that they want to work though, I have a tool to help them deal with it. A simple, effective and powerful method to help a client get to the source of what it is that triggers their issues. A method that is done with the client and by the client and by that empowers the client. What have you got to lose: Issues! What have you got to gain: a whole new expansion and empowerment of life's journey. Your clients and your business benefit. All in all it is a win win situation.
Lynn P.

Elaine Hopkins D.H.P. member of the International association of counseling hypnotherapists. I am a certified hypnotherapy teacher, a Reiki Master/teacher of the traditional Japanese Reiki system of natural healing, a retired certified dental auxillary. I am widely experienced in instructing adult education programs, presenting workshops and seminars and have lectured to members of the Alternative Integrated Medical Society at UBC, foster parent groups, dental personnel, cancer groups, career students at high schools. My speciality is how the mid works in wellness, the psychology of illness and inner child work, resolving and healing issues resulting from the past which are interfering with our present lives. Issues such as abandonment, abuse of all forms, the neglect of childhood developmental dependency needs are addressed. My commitment to life-long learning combined with my ability to share personal growth experiences allows participants of her programs to gain powerful insights.