Metamorphosis Class with Cindy Silverlock (White Rock, BC)

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Metamorphosis eases unconscious tension, creating more peace within, happier homes, and a more conscious world..

Date:Sep 28, 2019
Sept 28 and 29, 2019
Location:Private Home in Crescent Beach
White Rock, BC Canada


Intro Online
? See if a class is right for you.
? Prepare for a weekend class. Start engaging with the primary principles first, this is an ideal way to learn Metamorphosis.
I offer these before every weekend class, which is a great way to prepare for the class. Two one hour webinars for $45 to see if a class is right for you.
Mon, July 22 & 29, 4-5:00 pm PDT
Tues, July 23 & 30, 7-8:00 pm PDT

Metamorphosis eases unconscious tension with gentle loving touch.
? When tension is addressed at its core, it eases.
? As tension continues to ease, you react less and respond more.
? Your relationships and well-being improve.
? Past traumas have less impact as you lighten.
? As you create more peace within, you help to create a more peaceful home.
? A peaceful home helps to create a more peaceful world.

Metamorphosis was created from the observation that nothing has really changed throughout the history of humanity. War and conflict have always been an issue. Slavery has always been an issue, including now with human trafficking. When tension is not addressed at it’s source, it continues to resurface in a different form. For example, when a person quits smoking and then they eat more. When the tension is addressed at the source, the need for a vice ceases to exist, instead of surfacing in another way.

The founder, Robert St. John, asked what are we not seeing? Unconscious tension was the answer, the tension underneath our symptoms and issues. We have been focusing on the expression of this tension (symptoms) and not addressing the source of the tension itself. Because it has not been addressed at its origin, we continue to pass this tension on to the next generation.

Unconscious tension arrives at conception, via your DNA and various other ethereal energies. This tension registers in the first cell and this cell replicates… and the tension is infused within the bony structure of the spine during gestation. This underlying tension influences how you develop in the womb, move into life at birth, and how you function throughout life.

The hands-on practice addresses this underlying unconscious tension.

As unconscious tension eases, you feel less stressed. Past traumas and challenges feel further away and current challenges are easier to deal with. As tension eases, so does depression, pain, anxiety, grief, and reactions to daily stress. Easing underlying tension helps absolutely everyone feel better, regardless of the degree or severity.

Animals also experience underlying tension and are usually receptive to treatments. Pregnant women and their unborn children also benefit. What a gift to work on a pregnant woman! She moves into motherhood with less tension and the child is born with less tension, starting life with more ease.
Metamorphosis reminds us that we are all capable of tremendous change and that we can all do this for ourselves and our own families and friends. It is a matter of easing the unconscious layer of tension that is creating challenges in our ability to function and respond as we all would like to.

Weekend Class is Sat Sept 28 and Sun Sept 29
We rented an 8 bedroom home near Crescent Beach in Surrey British Columbia.
Renting rooms from Thursday-Sunday for anyone that wants to have a treatment on Friday with Dean or I, attend the weekend class, and have your own room in a large beautiful home. The house is in walking distance of Crescent Beach and Crescent Park.

CAD Pricing: Class $345, Friday Treatment $100, Private Room $200 (stay 2-4 nights)
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I am so grateful that I met you both and took your class. I feel I did not only attend a weekend ceu workshop but, I believe I experienced the beginning of a "metamorphosis". I feel changed and a huge transformation in a short time if that makes any sense at all! After receiving the work, I feel a much deeper sense of calm and peace that I usually don't have. I feel a new profound level of ease that I am letting settle in this week. This week, I have had the opportunity to share this amazing work with 12 clients and have received the most wonderful feedback from all. Its truly been so rewarding doing this work all week. During my sessions, I feel more grounded, connected, relaxed, and able to hear and feel the body more than ever before. Clients that I have worked with for years, reported feeling a deeper state of relaxation and lifted tension after this session. I received this beautiful message yesterday after a giving a metamorphosis session that I wanted to share,

"Thank you so much for today. I feel great and crap from the boys that would usually drive me bat shit crazy is not bothering me as I wait to go to dinner with good friends. This is the "me" I want to be! Thank you for helping me be me!!!"

These kind of messages just melt my heart and I am truly grateful and blessed to be able to share and spread this work in NH. THANK YOU BOTH for passing along your knowledge and wisdom of this great work!

Your teaching style is fantastic and I must also say I admire so much that you shared your stories of being "real" people. I think many teachers try to maintain that perfect persona but I have a lot more respect for your authenticity. That has also opened my perception on how I want to show my true self as I go forward on my path.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to others and am looking forward to taking it again next time you come to this area. I am also so looking forward to receiving more work from my fellow classmates

Cindy Silverlock studied with the founder of Metamorphosis, Robert St. John, from 1989-1996. Metamorphosis has been the focus of her life and her passion has been unwavering. She has taught Metamorphosis throughout the USA, in Canada, Finland, and New Zealand. She is the author of Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness through Touch and An Intro to Metamorphosis. Her books and DVD have sold world-wide. Cindy has lectured on Metamorphosis at the RABC 50th year Gathering (Reflexology Association of British Columbia) APPPAH Congress (Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health), RAC Conference (Reflexology Association of California), and the RAA Conference, 2010. (Reflexology Association of America). Her articles have been published in Massage Magazine, the Reflexology Association Newsletters for America, Australia, and California, as well as the N. California Midwifery newsletter.