Conscious Channelling Workshop with Allison Scott from South Africa ~ Okanagan

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Learn step-by-step technique to connect to the Angelic and Celestial realms, and bring through messages of Love and Wisdom from your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Angels, while staying fully present in your body.

Date:Jun 14 - Jun 15, 2014
Saturday and Sunday. 10am to 6pm
Phone:250 493 0106
Location:Shatford Center
Penticton, British Columbia Canada


Conscious Channelling Workshop™
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Allison will be in Penticton, B.C. for Private consulting.

Allison is a spiritual teacher, counsellor, metaphysician, channeler, soul / life coach, regressions therapist, an energy healer for both humans and animals and a colour therapist (Aura-Soma). She have read and studied extensively, covering various forms of self-awareness and self-improvement techniques. Sheis a facilitator for the transformation process which is a technique for regression, and teaches a technique for “conscious” channelling. She also teaches Abundance workshops which is imparting what she has learnt over the years to bring more abundance and prosperity in every part of your life.

What is conscious channelling?

Conscious channelling is the ability to quiet the busy mind, attune to the higher vibrational frequencies of the Angelic and Celestial realms, and bring through messages of Love and Wisdom from your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Angels, while staying fully present in your body.

We were all born psychic but were then conditioned and taught that it is bad, and so shut ourselves down. Our Higher Self or Soul communicates with us through our thoughts (as our own voice) and feelings, but we were never taught to trust this. We are taught that if one cannot explain a thing logically then we should ignore or dismiss it. Any information from the higher dimensions cannot be explained logically, as logic is based on the five senses. When you trust the information that you get, you transform your life.

In this 2-day workshop you are taught a step-by-step technique of how to connect with your 12th Dimensional this level you have access to Beings whom you would not be able to access from your 3rd Dimensional space. If you connected with these Beings in your 3rd Dimensional awareness it would have an overwhelming effect on your nervous is just NOT allowed, as this would be detrimental to your physical well-being. (Like connecting a 132 000v electrical pylon to the250v plug in your would burn your house down!) Over the years countless psychics and channellers, including trance channellers, have attended this workshop and were amazed that they were then able to connect with Beings they simply did not have access to before. From your 12th Dimensional level of connection, there is no limit to the level of Being you can connect with, as any connection in this space has no negative effect on your physical body.

Working from this level the Beings that you will connect with are all benevolent who come from a space of: Unconditional Love, no judgement and will not interfere with your free choice. There is no chance of connecting with a malevolent Being as the frequency is too high for them to exist here.

When in this connected space you are able to get information about what you want guidance on. For me, this is the cherry on the cake....but for me what is MORE important is that just being in this connected space has you functioning, in your everyday life, at a level of coherence and functionality that will impact your work, play, sport and life in general, in a powerful way! This connection creates coherence in you, in your life AND in your environment. Being in your connected space you have a positive effect on your environment, wherever you are...bringing coherence where there may be chaos.

I believe we were all born to have this level of connectivity as it takes the fear out of life. This has an impact on you personally, as well as the world at large. When doing a speech or lecture or presentation, while being in the connected space, will make it go smoothly....examples and analogies will pop into your mind which will be exactly what the audience needed to “get” your point and totally resonate with what you are saying ...achieving much more that you could have possibly wished for!

Over the years, I have had psychics and trance channellers challenge me saying it is impossible to learn how to channel in one day, as it had taken them years of training to learn their skill. My response was that it actually takes 5 minutes and the rest of the time is spent practising for you to gain confidence so that you KNOW you can do it.

I never understood how it was that I could access information that psychics couldn’t and yet I don’t get the information the way they do. Then, through an analogy given by Dr Eric Pearl to describe Reconnective Healing, I got it! He drew dots all over a flip chart page stating that this represented the Universe. Then on the same page he drew a circle stating that the circle and what was in it represented the 3rd Dimension, which is where we exist. He described all the other forms of healing and psychic ability as being in this circle of the 3rd Dimension, and used the analogy that this is like using a “dial-up network” to connect to the Internet …. then he drew 2 parallel lines above and outside the 3rd Dimensional circle, stating that this new frequency of “Light, Energy and Information” is the “broadband” connection to the Internet. That’s when I realized how the Conscious Channelling technique works! Through this technique, we are accessing beyond the 3rd Dimension, using a “broadband” connection to the Universe and that is why it is so powerful! Those who are psychic to begin with, open up to amazing new levels that they were unable to access before.

The Conscious Channelling technique has been the most profound technique I’ve learnt. It has put me totally in the NOW, not worried about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. When you realise that we have guides, Masters and angels assisting us on our journey, just waiting for us to ask, it takes the fear away completely.

This is a tool that can be used at work, play or for meditation and prayer.

There is no other technique around that fast-track’s you like this one does!

Truly life transforming!

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This is a wonderful workshop! It’s also a unique opportunity to study with an amazing gifted healer and teacher! I first attended this workshop with Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup on a trip to South Africa seven years ago. It was a wonderful addition to my personal journey and my understanding of energy work.
All the best.
Catherine Awai
Vancouver Island B.C.
Personal testimonial of Allison Scott

I am Kenneth Acton and this is my testimony of Allison Scott. I have the gift of being able to see guides and angels, also those souls that have crossed over and now wish to share the light with us. I am able to bring their messages to those that are still on earth. I am also able to see the colours of a person’s aura and the light that is connected to that person. In all the people that I have met I have yet to see a brighter light than that of Allison. She radiates pure light, only pure light and with such intensity that it is a humbling experience to behold. Within this light there can only be pure intention of being….. with this comes integrity of the highest order.
Allison fills one with enthusiasm for the spiritual way of life and confirms it to us all in the way she lives her life. Her ability to know which is the right path to walk and never deviate from the path of light is Allison’s gift to all that meet her. For those that wish to attend a course that Allison is teaching, do so with the knowledge that here is a teacher that will walk beside you on the path of self-discovery.
Yours humbly
Durban, South Africa

Dear Allison,
About two years ago on a visit to an astrologer, he told me that one of the things I needed to do was to remember and pay tribute to people in my life that had been instrumental in my growth. I have to tell you that you are one of those people.

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Allison BIO: My grandmother was a very wise lady and was my first spiritual teacher / Master, who had a huge influence on me. She was involved with Metaphysics long before it was an accepted thing. My faith and beliefs were put to the test when my first husband died in December 1987. My journey after his death has led me to where I am now. I believe in "walking the talk" putting what I have learned into a practical form to use in my everyday life. I am the world’s biggest skeptic and do not just accept or reject anything because it “sounds” good or bad. I have a good look at it, and always ask the Universe to give me signs and further information before deciding what is right for me or not. It is far healthier to be a skeptic and discerning than just to accept or reject what anybody says because it sounds right or they seem to be an authority on it. My approach to life is that I am the master of my destiny and that what I think is what I create in my life.