Nurture Yourself to Embrace Mid-Life Change - Luxury Hawaii Retreat

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A Holistic Wellness Retreat for Women on the Big Island of HAWAII!
Experiencing the weight of emotional baggage, changes, demands and responsibilities? Put the YOU back into FUN! Now is Your Time!

Date:Feb 24, 2014
February 24-March 3, 2014
Price:$2987 to $3987 depending on package
Location:Shangri-La Private Resort and Private Homes
Kapoho and Kailua-Kona, Big Island Hawaii


Imagine yourself with a small group of other spiritually inspired women for eight days, seven nights in luxurious accommodations on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, encouraging and supporting one another through change and to expand into more of who they are. Whether one is experiencing the weight of emotional baggage, menopause, empty nest syndrome, divorce, retirement, a change in jobs, health, or finance, or desires to transform a part of herself to confirm more of whom she is, this is the retreat for you! Understanding that we are always in change, this retreat will give you the tools to navigate change effortlessly with a newfound enthusiasm.

Experience nature and connect with the magical, healing energies of Hawaii as you:

* Uncover and release blocks and beliefs that no longer serve you
* Immerse yourself in self care with yoga, an intro to superfoods, and self reflection
* Deepen your relationships with others through laughter and shared experiences
* Snorkel with multi-colored fish and sea turtles (snorkeling lessons included)
* Hike the live Kilauea volcano and black sand beaches
* Meditate on the cliffs of Mackenzie State Park as you overlook the ocean
* Nurture yourself as you float in the healing, geothermal hot ponds
* Rejuvenate yourself with facial exercises and proven anti-aging strategies
* Learn how to use your intuition and other tools to navigate change
* Self-nurture and be in a place of overflow versus depletion regardless of life’s demands
* Explore the Hawaiian culture

Receive life coaching from two internationally recognized coaches/healers in Shangri-La in Kapoho, rated #9 private retreat in the world and in private homes on Alii Hale in Kailua-Kona. Call both sides of the island home.

Co-facilitators: Alison Heath the Longevity Rescuer, host of Your Vibrant Health Secrets multi-expert summit, “Youthing” & Integrative Health Coach and Kathleen McGinley, owner of Phoenix Adventures in Wellness and Holistic Wellness Life Strategies coach.

Destruction of old identities, attitudes and limiting beliefs allows for the expansion of authentic self and the creation of the new.
During the first few days of the retreat, we will stay in Kapoho, one of the top snorkeling spots in the world. The #9 rated resort in the world, Shangr-La, will serve as the base for only OUR group as we explore black sand beaches, geothermal pools, and the cliffs at MacKenzie Park. As we travel to the west side of the island, we will visit Pele, the goddess of the active Kilauea volcano and take time to reflect at a healing sanctuary, The Place of Refuge.

The final four days will be spent in Kailua-Kona that will magically bring your intentions into fruition. Besides exploring its farmer's market, there is ample opportunity to shop and relax on its pristine beaches.

An optional whale watching excursion will take place on this side of the island where you can tap into the ancient wisdom of the whales, providing you with an experience that will support your expansion.

The 2014 Hawaii retreat is a blend of self reflection, personal renewal, sightseeing and fun! Learn how to live "aloha" and discover what your allies in nature are reflecting back to you to give you the direction you need to navigate change. Finally, embody what has been within you all along; expand into the "I am" that you came here to be...

This retreat has been known to be one of the most transformational experiences of a lifetime. Just be open and ready...

Besides the new-found wisdom, tools for embracing change, and expansive growth that you will take away, the price includes: choice of luxurious accommodations (single or double occupancy), most meals, transportation to and from the airport as well as the listed excursions, transformational individual and group activities, and personal life coaching from two internationally recognized coaches/healers. This is your worry-free gift to yourself of deep relaxation, self nurturing and rejuvenation.

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"Wow, Alison! Once again you have given me another gem that I can implement into my life. You have helped me along my path to wellness big time! As a two time cancer survivor, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've taught me. Whether its nutritional coaching or transforming my attitude, I know when I enroll in your courses I get more than expected. You walk your walk! Please let me know the dates of your next retreats and count me in!"-Jane Pinder, Ontario, Canada

"Kathleen embodies the Gifted Guide. Her loving presence, her deep wisdom and her gentle direction allowed me to grow, expand and change. My experience with Kathleen gave me tools for personal growth, perspective to examine my story, and insights into love that has blown me away. Thank you!"-Allison James, author of Piercing the Sky

"This property is absolutely breathtaking and the privacy is unmatched. Everything about Shangri La is exquisite and the caretaker is equally as amazing. Spending a week at the home was pure bliss and the weather was spectacular. The listing description and photos of the home give a great look into what you can expect when you arrive - everyone must experience the house! " Nick M.

Alison and Kathleen's Bio -- Alison Heath was affectionately named the Longevity Rescuer, by a 94 year old client and the name stuck. For over 25 years she’s been assisting individuals and physicians learn to turn back the clock on aging. She provides an interactive experience to restore youthful joy into your life, release trapped emotions and return to the optimal health that nature has always intended. Alison defied all odds and is living proof that “incurable” doesn’t exist. She uses that wisdom to help you reclaiming your vitality, passion and zest for life. --------- Kathleen McGinley, holistic wellness life coach, "soul healer,” and intuitive, taps into her connection with the Divine that guides her into designing a retreat with experiences that allow for you to deepen your relationships with yourself, others and the Universe, so truth is present in every moment. Kathleen employs her signature method of 'Phoenix Fusion' which will have you rising from the ashes and living alo