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Study Energy Medicine 103, Energy Medicine 203, Iridology 104, Iridology 204, Ethics of Touch 100, Business Mastery 100, Reiki 100 Level, Reiki 200 Level, and Reiki Master Teacher

Date:Feb 15, 2016
Distance learning is year round entry and 6 months is allowed for each course taken
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Location:Distance Study Through Windsong School of Healing
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Port Alberni, British Columbia Canada


Energy Medicine is based on the belief that in order to help create total well-being we must act as an integrated whole. It is the basis of all oriental medicine and taught throughout this Diploma program.

The "Chakra" or "wheel" or "disc" are energy patterns found within centers of the body that resonate at different frequencies. Each chakra is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland. These spinning vortices of energy are part of the subtle energy system from which we heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Chakras operate like interconnected, self-opening, valves that channel the "electrical current" of the life force into the body. A dysfunction or blockage in one part of the system has an impact on all the other parts. Such malfunctioning occurs when that same energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient.

Rooted as far back in time as 2500 BC, the chakra system takes a complete view of human experience, integrating the natural tendency for equilibrium into the many layers that make up the Self.

Basic training in Energy Medicine brings us to the core level of disease. It teaches us to use our own awareness to find and heal the places within that are awaiting to be restored to wholeness. It awakens the heart chakra, teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul. The unseen relationship between music, droning, toning, mantra and chant are taught to better enable the Energy Medicine practitioner to meet various client needs.


• Energy Anatomy, Chakra Balancing

• Advanced Color Healing Techniques with Case Studies

• Power Healing with Crystals and Gems

• Protection and Cleansing

• Reiki Level 1 and Level 11

• Therapeutic Use of Energy Medicine

• Power Healing with Sounds and Chants

• Elemental Energy Healing, Auras & Distance Work

Upon successful completion of your Energy Medicine Course graduates will be able to perform the following sessions with their clients:

• 10 minute client energy analyses

• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using sound and toning

• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using color visualization

• 1 to 2 hour sessions combining oriental bodywork techniques with crystal healing and journeying

• 1 hour session using crystals and guided meditation visualizations with client

• 1 hour session with Reiki or Distance Healing Techniques

• Breathing and Relaxation Coaching for Stress Relief and Pain Management


•Connecting with your Higher Self

•Grounding Higher Dimensions

•Awareness Release Technique

•Transformation of Core Issues

•Connecting with Your Inner Child


•Transmissions of Light

•Improved Memory and Learning Skills

•Strengthened immune system

•Improved Intuitional Awareness

Iridology At Windsong:
This Iridology Practitioner course is based on German and Western Iridology, with main reference to the works of Georgina Cyr, Bernard Jensen, and Paul Pitchford. The Whole Foods and Oriental Medical Traditions of Iridology are based on the Windsong Five Element Iridology Manual by teacher, Lori-Ann MacLeod. Lori-Ann is an Elemental Iridologist and combines Five Element Theory with Energy Outcomes and Nutritional Cleansing Techniques. Elemental Iridology is also synchronized with Oriental Bodywork and Meridian Theory to compliment the CHHP™ training received at Windsong School of Healing.

Five Element Iridology combines Western and Eastern analytical concepts and is taken as part of the CHHSP Diploma Program taught at Windsong School of Healing, or as separate component for Distance Learning. This course has immense value to all holistic health practitioners and can also be taken as a continuing education course.
•Learn how to use the various holistic health iridology models in an easy, well-defined manner
•Basic anatomy for oriental five element medical and iris analysis
•Using Iridology in understanding the inherent weaknesses of the body
•Using slides of 'Live Eyes' for case studies and doing a self analysis on your own eyes through use of eye photos
•Interrelationship between thought, emotion and health with Chinese medicine Five Element Theory
•Learn how the reflexes of the bowel affect organs and glands
•Learn how to encourage healthy circulation of the 6 Systems of Detoxification of the body by using appropriate nutrition
•Learn about cleansing the body's tissues for vitality and longevity
•Learn muscle testing procedures Oriental medical reading
•Introduction to Pulse Analyses and Tongue Analyses
•Learn how to report to client, the results of a Live Eye reading using either an Overall reading or Five Element
•Using Iridology as a tool of prevention for specific case pathologies as well as general good health
•Nutrition Requirements. Reviewing and studying Excess and Deficiency and how to heal the body with Whole Foods and blending of Oriental traditions
•Business forms and Report charts included for professional client advice

This course helped me personally and professionally. Overall the course exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing success in the holistic field!

I would recommend this course for anyone who is searching for a higher meaning in life as well as to learn skills which are very rewarding and fulfilling!

Thank you. I greatly appreciate the effort you have taken to teach us so many wonderful skills during our beautiful and well spent time at Windsong. You are all great teachers and I will be back for more.

I've never attended a better program. It's the most fun I've had.

I love the gifts that you share to help us help others.
My questions always get answered, my instructors seem to be on target and give me lots of encouragement. I am really enjoying the school!

Course Manual and supporting material are excellent and up to date. They also use modern reporting charts for clients and business which can easily be used by me in my present practice.

This course is really fascinating and I know I will use all the skills and knowledge I learned here for the rest of my life! Thank you for a great experience!

An excellent way to begin a lifelong study!

It is really great to have many styles of analyses put into one overall course. I can use muscle testing, tongue reading and pulse, then confirm my findings by analyzing the client's eyes! This gives me great credibility with my client and makes me much more confident in my report to the client.

As an acupuncturist I have found Iridology to be an excellent analyses tool, easily combined with pulse and tongue analyses. Recommend this course for any serious practitioner.

Iridology is more than a modality, it has led to a passion to see into the Elements of the body through the eyes

Lori-Ann MacLeod, B.A., CHHP, RST, EBM, ReikiMT: is the Senior Instructor, Administrator, and Registrar of the Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Diploma program. She has studied and practiced extensively in the holistic health field and is a: Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Journeys, Universal Reiki Association, B.C. Canada; Registered Shiatsu Therapist, Registered with the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC 2010; Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Windsong School of Healing Ltd. 2002, Canada. She is Shodo and Sui Boku Ga Master Teacher, Nishimura Dojo, Oita, Japan; Chronic Disease Self Management Program Facilitator & Trainer, University of Victoria Center on Ageing; Hot Water Stone Massage Practitioner, Western Arts Therapy, Japan; and Munay Ki Facilitator. Lori-Ann MacLeod holds a Bachelor of Arts, Major English, Minor Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada, along with various certificates in Business Mastery, including bookkeeping, data process