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Reiki classes for children and adults. Rhonda Kyle's Reiki School and classes are recognised and approved with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Location:Gateway To Oasis Reiki School~Usui Shiki Ryoho Style Classes~
634 Papineau St.
Penticton, BC Canada


Rhonda Kyle is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner, registered with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Reiki~Usui Shiki Ryoho Style~ CRA Approved

LEVEL ONE: The focus of Level One is on self-healing and helping others. After the student completes the required training, which takes one full day, they are able to practice Reiki and do self-healings. At this level, the student learns the history of Reiki, the energy system, the nature of the Reiki energy, the Reiki Ethics, the five principles or precepts, the three pillars of Reiki, chakra basics and meditations. The hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others is taught and practiced. CRA

LEVEL TWO is a full day class. At Level Two, the focus is on learning the Japanese healing symbols and on sending Reiki from a distance. There is an in-depth discussion on clearing unwanted habits, empowering personal goals, and manifesting permanent change in the student’s life. The Japanese healing techniques and symbols are introduced and practiced. Distant sending is practiced and giving and receiving Reiki is reviewed. CRA

LEVEL THREE: 2 day class. This level includes further meditation techniques, a Healing Attunement, the Hui Yin, the Violet Breath, Aura Clearing, and Reiki Crystal Grids. The Master symbol is given but the student is not taught how to attune others or teach Reiki. CRA. Giving and receiving Reiki is reviewed.

LEVEL: Master/Teacher: 2 day class. Here, the focus is on attuning others to the Reiki energy and on teaching Reiki to others. An essay is written on why the student wishes to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. It is discussed at length. The master symbol is introduced and practiced. The benefits of living a spirit-based life are discussed, as well. Creating sacred space and Alters. CRA

The Canadian Reiki Association provides their members with a national voice and encourages high educational standards. Through their Code of Ethics, they promote ethical practices and teaching.

Your Wellness Investment Course Fee includes: Professional Reiki Wings Manual, Level 1 Certificate, Sacred Reiki Crystal, Angel Card Reading, snacks and refreshments. Also available, CRA Practitioner Practicum option available and Monthly Reiki Practice Support group included.

Please contact Rhonda for a detailed course format and pricing.

As a person who does not like trying something new. Trying Reiki was very nerve racking for me as I had never really tried any healing or energy sessions before. At first, I was in a battle with myself to not attend this Reiki session with Rhonda Kyle. We approached the building and I was greeted by a little black dog who I fell in love with instantly, I was soon less nervous. We spent a couple minuets talking about what Reiki was and what will happen during our time together. I laid on the massage table and was warm because of the Amethyst crystals heating pad. The session started and before I knew it the smoothing music swung me into a calming zone. Rhonda gave me insight to my own healing journey. I truly enjoyed the magical energy healing session with Rhonda. From R, Penticton. Age 15.

Dear Rhonda....I have been trying to find the words that I want to express to you, however, no words can describe what I feel. I can tell you that August 18, 2012~the day I spent with you was truly the first day of the rest of my life. This Reiki journey that I have embarked on I know will not be easy at times, but I look forward to the challenges as they make me a stronger person. It is you that helped me cross a barrier that i never dared cross and I am so thankful for that. Your help, gentle kindness and continued guidance is greatly appreciated. Tania, Victoria BC

Rhonda is a gentle and experienced teacher. Using her combined skill as a Reiki Master and knowledge of Indian Head Massage, she was able to give me great relief from my chronic headaches. In fact, since the last session, my headaches seem to be fading away altogether. Her use of crystals and the Amythyst Mat added greatly to the wonderful experience, and I recommend anyone with headache, stress or anxiety of any kind try this therapy. Thank you, Rhonda! Deb, Penticton

I had the great pleasure to have a session of treatments with Rhonda Kyle in Penticton. I felt so safe and welcomed

Embarking on a deeper spiritual quest several years ago Rhonda was introduced to Reiki. Reiki transformed her life by filling it with peace, love and harmony. Rhonda's experience with Reiki has been that it has its own unique intelligence. Just as us humans do. There is no one size fits all type of treatment. Although there's a series of designated hand positions, the energy will naturally flow to where it is needed most. Often times this is an emotion held in our subconscious that we may not be aware of. Over time this may cause energy blockages throughout the meridians, chakra's and our aura causing disturbances and unbalance of the body, mind and soul. We are all unique individuals so each treatment will be based on your personal need. Reiki is not a religion, but it may open a gateway to spiritual enlightenment for you. Reiki is very loving and gentle and it is an excellent choice for stress reduction. It does no harm and is a wonderful aid to all other healing modalities.