Spiritual Ireland Retreat - Sept 2023

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Mystical Magical Ireland Retreat With your Hosts Intuitive Guide, Healer, Ceremonialist, Stephanie Phelps and Celtic Wisdom Keeper & Irish Guide, Maria O’Farrell Carr

Date:Sep 10, 2023


Mystical Magical Ireland Retreat
September 11th – 20th, 2023
Extra night before tour on 10th

With your Hosts
Intuitive Guide, Healer, Ceremonialist, Stephanie Phelps
Celtic Wisdom Keeper & Irish Guide, Maria O’Farrell Carr

A Heart-Expansion and Soul Healing Pilgrimage

Experience the magic of Ireland with us!

9 nights in Irish Hotels
Guided Day Tours
Travel around Ireland
Ancient Sites & Stone circles
Sacred Ceremonies & Meditations
Small group
Goddesses, Cultural and breathtaking scenery.

This is a registered bonded tour by K. Banks Travel - BC Reg# 2776-4 & hosted by Maria's Tours.

Open to all ages, couples, solo travellers, family, and friends.

Our guests value spiritual growth, self-awareness, raising the collective vibration, and healing Mother Earth.

They also love to have some Ceol agus Craic in the evenings (Music & FUN FUN!!)

Testimonial from Maria’s Ireland tours: During our tour to Ireland, I felt very looked after. Even before I left home, I was sent tips that helped a lot and that I would not have thought of myself, especially, bring a washcloth, and notify our credit card company that we’d be in Ireland. Logistics were a breeze because Maria chose ideally located hotels, checked us in when we got there, matched me with a lovely roommate, kept us on time, and even asked if I had someone to sit with during a meal. In large and small ways, our guides noticed and cared. Most of all, their interpretations at ancient sites we visited. Janet K, VA, USA. More Testimonials at www.mariastours.com/testimonials.aspx
Testimonial from Stephanie's Last Ireland Retreat: What a remarkable time we had! Stephanie created a wonderfully inclusive, magical web of light which everyone seemed to fall into with ease as we visited so many amazing places. Time seemed to disappear, and our group unified into a wonderful collective of energy....your planning and motherly overseeing truly paid off. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey...the subtle transformations are just beginning, now that we are safely home. I am so grateful to Spirit for aligning all of us with the ancient energies and karmic ties carried over for probably thousands of years.....I hope to continue to stay in touch with everyone. Pam Rosati USA.