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2 day course, 18 CEU's, for Healing Touch Level One. A hands-on way to learn about healing & the human bio-field. Train to be a HT practitioner

Date:Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2013
8:30am-6:00pm each day
Price:$310.00 regular
Phone:250 493 0106
Location:Healing Touch International Level One
Penticton, BC Canada


A course over two days teaches concepts regarding the human biofield and hands-on healing. Full body techniques are taught as well as specific techniques for localized applications. Come and learn some basic techniques in energy medicine.

This course is taught in a certificate program and offers an education receipt.

You will learn energy concepts related to health,Basics and assessment of the energy system-energy field and energy centers and functions, mediation for centering and maintaining energetic flow, principles and practise of Helaing Touch for personal and professional use, multiple specific techniques, principles of self healing, personal development as a healer, legal and professional aspects of touch therapies, ethical conduct and standards of prictice and integrity in Healing Touch.


O Standard Tuition $310
O Early reg. received by September 17, 2013 $285
O CHNA/HTAC/HTI Member Tuition $300
O Member early reg. rec. by Sept 17/13 $275
O Full Time Student (with ID) $215
O Repeaters $215
HTI L1 Workbook payable to K Smythe $15

Is Healing Touch for You?
 Registered nurses
 Health care professionals
 Body-oriented therapists
 Licensed health care professionals
 Individuals with a desire to study energy to help themselves and/or others
Everyone is welcome

Healing Touch International, Inc. is a non-profit professional membership and
educational organization for Healing Touch. It was established in March 1996,
to receive the AHNA Healing Touch Certificate Program and the process for
Healing Touch Certification of Practitioners (CHTP) and Instructors
(CHTI) from the American Holistic Nurses Association. HTI is responsible for the
International Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Healing Touch
Practitioners. The focus is on research, special interest groups, networking and
support of membership.

HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program:

 An in-depth solid core curriculum of 5 class levels from beginner to advanced
healer. Included are Evolution of the Healer, Holistic and Energetic Foundations,
Evidence Based and Best Practice modules.
 Enhances skills & knowledge through lecture, recommended readings and
practice sessions.
 Upon satisfactory completion of all 5 levels an HTI Healing Touch Certificate
Program Certificate of Completion.
 Leads to eligibility to apply for Certified Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Touch International, Inc.
 Instructor Training and advancement available leading to certification.

Contact us to-day for more details. Please register early as space is limited.

"Healing Touch helps me be more focused and motivated. After the sessions, I feel like all of my cylinders are clicking again." -- Desiree Peterson, retired teacher

Kathleen Smythe is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor with Healing Touch International. With her background in biochemistry and nursing she brings a science based understanding to the concepts of energy healing. Kathleen is passionate about healing work and teaches with enthusiams and compassion. She has a private practices in southeastern BC that includes a number of energy-based therapies.