Ancient Celtic Wheel Workshop & Samhain Ceremony with Amantha Murphy from Ireland - only $60 at door

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Learn about the Ancient Celtic Wheel, The Way of the Seabhean, Ancient Irish Shamanism, and a new Moon Samhain Celtic Ceremony with Amantha Murphy from Ireland

Date:Nov 2, 2013
Saturday 1pm ( One day only in BC)
Price:$60 at the door
Phone:250 493 0106
Location:Sandman Hotel - Orchard room
Penticton, BC Canada


Amantha is on a Tour of USA and Canada and we are blessed that we have been able to arrange for her to make a stop in the Okanagan for one day only.

As we are flying in Amantha, we are asking everyone interested to please book your place early as possible.
Cost: $60 at the door.

Amantha will introduce us to the ways of Seabhean, Ancient Irish Shamanism, Irish Goddess and ways. Then we will follow the workshop with a Samhain new Moon Celtic ceremony. If the weather is permitting we will see if we can hold the ceremony on the Okanagan lake beach.

The Seabhean is SHE who crosses the path between the worlds. She holds the presence and inner-seeing of the Shaman and the wisdom of the Cailleach (old Woman).

The Celtic Wheel, traditionally is called the ‘Wheel of the Sun‘, the Celtic 8-fold Wheel takes us through the turning of the year on specific points that have been celebrated on the land of Ireland from time immemorial. The Wheel allows us to become aware and integrate with the subtle changes happening within the earth. Each point upon the Wheel has its own focus and expression and is celebrated with fire and festival.

The four main points upon the Wheel are:

Samhain – 31st October to 1st November;
Day of the ancestors, honouring the darkness and time of rest. Seeds lying dormant. 31st October belongs to the ancestors and traditionally the 30th October was the last day of the year with the 1st November being the first day of the new year.

Imbolc – 31st Jan to 1st February;
A time of beginning, preparation for the seeds, the earth awakening.

Bealtaine – 30th April to 1st May;
A time of seeding, fertility and celebration of life.

Lugnnasa/Lammas – 31st July to 1st August;
A time of Harvest and gathering both grains and clans. Originally Tealta’s Day.

The four lesser points are the Solstices, 21st June & 21st December and the Equinoxes – 21st March & 21st September.

In this one-day workshop we will follow the path of the wheel and the celebrations for each of the main points. We will also seek to understand how we can use this wheel to follow the path of our own growth and expression.
Following the path of the Celtic Pilgrim.

Please bring with you photos and/or memorabilia of those past, especially of their ancestors.
If the weather is good we may do the Samhain ceremony on the beach, so please bring warm clothes.

Maria O' Farrell Carr is orginally from Ireland and will be hosting this event.
As we are flying Amantha in, we do appreciate if you could book early
Please contact Maria to register

Everyone welcome - Bring a friend!

Amantha Murphy is a Shamanic Healer & Teacher who follows the path of the Goddess. She started her work professionally in 1971 as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within three years. Since then she has worked with, and continues to work with, groups and individuals here in Eire, in the UK, in Canada and the USA. Her passion is the Land and returning to HER story – working through the Grandmothers and the “Shining Ones”, the Tuatha de Danann. Amantha facilitates workshops on a variety of subjects including: “Pre-Celtic Shamanism, levels 1, 2 & 3”; “ Astro Drama”, “Rites of Passage”, “Faces of the Goddess” & “the Arcane teaching of the Tarot” for women; meditation groups and woman’s groups. Amantha also works with the sacred ceremonies around the Celtic Wheel and is available as a Dula.