Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course in Ireland ( Killarney )

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Certified AEP™ Angel Course with Canadian facilitator Cindy Smith. Learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Enhance your personal development or energy based business.

Date:Mar 12, 2016
Saturday 12th -Tuesday 15th full days
Price:€388 Euros
Phone:1 250 493 0106
Location:Eviston House Hotel /Danny Mann ( Function room)
97 New Street
Killarney, Co. Kerry Rep. of Ireland


Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Course
With World renowned Canadian teacher Cindy Smith

You have the option to attend the AEP Level One course on Saturday and Sunday. This course introduces you the Archangels and how to do basic Card readings for yourself or family.

AEP Level One and Two Saturday to Tuesday is the full course with healing treatments and how to do professional card readings. Both levels are needed to complete your certification as AEP Practitioner.

Course Dates:
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th - Level 1. 9am - 5pm
Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th - Level 2. 9am - 5pm

Level One Price: 200 euros
Level One and Level Two Price: 388 euros

How will being certified as an AEP™ assist you?
Become a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her learnings together to create a well
balanced Angel Empowerment tool box! Take this certification for your personal
development or use it as an opportunity to put new skills in to effect to enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or energy based business.

• You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities.

• Open and Trust in your own natural psychic and healing power.

• Gain practical skills with other students.

• In the process Cindy will teach you all Doreen Virtue has taught her and much more.!

Some key skills taught are:

* how to do professional angel card readings

* chakra clearing

* working with Archangels

* Aura work

* energy cord cutting

* basics of mediumship

* past life healing and more……………

Everyone welcome!

Questions & to Register: Send an email to coordinator Maria

Special rates at local hotel & Hostels for students

Registration is now open — Limited space - Book early

**Option: Join Cindy on a 2 week Celtic Angel Sacred tour of Ireland that includes this AEP course plus many sacred sites.

"One of the reasons that I wanted to go take this course was to reclaim my energy and my connection to my angels and guides. I've been less active in the energy healing field - and I was much in need of recharging. I definitely found that! Cindy's course helped me get back to being me and being in touch. Those were the memorable spiritual moments for me. The rest was wonderful - cutting cords, talking to the Archangels, trusting my intuition again, a different way of clearing chakras. Cindy's course was great! - J.

This AEP course has been so amazing on so many levels. I’ve experienced feelings, emotions, connections that I never thought possible – Normally only other people get it and not me. I was coached in an easy to grasp concept by Cindy of how to connect with my angel team and how to use them to help me on my path. - w.

Cindy as an amazing teacher. We had so much fun - Anonymous.

How many words are there to say ‘Excellent’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Outstanding’, ‘Exceptional’? - Anonymous

FACILITATOR: Cindy Smith from Canada Weaving ancient teachings into a fabric of infinite possibilities, Cindy Smith is a clear channel and steward for connecting with the Divine. With a belief system firmly grounded in shared reality, she facilitates all who wish to tap into their own power, seeking healing and communication with the angelic realm and self. “We can all connect to our guardian angels, sometimes we just miss the signs or messages.” A certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium trained by Doreen Virtue, with a Substance Abuse Counselling Diploma, years of Child and Youth Care Work, a Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP, Huna Teachings and as developer of the Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification course, Cindy Smith brings a well-rounded and grounded approach to communicating with the angels. For more information about Cindy please visit: