(On-Going) MasterPeace Meditation Course: Teacher's Edition. Class I, II, III and IV (On-Going)

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A unique, one of a kind course with four weekly classes developed specifically for those who wish to teach meditation techniques and tools to clients and students.

A Complete Downloadable Meditation Course for Teachers.
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Location:MasterPeace Meditation Course: Teacher's Edition
Vernon, BC Canada


Who Can Teach This Course?
Anyone who has an interest in meditation and some knowledge in the theory and/or practice can teach this course. It would help to have some instructional skills to enhance your professional abilities. Although, it is not necessary in order to teach this course.
It is suitable for yoga and wellness instructors, mental health counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and other alternative/complimentary health care professionals.
This course is especially recommended for those who want to enhance their own professional abilities and to provide their clients or students with methods that they can use on their own that will improve the quality of their lives.

What is Included?
Four 2 hour classes, each building on the other.
A list of props needed for each class.
Timed lectures with breaks.
Exercises, techniques and tools for practice.
Many handouts with extra supporting documents.
Two guided meditation mp3’s.
Guided meditation scripts.
Homework assignments.
Opening and closing prayers.
Two beautiful circle dances for the ending of Class IV.
Video links of a circle dance and Sufi dancing.
Evaluation Forms

Class Descriptions:

Class I : In The Beginning
• Welcome and Introductions
• Opening Prayer
• Lecture. “About Meditation”
• Body Postures and Mudras
• Breathing Techniques With and Without Music
• Visualization Script or MP3. Inner Sanctuary by Jackie Haverty
• Discussion/Lecture. God Self
• Practice for the week
• Closing Visualization

Class II: Stilling the Mind

• Opening Prayer.
• Sharing
• Lecture.
• Techniques Used for Meditation
• Eastern Tools for Meditation.
• Lecture and Handouts.
• Mantras and Chants
• Thought Labeling Technique.
• Homework assignment.
• Guided Meditation.
• Closing Prayer

Class III : In the Midst of Them

• Opening Prayer
• Short Meditation Using a Breathing Technique
• Lecture. What is Mindfulness.
• Handouts
• Exercise: 1.Walking Meditation. And/or
• Exercise: 2. Mindfulness Using a Flower.
• Lecture
• Discussion. What is God?
• Exercise. Qualities and Concepts
• Lecture.
• Discuss and Handout Practice for the Week.
• Closing Prayer.

Class IV: Practicing Presence

• Entry Music
• Opening Prayer
• Discussion of Meditation Experiences
• Exercise: Rainbow Meditation
• Questions
• Lecture: Sufi Song and Dance
• Exercise 1: Dance and Chant- “Everywhere I Look”
• Exercise 2: Dance and Chant – “Dance of Universal Peace”
• Closing Prayer.
• Evaluation

For MasterPeace Meditation Course:

I found the MasterPeace Meditation course to be life changing… & all I had to do was let go of previous expectations and just allow Jackie to work her magic. My life had become quite hectic & complicated, a lot of which was out of my control. This resulted in me losing the strong resilience I had previously prided myself with. Over a short 8 weeks,(which included both the beginning and the advanced courses), I not only regained my intestinal fortitude, I also found an inner peace I’d never had. I have to admit that I was concerned when the course finished that I may not have maintained the meditational practices…but that was unwarranted. I now look forward to waking up to start my day with a mindfulness meditation. It allows me to lead a more centred life. I am no longer reacting….I am responding. I am making more rational decisions which has a wonderful ripple effect on the people in my life. My first Osteopath’s appointment after I had done the course, reaffirmed the benefits. He was astounded that the tension was gone from my body. I can’t recommend the MasterPeace Meditation Course highly enough.

Testimonials Regarding Jackie's Guided Meditation MP3's

The reason I loved Infinite Healing is because I have a deep affinity with your spiritual intuition, vision and perception. I can clearly relate to the spiritual message you convey. Infinite Healing is like my mirror that reflects the light of the Divine, which symbolizes and represents the higher self. May the peace beyond human understanding rest upon you forever!! Love, Valentine”

“It was during a unique inner journey, facilitated by Jackie, when I was transported to a magnificent Crystal Palace where guides and angels abound. This journey was the beginning of my spiritual awakening and provided a deep, conscious connection to beautiful beings of light on the other side of the veil. My consciousness shifted and room was provided for the creation of the most profo

Education/Professional Background: As a non-traditional student and single parent, I graduated from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD with a BSc.in Sociology and Psychology. Later, I attended South Dakota State University towards a Master’s in Guidance and Counselling. Later, I received a Master’s in Clinical Hypnotherapy and became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Training was also received in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Regression/Past-Life Therapy from the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT). Which is now called (IARRT) International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc. Numerous alternative/complimentary healing modalities were also obtained which provided over 35 years of both training and experience.