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Publisher's Message ~ November 2013 Issue
We have so many wonderful new events, workshops, practitioners and inspiring articles to share with you. So please take a moment to see what is new in your wellness community.

In November, we host Celtic Shamanic Teacher Amantha Murphy from Ireland
(1 Day only in BC)

Ancient Celtic Wheel, Seabhan, Shamanic Workshop & Samhain Ceremony with Amantha Murphy Saturday afternoon - Nov 2, 2013. $55 before or $60 at the door. Amantha will introduce us to the ways of Seabhean, Ancient Irish Shamanism, Irish Goddess and Celtic ways. Then we will follow the workshop with a (New Moon) Samhain Celtic celebration ceremony by the OKanagan Lake - See Penticton Event page! Tickets 250 493 0106

Okanagan Energy Healers Gathering
Calling all Vibrational workers, Energy healers, Crystal workers, Light workers,  Lemuirians-Altantians, Angel workers and Body workers! On Sunday November 17th we invite you to join Maria in Penticton to gather to do some energy work on the Okanagan lake and the North American Earth Star Energy Point. Contact Maria Carr 

We would like to annouce that RAC Reflexology Teacher Linda Baril will return
 to the Okanagan to teach Reflexology.
RAC Reflexology Teacher Training  May 24 - 27  - (4max)
RAC Reflexology Foot Course   May 29, 30, 31 and June 1st;  and June 4th - (12max/only 4 left) Booking now.

We are also hosting a Healing Touch International Level One workshop in Penticton with HTI teacher on Nov 16/17. Contact us to book your place.

OK In Health's Sacred Angel Tour
  (Only 9 places left)
2nd Annual Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland with Maria Carr & Cindy Smith - March 2014. 
Everyone welcome! Contact us if interested. 
Check out Cindy Smith's Article on her time in Ireland. Experiencing The Different Vibrational Energy of Ireland   OK In Health eMagazine has only 10 places left for our 2nd annual Celtic Angels Sacred Tour to Ireland with Irish Guide Maria Carr and Angel guide and AEP facilitator/Angel guide Cindy Smith. This is going to be a trip of a lifetime and we would love for YOU to come join us. 

Not interested in doing workshops and just want a Holiday in Ireland?
Join our Celtic Holiday and Traditional Irish Music Ireland Tour with Maria Carr and Traditional Irish Musician Mickeal Cunningham. Discount for couples. Everyone welcome. September 2014

Last month
Here are some photos of OK In Health's events last month.

OK In Health's Booth
at The Kelowna
 Wellness Fair

Don and Jarka at the
Kelowna Wellness Show
 Maria Carr, Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith at the Spiritual Financial Freedom Course
Cindy Smith at
Angel Seminar in Naramata Retreat Center
OK In Health's table at Penticton's Whole Foods Market's
30th Anniversary Day

This Month

This month, our November eMagazine is full of new community workshops and events, new articles, wellness directory, new recipes, new soular rhythms and news from our members. For more details on these events and many more events from our OK In Health members - see main event calender page.

Please take a moment to scroll down through our eMagazine and click on the links to the topics, workshops,  and events that interest you the most.
We hope you enjoy this month's eMagazine!
Love and Light
From all of us here at the OK In Health community network and eMagazine.
Based in the Okanagan, BC & networking beyond since 2004.


Shannon BlissRecipe Host Manager - Shannon Bliss, manages the recipe Section. CNP, ROHP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Live Cell Microscopist, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Specialist. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with our members?
Click on the add a recipe link on our recipe page.

Fresh Chow Mein with Cabbage and Carrots

Fresh chow mein at home is delicious and easy. Well, technically this is Lo Mein, but most people will consider it Chow Mein. This recipe is made without meat, so it can go easily with any other stir fry dishes.

Roasted Sweet Patatoes with a Touch of Spice

Did you know that sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin E? Sweet potatoes are good for you because they have high levels of beta carotene (the same vitamin found in carrots). They are a great source of fiber when eaten with the skin on. They provide much needed nutrients such as potassium, iron and vitamin B-6. Sweet potatoes are fat-free and cholesterol-free, and they are loaded with antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease and cancer, bolster the immune system and even slow the aging process by promoting good vision and healthy skin. They have been recently reclassified as an “anti-diabetic” food. They are anti-inflammatory and can protect against emphysema. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of copper, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin B-6. Sweet potatoes are a super food and they taste great! They are excellent accompaniments to poultry, beef, lamb or seafood. They can also be substituted in virtually any recipe that calls for apples, squash or white potatoes.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are flat, dark green seeds. Subtly sweet and nutty with a malleable, chewy texture, the roasted seeds from inside your Halloween pumpkin are one of the most nutritious and flavorful seeds around. While pumpkin seeds are available year round, they are the freshest in the fall when pumpkins are in season. Pumpkin Seeds May Promote Prostate Health Benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH, is a condition that commonly affects men 50 years and older. BPH involves enlargement of the prostate gland. One of the factors that contributes to BPH is overstimulation of the prostate cells by testosterone and its conversion product, DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Components in pumpkin seed oil appear able to interrupt this triggering of prostate cell multiplication by testosterone and DHT, although the exact mechanism for this effect is still a matter of discussion. Equally open for discussion is the relationship between pumpkin seed oil extracts (which could be purchased in the form of a dietary supplement) and pumpkin seeds themselves. Either way, they are a great healthy snack.

Wellness Directory
Feng Shui & Design ~ Teresa Hwang - 250-549-1356
A Mindful Connection Counselling Services with Carole Fawcett - 250-550-0316
Acupuncture & Laser Therapy with Marcel Mallette - (250) 260-3892
Acupuncture, Western Herbal Medicine & Laser Therapy - 250-328-3811
Allie Arnst ~ Meridian Sound Therapy - 250-499-9895 or 499 2075
Arlana Tanner ~ Permission2bu - 250 300 9933
Bahiti Belly Dance - 250-809-4530
Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton - 250-460-1693
Bellwether Coaching/Evergreen - 250-215-7757
Carla Van Voorst ~ Holographic Healing and BodyTalk - 250-763-7264
Carly Penfold ~ Om Shiatsu - 250-870-8183
Celtic Healing with Maria Carr, AEP - 250 493 0106
Certified Cancer Coach ~ Kane Consulting - 250-469-4623
Challenge in 8 with YJ Reshape ~ Youth Juice - 778-471-3912
Chi Solutions, feng shui foundations - 250 307 2555
Cloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli - 250-490-6055
CranioSacral Therapy & Rhythmic Reflexology with Judy Lamb-Richardson - 250-359-7052
Crystals Spirit Adventures - 250-681-1354
Dare To Dream Store & Wellness Centre - 250-712-9295
Daydream Esthetics Studio - 250-490-1233
Dr Ursula ~ Okanagan Thermography+ Cancer Support - 250-864-5260
Dr. Alex Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Jese Wiens ~ Naturopathic Doctor in Penticton & Summerland - 778-476-6016 or 250-494-3321
Dr. Natalie Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Tamara Browne - The Natural Family Health Clinic and Chelation Centre - 250-497-6681
Endless Possibilities - 250-497-8696
Feldenkrais Practitioner - Lynn Andersen - Self Sense - 250-498-4855
Gillian Padgett ~ Okanagan Stress Management Inc. - 250-542-7602
Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness - 250-491-7559
Health is Bliss - 250-801-2798
Ilona Peet, DCH ~ The Homeopathic Practice - 250 826 2058
Indigo Dreamer ~ Kerry Palframan - 250-494-8955
Kveta's Natural Healing Centre - 250-866-5677
Life Access with Daria Hanson - 250-575-3951
Locals Supporting Locals - Calendar - 250-770-9789
McHugh and Associates LLC ~ "Remote" Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy - 303 995 4276
Milagro Studios - Okanagan - 778-478-0128
MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes - 250-868-8060
Norma Cowie Enterprises ~ Psychic Readings - 250 490 0654
Okanagan Herbalife - 7784841939
Penticton's Whole Foods Market - Health Store & Cafe - 250-493-2855
Psychic and Spirit Medium - 250 547 2262
Sheila Stephenson – Penticton Health Practitioner - 250-493-3768
Survivorship Dragon Boat Team - 250-490-4045
Wind In The Willow - 250-276-5308
Your ProActive Health Now - 250.488.1656
Questions & Answers
Cindy AtkinsonYou Ask – We Answer! . . . your road map to health & wellness.
HAVE A QUESTION? LET US HELP! - We are here to help you with any of your health-related questions – nothing’s too big or too small! Our professional expert panel will do our best to provide you with information, suggestions, and resources.
The Q and A column is managed by Cindy Atkinson, BA Science in Genetics & Cell Biology.
Click here to ask a question on our Q & A page.

When cooking and you have leftovers, should they be put in the refrigerator while hot? Or should you cool them first?

Dear Reader, Despite what you may have heard, you do not need to wait for hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge. Your fridge is designed to cool things down, so let it fulfill its refrigerating destiny! In fact, leaving food out to cool before tucking it away in the fridge gives bacteria the chance to multiply. So unless you want a side of germs with your leftovers, it's a good idea to get them into the fridge ASAP.

When it comes to storing leftovers, make sure they are covered to keep in moisture and prevent them from drying out. Of course, covering hot leftovers then throwing them in a cold fridge may keep in too much moisture in the form of condensation. If you want to avoid this, you could try letting them cool in the fridge without a lid for a few minutes before covering them so as to minimize unwanted condensation in their container. Or, if you're truly opposed to putting hot foods into the fridge, just remember, the longer food is kept at room temperature, the higher the likelihood that unwanted bacteria might take up residence. Instead of giving the bacteria the opportunity to enjoy your leftovers before you do, place the containers of food in an ice or cold water bath to cool them as quickly as possible before storing them in the refrigerator.

For quicker cooling, you may also want to consider splitting up your leftovers into smaller, shallow containers. This is especially helpful for soups or large portions of protein like chicken or beef. One tidbit to keep in mind when refrigerating soups and other liquids is that if left uncovered in the fridge, they may release moisture that could cause the compressor (the mechanism that allows it to create a cool, bacteria-unfriendly environment for your food) to work extra hard.

Overall, a general rule of thumb is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. This sounds pretty simple but the lesson to take home is that leftovers (whether hot or cold) need to be reheated or refrigerated within two hours to prevent a garnish of bacteria that could potentially put you at greater risk of becoming sick.
Supreme Events
Foot Reflexology Course
November 1, 2013
Food-Forest Gardening for 1000 Years with Richard Walker ~ Free Presentation
November 1, 2013
Acu-Ohm Tuning Forks Level 1 ~ Accessing the Extraordinary Vessels
November 2, 2013
Ancient Celtic Wheel Workshop & Samhain Ceremony with Amantha Murphy from Ireland - only $55
November 2, 2013
Inflammation Control: This could save your life!
November 5, 2013
I Can Do It! 2013 - Pasadena
November 8, 2013
ABBAsolutely fABBAulous
November 8, 2013
The Gift. A 3-day Personal Transformation and Leadership Course. Investment of only $97!
November 8 - 10, 2013
The Joy of Feng Shui
November 13, 2013
EDMONTON Body Soul & Spirit EXPO 2013
November 15 - 17, 2013
Healing Touch International - Level One in the Okanagan
November 16 - 17, 2013
Reiki Level 2 Cerificate Course
November 16, 2013
Healing Attunements With The Masters Workshop ~ Hawaii
November 18, 2013
Tai Chi with Claudia
November 18, 2013
Angelic Healing Practitioner Training
January 10, 2014
Maximize your Fitness with Kasie
January 12, 2014
Sound Healing Practitioner Training
January 17, 2014
Nurture Yourself to Embrace Mid-Life Change - Luxury Hawaii Retreat
February 24, 2014
Vernon Body and Soul Wellness Fair - 10th Annual
March 1 - 2, 2014
2nd Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland with Maria Carr & Cindy Smith ~ 2014
March 8, 2014
Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course in Ireland
March 13, 2014
Spring Festival of Awareness
April 25, 2014
RAC Teacher Trainer course - 2014
May 24, 2014
Registered Reflexology Therapist Certificate Course - 2014 ( Registration Open)
May 29, 2014
Conscious Channelling Workshop with Allison Scott from South Africa ~ Okanagan
May 31 - 1, 2014
Wise Women's Festival 2014
September 19, 2014
Kelowna Wellness Fair
October 4 - 5, 2014
Basic and Diploma Counselling Hypnotherapy Program
A Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
Children's After School - Art and Yoga Classes
Adult & Children Pottery Classes
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Free Audio Affirmations with Debbie Ford
Goddess Wisdom Intensive- Awaken your Inner Goddess, 7 Week Program
Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course
Certified Holistic Health & SHIATSU Practitioner Diploma Program
Herbology I ~ by Dr. Terry Willard
Mayan Prophecies For Changing Times ~ with Dr Terry Willard
Distance Learning through Windsong School of Healing
~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes
*POP* The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
Indian Head Massage Course
Rejuvenating Face Massage Course
Okanagan Wellness Workshops with Dr. Troy
Guitar Circle ~ South Okanagan ~ Come Join us!
Penticton's Leggotts School of Rock and Roll - Join a Rock band!
Book Club
Lyndsay BlaisThe OK In Health's Book Club is managed by Lyndsay Blais, a passionate speaker, author and success coach.
Join in Lyndsay's weekly discussion on the book of the month. As an avid reader, Lyndsay looks forward to facilitating interesting conversations with you through the OK in Health Book Club! Would you like to join our New OK In Health's Book Club? Open to all OK In Health members.

Click here to join the book club.

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber

The original comprehensive guide to energetic healing with a new preface by the author and updated resources. * More than 125,000 copies sold. * Explores the actual science of etheric energies, replacing the Newtonian worldview with a new model based on Einstein's physics of energy. * Summarizes key points at the end of each chapter to help the serious student absorb and retain the wealth of information presented.

This combination of ancient wisdom and new science is the definitive introduction to health care for modern times. The standard reference book on energetic healing, Vibrational Medicine has gained widespread acceptance by individuals, schools, and health-care institutions nationwide as the textbook of choice for the study of alternative medicine. Trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gerber provides an encyclopedic treatment of energetic healing, covering subtle-energy fields, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation, and psychic healing. He explains current theories about how various energy therapies work and offers readers new insights into the physical and spiritual perspectives of health and disease.
Event Review
Event Review
OK in Health Members Review Panel offer their thoughts about a range of events from specialty movies to concerts, workshops, keynote speakers, health fairs, festivals and community events.
We sponsor community events that have value for our members.

Ancient Celtic Wheel Workshop & Samhain Ceremony with Amantha Murphy from Ireland - only $55 early-bird now on!

Learn about the Ancient Celtic Wheel, The Way of the Seabhean, Ancient Irish Shamanism, With Stories and Myths Of Eiru
and a new Moon Samhain Celtic Ceremony AT DUSK

wHAT IS: Ancient Celtic Wheel
Traditionally called the ‘Wheel of the Sun‘, the Celtic 8-fold Wheel takes us through the turning of the year on specific points that have been celebrated on the land of Ireland from time immemorial. The Wheel allows us to become aware and integrate with the subtle changes happening within the earth. Each point upon the Wheel has its own focus and expression and is celebrated with fire and festival.

The four main points upon the Wheel are:

SAMHAIN – 31st October to 1st November; Day of the ancestors, honouring the darkness and time of rest. Seeds lying dormant. 31st October belongs to the ancestors and traditionally the 30th October was the last day of the year with the 1st November being the first day of the new year.

Imbolc – 31st Jan to 1st February; A time of beginning, preparation for the seeds, the earth awakening.

Bealtaine – 30th April to 1st May; A time of seeding, fertility and celebration of life.

Lugnnasa/Lammas – 31st July to 1st August; A time of Harvest and gathering both grains and clans. Originally Tealta’s Day.

The lesser points are the Solstices, 21st June & 21st December and the Equinoxes – 21st March & 21st September.

In this one-day workshop we will follow the path of the wheel and the celebrations for each of the main points. We will also seek to understand how we can use this wheel to follow the path of our own growth and expression. Following the path of the Celtic Pilgrim.

What is Samhain?

Date: Nov 2, 2013
Saturday 1pm (One day only in BC)
Price: $55 Early bird or $60 at the door
Phone: 250 493 0106
Location: Penticton, BC Canada



~ The Power of Support ~ by Jay Fiset
What I learned is true for me is that my acceptance of support has been quite narrowly defined, on my terms, and often primarily only related to business, mechanics, and things that are important, yet still somewhat distant from ME. Support, like everything, has levels of understanding and application. My task is to...
12 Goddesses and Who They Are? by OK In Health's Articles
A lot has been written about Goddesses, who originate from many different cultures. It is said that by working with them we can enlighten and heal our own feminine wisdom, thus improving our spiritual intuition. Here's a few of the better known ones and their areas of "expertise" so that you can call on them should you wish to ....
Animal Connections by Sue Peters
Combining the human experience with the animal experience gives us the chance to realize our full potential as physical/spiritual beings. When we develop the animal skills and senses within us, we shift ourselves into another realm of consciousness.
Archangel Metatron Message by Cindy Smith
Archangel Metatron has asked to do the Message and Monthly Meditation in this eMagazine. I was recently working with a client whose Aura was heavy with unneeded energy. As Archangel Metatron was clearing energy for the client, I received the message to incorporate what A. Metatron does for me and clients in this eMagazine...
Cosmetics to Die For by Klaus Ferlow
The cosmetic industry is very poorly regulated. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD & C) Act does NOT require cosmetics or their ingredients to be approved before they are marketed and sold to consumers.
Creating Spiritual Sky Hooks! by Caroline Sutherland
We are all faced with challenges from time to time. This time happens to be our dark night of the soul. I like to think of “spiritual sky-hooks” or spiritual strategies that give us a leg up or inspiration when we seem to be spiraling out of control. We cannot control life, but we can control how we react to it. This is a time to keep your focus, keep your personal sense of integrity and balance as the process of life unfolds. Here are some of the elements that can help you at this time....
Emotions and the Immune System by Caroline Sutherland
It is now well known that the status of the immune system is affected by the emotions. Cancer, lupus, arthritis, MS, Aids, and Alzheimer’s disease are all serious illnesses and are affected by a weakened immune system. Dr. Candace Pert’s powerful scientific research regarding the immune system and its link to emotions is documented in her fascinating...
Fibromyalgia - A Natural Approach by Jennifer Strong
While many suffer with fibromyalgia, there are effective natural approaches to treatment. Learn what you can do for yourself through diet adjustments, body therapies, exercise and meditation, and how professionally prescribed herbal medicine and treatment can help you make life worth living again!...
Giving and Receiving by Pascale Lutz
How when you receive, you feel like giving and when you give, you always get back your what you put out, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your consideration for others, but in ways and from sources you would not expect! When we help others, we really are helping ourselves!....
Have You Found Your Second Wind? by Lyndsay Blais
Ever notice that when you first start something, exercise, house work, lessons, or anything you’d like to achieve; that early on it can feel like you don’t have enough energy to complete the task at hand? I’m currently training for a triathlon, and this week I found myself wondering, “When will I hit the level of athleticism where I won’t feel that initial drag and fatigue anymore? I thought exercising was supposed to give me energy!”
Homeopathy and Flu by Sara Fitzharris
Can illness ever be good for us? A strange question maybe, but the fact is that sometimes illness can have beneficial effects. It can be a way for the body to detox and regenerate.
Inka Medicine Wheel by Shirley Pretty
These Peruvian teachings guide one to reconnect to the Mother Earth through the use of the four directions. One works to master the path of the Shaman at a very deep level.
Iridology by Ean Langille
From birth, the iris holds a specific structure or divine blueprint of who you are. Iris markings and color changes also show up in the iris based on the amount of toxicity the body is exposed to, nutrient deficiencies, and physical/emotional stress; the iris is literally trying to communicate with you by being the external screen, which mirrors the internal physiological and emotional processes.
Learning the Value of Respect on Haida Gwaii by David Suzuki
I spent a week around July 1 in a cabin on one of Haida Gwaii’s remote islands. I was there to celebrate a birthday – not Canada’s, but my grandson’s second. And what a blessed time it was, hanging out with him without the distractions of email, phone calls, or television. When I got involved with First Nations communities in remote areas, one of the first lessons I learned was...
Movember is Prostate Health Awareness by OK In Health's Articles
Prostate cancer is the most pervasive form of cancer in Canadian men. The disease occurs when normal cells in the prostate lose control of growth and division and being to multiply rapidly. Cancerous prostate cells are invasive, meaning they are able to spread to other areas in the body outside of the prostate. Not all prostate cancer grows quickly and many men will live with prostate cancer for a number of years without it having an impact on their lives or overall health.
Salmon Can’t Speak Up, But We Can by David Suzuki
The federal government knows how to help wild salmon. They’re just not doing it.
Standing Taller with Rolfing by Cindy Atkinson
Ida Rolf's extensive search for solutions to family health problems led her to examine many systems that studied the effect of structure on function, including Yoga, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic. She developed her system into a series of ten sessions known as Rolfing.
The Evolution of Our Gluten Free Diet by Cathy Lauer
A brief retelling of our journey through the fog of learning how to be healthy and make tasty meals and baking on a gluten free diet.
The Spay/Neuter Conundrum by Dr. Moira Drosdovech
Speaking of spays and neuters, we have different options for different breeds. Please take a moment to review this article that has the information for you to make the best choice for you and your dog.
Travel Sacred Turkey - Part Two by Agnes Toews Andrews
Konya, Cappadocia, Oskonak, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia - Turkey is more than a country of carpets, cosmopolitan cities and US inspired rock music...
Free Admission Events
Food-Forest Gardening for 1000 Years with Richard Walker ~ Free Presentation
November 1, 2013

Learn about Food-Forest Gardening techniques that produce better food with lower maintenance and cost.
Inflammation Control: This could save your life!
November 5, 2013

Chronic inflammation can be life threatening. Come learn from a pioneer in the field of inflammation control, how you can reduce it naturally.
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Every Monday - 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET - Everywhere

FREE Teleconference - Ask a Question - Each week, Internationally Recognized Medical Intuitive, Caroline discuss a topical health issue that affect us all. Then she opens up the phone lines, does some spot readings.
Free Audio Affirmations with Debbie Ford
On-going - Internet

Are you feeding yourself with the thoughts, ideas, and words that will add to your self-love? Listen now to one of the self-esteem boosting affirmations below.
MEEPLE: A monthly evening of board game play
November 14, 2013

Streaming Cafe is excited to offer MEEPLE: More than Monopoly! Small World, Dominion, D&D, Ticket to Ride, Goblet, Pandemic, Puerto Rico, Eclipse and more!
Buddhist Discourse and Meditation
Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 - Kelowna

Buddhist Meditation and Discourse Thursday evenings at Heartwood Buddhist Meditation Centre. 7-8:30pm #3 2979 S. Pandosy St. By Donation
Concerned about your Diabetes? - Terrace
Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 - 2:45 - Terrace

FREE Diabetes information event - Different subject every week. Limited seating. Please RSVP and mention OK In Health as your referral.
Course in Miracles ~ Monday Meetings
Every Monday at 7:00 pm - Kelowna

Study the Course in Miracles with old and new students. Weekly reading from the Text, break, and discussions on individual practice experience. No fee
Do You Suffer from Anxiety?
Every Wednesday 11am to 12 - Penticton

Join us for a relaxation workshop at the Penticton Wellness Centre.
Free Course - Families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm - - Kelowna

A FREE Course For families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsion.
Goddess Circle
ongoing: Second Tuesday of each month 7 pm - Lake Country

Women's sharing circle. Connect with other heart centered women on thier spiritual journey. All are welcome. No charge, no experience needed. 7 pm on the Second Tuesday of each month.
Guided Hiking - Free
10am - Kelowna

Mt. Baldy (Dilworth) Rifle Rd. Join our walking instructors as they guide you on the path to physical health and well being. Meet new friends, and get fit at the same time! Please arrive on time
Kelowna Conscious Cocktails
Every 2nd Thursday of the Month. 6 - 9 pm - Kelowna

Connect. Converse. Conspire. Create. Come out and create community with others of "light" mind. No agenda other than to be true Self and share in a safe space. You are never alone! $2 Toonie donation at the door.
Kelowna Gifts to Grandmothers
Every Thursday morning 9:30 a.m. - Kelowna

Dedicated volunteers assist vulnerable women & children in Africa along with grandmothers who are raising orphaned grandchildren due to the HIV/Aids pandemic
Meditation Support Group
Each Wednesday 7-8:30 pm - Kelowna

We meet to support each other in tranquility meditation and sit for 45 minutes. Both beginners and experienced welcome.
Penticton Green Drinks
1st Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Barley Mill - Penticton

People who take sustainability seriously in the South Okanagan now have an opportunity to meet up on the first Thursday of every month at an informal session known internationally as Green Drinks.
Personal Insights
On going - Lake Country

Spiritual Growth Support Group- Come out on the third Thursday of each month. Sharing and discussion of various spiritual topics, books etc. Ongoing.
Retreats & Weekend Away
Healing Attunements With The Masters Workshop ~ Hawaii
November 18, 2013

Explore the beautiful island & includes the 2 Day workshop, a Sacred Ceremony to activate your Ancient Lemurian Codes
A Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
You pick the weekend! - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Get all the girls together and spend an unforgettable, fun and relaxing weekend at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre.
Clare Island Yoga Retreat
On-Going - Co Mayo

Join us for a special retreat and go home feeling refreshed, revived and recovered.
Dolphin Spirit Gate Retreat
On Going - Co Kerry

Lois Dolphin Spirit Gate Retreat center on Inch Beach, Co Kerry - Four Celtic Fire Festivals
Drumming for Kids ~ Summer programs
July and August - Kelowna

Looking for an exciting summer program with activity for kids. Experience various percussion instruments of the world. (Bongo, Conga,Timbales, Doumbek, Djembe, Surdo, etc.)
Sober but Stuck?
On-going - Kelowna

Have you been clean & sober for quite a while yet find yourself: Unhappy, discontented, or having difficulties? Treat yourself to an individualized renewal retreat! One, two or three weeks.
Writer’s and Artist’s Irish Retreat
On-going - Co. Cork

Anam Cara Retreat - A tranquil spot that provides sanctuary for novice as well as experienced people working in the creative arts
Festivals & Fairs
EDMONTON Body Soul & Spirit EXPO 2013
November 15, 2013

Explore - Experience - Enlighten - Evolve! Check out Cindy Smith booth and many more...
Kamloops Woman's Fair
November 10, 2013

A one day trade show, just for women. Full of products and services from local businesses and women entrepreneurs, it will definitely please the needs of us women.
Vernon's Mosaic Market
Every Saturday 9am to 12pm - Vernon

We have a variety of vendors with locally grown/made products at Westshore Estates Community Park
Fitness Classes
Tai Chi with Claudia
November 18, 2013

For Physio rehab and people that have pain that limits their mobility there is late morning Tai Chi at Purple Lotus Yoga.
*POP* The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
On - Going - Kelowna

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO: look forward to your exercise class?, feel energized, pumped, sweaty AND happy from your workout? and release weight and have fun doing it? Join our 6 week program to-day!
~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes
On-Going - Kelowna, BC

MotionWorks Fitness is a health and wellness lifestyle studio dedicated to safe and meaningful exercise methods. Join Patti Tennessy Nia Technique Black Belt, Yoga-Fit, Pilates, and more classes.
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
On Going - Kelowna, B.C., Canada

NIA 5 STAGES: Learning Nia 5 Stages Technique gives you a movement elixir for increasing body awareness and ageing with grace. Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking
Nia Classes - Penticton
Tuesday 10:30am, Thursday 9:00am , Monday's 7:00pm , Wednesday 6:00pm, - Penticton

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.Please phone to check times.
Aqua Prenatal
Friday afternoons - 2 pm - Vernon

Gentle postnatal exercises gradually help the new mother to regain physical strength, tone their muscles, enjoy deep relaxation and develop close bonds with their baby.
February Freeze up Run/Walk
11.30 for regisration - Peachland

5 km Run and Walk - Fairly flat route along Beach Avenue and the foreshore of Okanagan Lake. A very scenic route. $20
Feldenkrais Works...... - Nelson
Thurs.'s 5:15-6:15 p.m., Fri.'s 12-1 p.m. - Nelson

Better balance, posture, flexibility, less pain.....
Friday's Dance Nights
On-Going ~ Every other Friday - Kelowna

Join us for a great night of dancing. Big band, Latin, swing, country, Ballroom and yes disco. We will dance to them all. Everyone is invited beginners - pro, we are goig to have fun.
Good Morning with Dru Yoga!
Saturdays from 9 - 10:00 am - Penticton

Activations, body preps, energy block release sequences, yogic postures and breath work with a final restorative relaxation to start your day!
Kelowna Nature Hikes
Wednesdays and Weekends - Kelowna

Bring a lunch. For general information call Rick Gee 250-763-0124
Nia Classes - Vancouver
Tuesday 6:00pm or Sunday 11:00am - Vancouver

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Kamloops
Mondays 6:30pm - Kamloops

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Spokane
Mon. or Wed. 5:30pm or Tuesday or Thursday at 9am - Spokane

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music.
Noon Hour Yoga Classes
Wednesday at 12 - Kelowna

A one hour class open to all levels of students. All levels of students are welcome. Modifications will be given when necessary.
Salsa Thursdays
8pm to 10:00pm - Kelowna

Singles, Couples, All levels and ages-30 minute lesson with dance to follow - Great exercise for body and mind, meet new people, ongoing event since 2007.
Scottish Country Dancing
Wednesday or Thursdays nights at 7.30pm - Kelowna

No experience necessary and no partners needed! Come and enjoy the camaraderie and get fun exercise too!
Sound Bath ~ Tibetan & Crystal Bowls in the Water
3rd Thursday of the month - Vernon

Conic healing session while floating in the warm salt waters with quartz crystal singing bowls live, Tibetan bowls etc. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation.
SOYA Yoga Teacher Training
On-Going - Penticton

Offers RYT 200, 300 & 500 Hour Extended Programs. Become a certified & registered Yoga Teacher at International standards! Find out for yourself why people love our SOYA Yoga Teacher Training program!
UBC Run/Walk group meeting
Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Kalamalka Residences Wellness Centre. - Kelowna

Students, staff, public, and faculty are welcome. Great opportunity to get or stay fit while exploring the hiking trails around campus and meet new people. All levels welcome. Free
Watsu & Tibetan Bowl
On-going - Vernon

Join with Audrey Meuse and cCome experience the perfect mix, a Watsu and the sound vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls. Restorative Calm.
Woga ~ Gentle Water Yoga
Tuesday, Thursday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm - Vernon

Gentle Yoga is great for people new to yoga and for those hoping to strengthen and stretch muscles and ease joint pain. End with a floating heart meditation.
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Michael O'ConnorTake time in your busy week to reflect on your inner rhythms of yourself and your life. OK In Health's Soular Rhythms column managed by Michael O'Connor.
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November 1, 2013

Tip of the Week:

This week’s New Moon in Scorpio on November 3rd at 5:49 am PST is a Solar Eclipse. Specifically this eclipse is a Hybrid Eclipse which is quite rare and means that due to the Sun’s angle in relation to the Earth, it will appear Total to some and Annular in other areas. The best place to be to see it will be in the South Atlantic and Caribbean and spanning from the South East Coast of North America including the North East of Mexico and spanning to South Western Europe and North Western Africa. Astrologically, this eclipse generally implies both a heightened and deepened realization of the need for spiritual healing. The main advantage to achieve this will come from the desire and actual ability to see through and beyond the limitations of materialism. The materialistic philosophy asserts that life emerged from matter or that biology emerged from chemistry and physics randomly. Although this cannot be actually proven in any conclusive way, th...
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Maria CarrMaria Carr – Publisher/Founder: Our message board is for sharing comments and ideas about recent events, courses, treatments, health concerns, about our website or services.
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I appreciate all the work you do for the OK in Health resource, it’s often a go to for me. Karen, Kelowna, BC

Your new website looks very professional and eye catching, fabulous job!! Best regards, Klaus Ferlow from Vancouver

I like my new OK In Health business listing very much. You made every detail come together easily. Thank you, Maria, for the terrific work you do with, in and for our communities. Wendy Binggeli - Cloud 9 Coaching

Thank you, I just love reading and checking out your OK In Health magazine and appreciate it too. Jamie Evans from Lavington, bc

The OK In Health E-Magazine provides a valuable introduction and reminder to its readers of health facilitator's over a wide area of geography and skills. from John Sennett from Oliver, BC

Hello OK In health,
I just want to say I find your eMagazine an unique gathering place for like-minded people who are interested in health and wellness, personal growth, spirituality, creative expression, sustainable living, and arts & culture. OK In Health has created and inspired community connections. I enjoy checking out the upcoming events and workshops as well as the monthly articles. Best of all i just saw that we can also advertise our business and events for free or for a small fee for promotional package. Your eMagazine is very inviting and informative.
Lily S, Kelowna, BC

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OK In Health's Wellness Tips!

Black cumin seed oil
The subject of numerous scientific studies and clinical trials, including its beneficial impact on the immune system, black cumin seed oil's antioxidant levels are among the very highest of all plant oils.


Coconut Oil

Nature's richest source of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, coconut oil can help improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, protect against infectious illnesses and degenerative conditions and provide an immediate source of energy.


Flax seed oil
One of the richest sources of Omega-3 EFAs in the plant kingdom, more than half the fat in flax seeds is alphalinolenic fatty acid (ALA), the essential Omega-3 fatty acid. Scientific studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for proper infant growth and development, reduction of cholesterol, brain and skin health, and protection against coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, auto-immune and inflammatory and disorders and cancer.


Pumpkin Seed Oil
A great source of Omega-6 and Omega-9 EFAs and favorable plant sterols, pumpkin seed oil offers many health benefits including cholesterol regulation, prostate maintenance, bladder control, hormone balance and reproductive health.


No equipment needed...just you
Higher intensity workouts that include bodyweight movements, skipping, jumping, crawling are a phenomenal way to increase cardiovascular conditioning, reduce fat and get rid of the boredom. You do not need any equipment to get an amazing workout! Your body can be your greatest tool! A mix like pushups, squats, bear crawls, lunges, burpees will rev up the heart rate without taking up much space. No space, no equipment needed...just you!


Strength Training
Women need to incorporate strength training as much as possible. The ability to stay strong for sport and daily tasks helps with injury prevention and ease of life as we age! Females need to avoid thinking that they will get big and bulky! It will not happen! Do not be afraid to train for strength & power! Also, the more lean muscle tissue you have, the more fat you will lose! To lean out, increase your strength! With proper instruction, moves like deadlifts, squats, lunges, pullups should be your best friends!


Eye Protection During Sports
Do you participate in sports that involve a moving ball, swinging stick, or physical contact? These include sports like hockey, tennis, racquetball or baseball. According to the International Federation of Sports Medicine, the use of protective gear significantly reduces eye injuries in sports. Be safe, not sorry. Buy and use sport appropriate goggles or a facemask. Make eye protection a priority while you play.


Exercising in Cold Weather
Dressing in layers helps your body hold its heat and prevents the retention of perspiration on your skin. Try these tips to get the most out of the layering: 1. Wear a thin layer of synthetic microfibers such as polypropylene closest to your skin. Synthetics tend to wick sweat away; 2. The next layer is for insulation. A front zipper will allow easy release of extra heat and perspiration; and 3. The top layer should be windproof and waterproof. In extremely cold weather, an extra layer of microfibers or goose down inside the shell traps even more heat.


Dressing for Outdoor Winter Exercise
Dress appropriately and comfortably for cold weather exercise. Multiple layers will initially keep you warm and you can easily remove them, one at a time, as your body heats up. Likewise, a hat prevents substantial heat loss through the head and can also be easily removed.

New Updates:
OK In Health is hosting some up coming events such

·  Healing Touch International - Level One - November 16 & 17
·  2nd Annual Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland with Maria Carr & Cindy Smith - March 2014. 
·  RAC Reflexology Foot Course   May 29, 30, 31 and June 1st;  and June 4th - (10max)
   Celtic Holiday & Traditional Irish Music Ireland Tour with Maria Carr & Mickela Cunningham - Sept 2014
Contact us if  interested. For many more events from our OK In Health members - see main event page.

Special Announcement:

This month
, OK In Health eMagazine invites you to join us on our 2nd annual Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland with myself and AEP facilitator/Angel guide Cindy Smith. This tour is expected to fill up quickly, so if interested please book early. Only 10 places left! Everyone welcome.

“I would highly recommend this Celtic Angel tour & the people who organized it were amazing. The people on the trip are now family and it was so hard to leave. I so want to go on another one! A big thank you to Cindy and Maria and everyone who assisted us along the way. I especially liked the sheep, handing candy to the kids in the St. Patrick’s day parade, the scenery and views, Maria’s family and the bus driver was so informative and friendly. I give this tour 10 out of 10” - Theresa

"From the moment of landing until your last day your trip will be a remarkable adventure . Whether you are a seasoned traveler who usually makes all their own arrangements or a beginning world explorer you will appreciate the care and detailed arrangements that Maria makes in preparation for the trip and during your days of travel. There is so much to see in Ireland and Maria manages to squeeze in an amazing variety of engaging experiences: historic sites, sacred circles, breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, shops, galleries, museums, pubs! Places to linger all day or evening. Food of course is important. While on the road Maria finds interesting stops for delicious and always too plentiful amounts of food. Evening group dinners will be a highlight. It is a jam packed trip. With Maria's sense of humour even
the road touring experience in the green Paddy bus is a delightful experience. Bring your wellies!" Dawn

"On our recent tour to Ireland, I was very appreciative of Maria's knowledge of the area and Cindy as an amazing teacher. We had so much fun".

 “What can I say except everything was way beyond my expectations” - Carol



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