Vibe With Your Tribe Ireland Tour with Bealtaine Fire Festival at Uisneach - May 2020 with Maria

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Sacred Ireland Tour and Gathering of the Tribes at the Bealtaine Fire Festival at the Hill of Uisneach, in May 2020 with Maria O'Farrell Carr and Nancy Rebecca.

Date:May 5, 2020
May 6th to 15th, 2020 plus extra nights
Location:Sacred Sites around Ireland


Vibe With Your Tribe Ireland Tour 2020
Gathering of the Tribes
Sacred Ireland Tour

Hosted by

Celtic Wisdom Keeper & Irish Guide, Maria O’Farrell Carr
Clairvoyant spiritual leader & Sangomas, Nancy Rebecca from USA
and Assistant Irish Guide Loro Tylor (Psychic Medium).

Everyone welcome!

9 nights Tour of Ireland's Sacred Sites

Time to De-Stress, Relax & have some CEOL agus CRAIC !!! (Music and Fun).

This is a registered bonded tour by K. Banks Travel - BC Reg# 2776-4
& hosted by Maria’s Irish Tours

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Ireland is calling a
‘Gathering of The Tribes of the World’
To come together in Oneness ~ May 2020

Join us for the Celtic Medicine Wheel Beltane’s Fire Ceremony Festival on the Hill of Uisneach.
The Navel of Ireland, the birth place of the leylines of Ireland
stems from and travels the world such as the
Giza leylines and the Apollo-Athena Leyline (Michael Leyline).
The Royal ceremonial road to the top of the hill is still lit today.
For centuries the tribes of Ireland have gathered at this sacred place in Oneness. From the Atlanteans, to The Tuatha De Danann, to Gods & Goddesses, the Druids, to the Queens and the High Kings of Ireland and our community today,
all gather at Uisneach, connecting with Joy and Peace, with the Land and each other.
The Goddess Eriu is believed to be buried on the Hill and is a place of balance of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. The fires are lit on May 9th as we travel from darkness to light to a new world of Love & healing.

On May 9th, 2020, Ireland is inviting the World to come ‘Vibe with Your Tribe’!
To come join together at the Bealtaine Ceremonial Fire at this world gathering event of 3,000+ people.
We have been invited to be part of this special event.
We are inviting World Hosts and their tribes of spiritual people to journey together with us to the 5 provinces of Ireland and on our Sacred Ireland Tour we will also be connecting with the many sacred places such as the Hill of Tara, Knowth Portal Mound, Rathcroghan Portal Mound, Carrowmore Neolithic sites, Innisfallen Island Monasteries, Goddess Bridget’s Healing Well, Muckross Abbey, Grange Lois Stone Circle to name a few.
We invite all world Tribal leaders, Shammas, Elders, Kahuna, dancers, spiritual leaders. lightworkers and YOU to come join our Tour in our adventure around Ireland with the highlight of the tour on May 9th as we stand together in love & peace at Bealtaine Fire.

Everyone welcome! Come join our tour, on your own, with a friend or bring your group.
Limited space so book early.

Maria O'Farrell Carr has been hosting Sacred Irish Tours since 2012! She is also a Celtic Wisdom Keeper, Author, Fairyologist, Celtic Healer since 2000! Her expertise in hosting this Magical Irish Tours will take you through an experience you have never before had!