(Book title) OH, F#%k - you mean there's more?! An intrepid guide to Spiritual Evolution.

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Rev. Lois Gueret is a mystic, medium, spiritual guide, geomancer, and alchemist. She uses her 35+ years of wisdom and experience in these fields to help others reclaim their quality of life.

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Do you find yourself changing? Connecting more to the spiritual realm? Asking more and more questions? Who are you, and where do you come from? Where do you fit in in this universe? What does it mean to be in the fourth-dimensional energies?
In Oh, F#%k – You Mean There’s More!?, Rev. Lois Gueret takes you on a spiritual journey to address these issues and guides you to become emphatically healthy. She discusses the changes that have happened to our energy bodies and the very nature of reality. Filled with practical guidelines and practices, this guide will help you to connect with your ‘authentic mystic’ and with the spiritual realm.
If we can put our faith back into humanity and learn to accept and trust ourselves, the mystical aspect of our planet can blossom again.

I am a spirit and physical medium. I enjoy a deep faith in the mystical and am lucky to have a support system beyond the veil. I am also a Metaphysical Minister, Shamanic coach, Healer, and Paranormal Consultant. I am no longer offering readings at this time, but I still do my other services. For several years now, I have wanted to write a book that would take my ministry and offer it to the general population. The material in this book comes from the Woo-Woo woman, as I jokingly call myself. It provides a general introduction to all my teachings.