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Publisher's Message ~ July 2015 Issue

reetings OK In Health members,
June had to be the most amazing month as OK In Health hosted a range of fabulous and inspiring events
and there are still some more events to happen.

In June OK In Health hosted the Okanagan Sacred Energy Festival with over 29 people from all over Canada and US attending. The 10 days included an Expo, 3 day Celtic Vibrational Land Healing Course and day tours to sacred sites in the Okanagan.

Mother Earth connects with Penticton - On Thursday June 18th we just did a land clearing/healing at my house in the afternoon with 24 people from the Jane Donald and Maria Carr's 3 day Celtic Vibrational Land Healing Course. This was part of their course to do a land clearing/healing at end. We finished the land healing at 4:44pm and one minute later as we stood in circle we had a 2.5 mg earthquake, only 1 KM straight up behind my house that shook the whole town of Penticton and was felt as far as Summerland – There was a large bang and the ground shook below us. It felt like Mother Earth was shifting the land back in balance. It is all over the news here - absolutely amazing eh!

Next Ireland's Jane Donald and Maria O'Farrell Carr are teaching the Celtic Vibrational Land Healing Course in Calgary July 4th and Tacoma July 11th. This one day workshop introduces you to the Celtic Vibrations, your Fairy Team and the elementals, land clearing, sacred sites, meet your power animal and power guides and how to heal the land and heal Lightworkers symptoms. - More details...


The Okanagan Angels and Fairies Expo was held on June 13 & 14. OK In Health hosted the 2nd annual Expo and we had a fantastic turn out both days.
A huge big thanks to everyone who came out to share the energy of the Angels and Fairies with us. We were so delighted to see so many wonderful people there. Big thanks to all the readers, healers, practitioners and vendors. Thanks you to all our amazing inspiring speakers - what a treat to hear them all. Huge big hugs and thanks to all our team of people that help us run the expo.... to Judy, Eleanor, Diane and Elaine, to Rayah, Gord and Liam, to Monica, Perry, Bernice, to the talented Classic Guitar player Evan Robillard, Jane, Jan and Greg, Candance and a big standing ovation of gratitude to our Brilliant MC Dylan Smeaton who kept the whole weekend running so beautiful. Hope i didn't miss anyone. Big thanks to everyone without you this weekend would not of been such a magical event. 

Hello, everyone I’m Sandra Dequier I just want to let you all know that I’m having a blast at this event, I’m learning a lot, something that I was always intrigue by and now I’m learning… Thanks to Maria O'Farrell Carr for putting this event together 

Kudo's and much loving appreciation to Maria O'Farrell Carr of Okinhealth Ezinfor creating a magnificent event with the Angels and Fairies Event at Shatford this past weekend. I am still glowing from the friendship and inspiration. Thank you also to the presenters, folks with booths and the army of volunteers that helped to make it happen. In a word: excellent.

Bonita Kay Summers
Kudos to Maria, Bernice, and everyone else involved in putting this event together. I had a wonderful time meeting so many new folks, clients and fellow vendors, in a fun and inviting space. Looking forward to next year.

Cherylann Thomas
Maria, thank you so much for the wonderful event you coordinated this weekend! I was thrilled to not only be able to share my craft with your customers and vendors, but to meet so many like-minded new friends!


OK In Health hosted the Okanagan's Largest Summer Solstice in Penticton on June 21st and it was truly the largest solstice event I have ever attend. Thank you to everyone for joining us as ONE, for the Solstice. When we started at 3:33 and there was 133 people and this expanded to about 150. I believe we had the largest Summer Solstice the Okanagan has ever seen! What a day! There were people from South, Central and North Okanagan, Vancouver, Van Island, from across BC, AB, SK + WA, USA and from Ireland. Nearly 2,000 people have watched the video done by Rita Montgomery on Facebook. The energy and fun was magical. Thank you everyone for creating a joy-filled event. 

Cara Leanne Garnett - Wonderful experience yesterday- thank you.

Avichi van Campen  - Lovely community gathering celebrating solstice and the beautiful powerful land we live in. Thanks for organizing Maria, and for all who attended.

Pepper Anne - Thank you to all who formed our circle of celebrating the Summer Solstice ! Truly feel beloved and blessed to be with you all !

Marilyn Colquhoun - Amazing numbers turned out!  Nice to see this in Penticton.

Jennifer Innes - Thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Rita Montgomery - Well done, excellent event. Your hard work at organizing this huge gathering played out perfectly. Great job Maria O'Farrell Carr a huge success in gathering our community into ever bigger circles. Thank you
1,840 have looked at that little clip of the Okanagan Summer Solstice 2015. Gotta love it.

Daniela Lojková - Thank You! Amazing! Now I really know why we love so much Penticton!

Cindy Smith - Wow it is wonderful to see all the beautiful energy gathering together. Terrific way to honor the summer solstice. wish I could have been there.

Nicole Parsons - This warms my Heart so much, what a wonderful turn out! Way to go Maria O'Farrell Carr for organizing this. You are blessed with a Divine Gift Thank you for sharing


Meet Medium James Van Praagh 

Next we are hosting Medium James Van Praagh to Penticton on November 7th. For our members we have a special early bird media release so you have a limited time until June 29th to buy tickets closer to stage with a 10% discount price. Click Here


Summer and Fall Workshop and Events

Do you have an event coming up this year?
Now is the time to post upcoming workshops and events on the OK In Health eMagazine. Post events as early as possible for best results and it is still the same low cost of only $7:50 per posting. Your event goes on a full web page on our website, highlighted in our monthly eMagazines and on our social media pages. This is a wonderful way to connect with your community and share your events!.
We also have our wellness practitioners directory! $75 yearly listing with a full web page on our website, 12 highlights in our monthly eMagazines and 12 eblasts on our social media pages through out the year.
 Add a listing!

Are You Ready to Plan for Your Holidays? 
Come join Maria and Ok In Health members on a trip of a lifetime.
Here are some ideas for some amazing adventures. 

Sep 14-29, 2015 - Magical Holiday Ireland Tour (Maria Carr & Nancy Rebecca)
Nov 7th, 2015 - Medium James Van Praagh - Penticton
Jan 8-22, 2016 - Cuba Holiday Tour (Maria Carr & Cindy Smith) 
Mar 9-25, 2016 - Celtic Angels Ireland Tour (Maria Carr & Cindy Smith) 
Sep 4-12, 2016 - Kryon Ireland Tour (Maria Carr & Lee Carroll)
Sep 20-29, 2016 - Sacred Circle Dance Ireland Tour (Maria Carr & Argentina Dancer Pablo Scornik)
Opt: 4 day Celtic Shamanic Vibrations Course following Ireland Tours (Maria Carr & Jane Donald)

More workshop & events: 

See our event directory for locations, details and event information. You will also find a wide range of local events &  workshops posted by our OK In Health members.
Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and social media pages and our monthly eMagazine for more updates of our special events. 

We invite you to visit our community event directory for more workshops and event information.

Check out our community 
Wellness directory for local wellness practitioners and our new articles below. 

Please take a moment to read this month's eMagazine below and see what inspires YOU!

From Maria O'Farrell Carr and the OK In Health Team


Shannon BlissRecipe Host Manager - Shannon Bliss, manages the recipe Section. CNP, ROHP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Live Cell Microscopist, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Specialist. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with our members?
Click on the add a recipe link on our recipe page.

Basil Tomato Cream Cheese Frittata

Frittata is the Italian word for omelette. Frittatas are prepared differently than omelettes, usually started on the stovetop and finished under the broiler. The result is an egg dish that is firm, and nicely brown on the top and edges. Frittatas require an ovenproof skillet for preparation, but no other special equipment. These are great dishes to highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients or a perfect way to utilize leftovers. Frittatas are perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Once cooked, they can be served hot, or cooled and served at room temperature. This flat omelette style dish will serve 4 to 6 people easily, often many more, as a frittata can have a dozen eggs or more in the dish along with fillers such as cheese, meat, and vegetables.

Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Healthy Guacamole

It's perfect for a potluck party because you make the components ahead of time or then bring your pastry bag to the event to stuff the tomatoes. Tomatoes are the best when they are in season from July through September. The carotenoid found in tomatoes (and everything made from them) has been extensively studied for its antioxidant and cancer-preventing properties. The antioxidant function of lycopene-its ability to help protect cells and other structures in the body from oxygen damage-has been linked in human research to the protection of DNA (our genetic material) inside of white blood cells. Prevention of heart disease has been shown to be another antioxidant role played by lycopene. Lycopene has been shown to help protect not only against prostate, but breast, pancreatic and intestinal cancers, especially when consumed with fat-rich foods, such as avocado, olive oil or nuts. (This is because carotenoids are fat-soluble, meaning they are absorbed into the body along with fats). So this recipes makes a great team.

Pineapple Pecan Muffins

Gluten-free Muffins. These were a pleasant surprise as they have only honey as a sweetener. They do brown quickly but don’t be fooled. Allow them to bake for their full time. Pineapple is one of those foods that is heaven to eat. A good, juicy ripe pineapple can satisfy a sweet craving as well as any chocolate bar. In addition to being a delicious food, there are many health benefits of pineapple. Pineapple is Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. The obvious benefits of pineapple are all the vitamins and minerals the fruit is loaded with. Its nutrients include calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. In addition it is low in fat and cholesterol.

Wellness Directory
Acutonics & Sound Therapy - 250-499-2075
Avichi's Rachijpah Healings - 250-328-9807
Awaken The Beauty Coaching - +33648492159
Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton - 250-460-1693
Believe - with Laurie Bartley - 250 469-2209
Blossoming Mother Counselling - 250-485-8606
Body-Wize with Ross Short CHP - 250 717 3553
Carly Penfold, Certified Shiatsu & Reiki Practitioner, Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader - 250-870-8183
Celtic Wisdom Keeper, Healer and Intuitive Readings with Maria O'Farrell Carr, AEP - 250 493 0106
Certified CranialSacral Therapy ~ 'Nurture' ~ Pam Tilitzky - 2504886796
Cloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli - 250-490-6055
CranioSacral Therapy & Rhythmic Reflexology with Judy Lamb-Richardson - 250-359-7052
Daydream Esthetics Studio - 250-490-1233
Dr. Alex Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Natalie Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
El Colibri: Pathways of Love and Light - 250-492-5007
Empower Plus - QSciences - 2502992851
Heidi Reid's BodyTalk Clinic - 778 212 1777
InnerZen Hypnosis with Bob Kittle - 250 488-2723
Intuitive Reiki Counsellor - Naomi Miller - 250 801 8796
Judy Holt ~ Shaklee Wellness - 778-363-4003
Kveta's Natural Healing Centre - 250-866-5677
Locals Supporting Locals - Calendar - 250-770-9789
Loving Hands Bodywork - 530 628 7151
Nancy Serwo & Associates - 250 826 8234
Okanagan Medium - 1 250 547 2262
Okanagan Thought-Field Therapy - 778-931-1095
Penticton Integrative HealthCare - 250-328-3811
Penticton's Whole Foods Market - Health Store & Cafe - 250-493-2855
Resonance Repatterning® sessions with Kimberly Rex, MS - 3607390162
SafeZone EMF Consulting - 7782143444
Shawanda Rocks, Crystal & Gems, Holistic Wellness Center - 250-860-1779
Sheila Stephenson – Penticton Health Practitioner - 250-493-3768
Soul Sistah Activations with Trish Zierler - 250 276-4844
Survivorship Dragon Boat Team - 250-490-4045
Whispering Energetic Healing - 778-514-0029
Questions & Answers
Cindy AtkinsonYou Ask – We Answer! . . . your road map to health & wellness.
HAVE A QUESTION? LET US HELP! - We are here to help you with any of your health-related questions – nothing’s too big or too small! Our professional expert panel will do our best to provide you with information, suggestions, and resources.
The Q and A column is managed by Cindy Atkinson, BA Science in Genetics & Cell Biology.
Click here to ask a question on our Q & A page.


What does a pendulum look like? A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. It is any object with a point on one side that can be hung from a string or a chain so the point is facing the floor. Examples of pendulums are a crystal, a wooden ball, a cross, a needle, even a nail on a string. My favourite is a wooden pendulum on a string made of a Yew tree.


1) Before you work with a pendulum it must be programmed like a computer.
2) Hold the object of your choice on a 2-3 inch chain/string etc in front of you.
3) Say mentally or out loud, “Pendulum, when I ask you a question and the answer is ‘YES’ I want you to swing clockwise and then you ask the pendulum to swing clockwise.
4) When I ask you a question and the answer is ‘NO’ I want you to swing counter-clockwise and this time ask it to swing counter-clockwise. For some people a ‘No’ will swing side to side.
Always stop the pendulum before asking a new question.
Ask your question.

Supreme Events
Ancient Celtic Vibrational Workshop with Ireland's Jane Donald (VERNON)
June 27, 2015
Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Certification Course
June 27, 2015
Ancient Celtic Vibrational Workshop with Ireland's Jane Donald & Maria O'Farrell Carr (Calgary)
July 4, 2015
Healthy Solutions To Feel Better Living with Chronic Pain
July 5, 2015
Raynor Naturopathic Massage - 5 Day course or 10 Day Diploma (Saskatoon)
July 6, 2015
Ancient Celtic Vibrational Workshop with Ireland's Jane Donald & Maria O'Farrell Carr (Tacoma)
July 11, 2015
Holistic Market Okanagan
July 19 - 13, 2015
Monster Energy Center of Gravity
July 24, 2015
EFT for Pain and Practitioner Level 1 Course
July 31, 2015
Raynor Naturopathic Massage - 5 Day Certificate (Kelowna)
August 10 - 7, 2015
Rapid Restriction Release Techniques - 2 day courses or on-line course
August 29 - 28, 2015
Raynor Naturopathic Massage - 5 Day course or 10 Day Diploma (Edmonton, AB)
September 14, 2015
2nd The Magical Tour to Ireland with Maria O’Farrell Carr & Nancy Rebecca (September 2015)
September 15, 2015
"The Language of the Feet - The Next Step" with Chris Stormer
September 19, 2015
Plum Blossom Divination Plum Blossom Divination With FSRC Dr. Ying Li and Master Eduardo Hess
September 26 - 28, 2015
Professional Yijing Divination With FSRC Master Eduardo Hess and Dr. Ying Li
September 29 - 1, 2015
Qi Men Dun Jia - Level II With FSRC Master Eduardo Hess and Dr. Ying Li
October 3 - 7, 2015
Raynor Naturopathic Massage - 5 Day Certificate (Vancouver)
October 12, 2015
James Van Praagh: An Evening of Spirit in Penticton (Discount Tickets)
November 7, 2015
Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course in Northern Ireland (Bangor)
March 5, 2016
4th Celtic Angels Sacred Tour to Ireland with Maria O'Farrell Carr & Cindy Smith (March)
March 9, 2016
Ancient Celtic Vibrations & Sacred Land Healings ( Cork )
March 10, 2016
Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course in Ireland ( Killarney )
March 12, 2016
KYRON Ireland Tour with LEE CARROLL & Maria O'Farrell Carr ( September 2016)
September 4, 2016
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society ~ Sunday Meetings
Counselling Hypnotherapy Program - Basic and Diploma
Distance Learning through Windsong School of Healing
Fit classes, Nia & Yoga ~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~
Gateway To Oasis Reiki School
Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
Goddess Wisdom Intensive- Awaken your Inner Goddess, 7 Week Program
Herbology I ~ by Dr. Terry Willard
Holistic Health & SHIATSU - Certified WindSong Practitioner Diploma Program
Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course
Kelowna Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Group
Mayan Prophecies For Changing Times ~ with Dr Terry Willard
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
Noontime Tai Chi with Claudia
Osteopathic Study for Chronic TMJ (Jaw) Pain
Penticton's Leggotts School of Rock and Roll - Join a Rock band!
Penticton's Guitar Circle ~ South Okanagan ~ Come Join us!
POP - The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
The Conscious Channelling Workshop - On-Line
Yoga Classes for People with MS
Book Club
Lyndsay BlaisThe OK In Health's Book Club is managed by Lyndsay Blais, a passionate speaker, author and success coach.
Join in Lyndsay's weekly discussion on the book of the month. As an avid reader, Lyndsay looks forward to facilitating interesting conversations with you through the OK in Health Book Club! Would you like to join our New OK In Health's Book Club? Open to all OK In Health members.

Click here to join the book club.

HEALING GRIEF by renowned medium James Van Praagh (Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven) says he has listened intensely for thousands of hours to "the subtle whispers between our earthly world and the finer etheric world of spirit." In writing this book on grieving, Van Praagh hopes to offer comfort and reassurance of eternal life, "so that you do not have to go through the rest of your days groping blindly in sorrow and pain," he explains. Yet Van Praagh also offers doses of his own hard-earned wisdom, keeping this guidebook firmly grounded in an earth-smart kind of reality.

Healing Grief is divided into four sections: The first part addresses "The Process," how humans cope with grief, including personal ruminations on the classic four stages. In part 2 Van Praagh speaks to "When Someone You Love Dies," offering specific essays on losing parents, grandparents, siblings, lovers, best friends. In part 3 he recognizes the numerous other losses that we grieve over--divorce, midlife crisis, losing a home or a job. In the final section Van Praagh speaks to reclaiming our lives, calling upon all that he believes of the after-life as well as listing specific rituals and activities that promote healing. Fans will appreciate his characteristically smooth writing style and the numerous fascinating anecdotes from his clients. --Gail HudsonAbout the author (1999)

Spiritual medium James Van Praagh, author of Talking To Heaven, is best known for his purported ability to provide a bridge between the living and the departed. A regular on NBC's The Other Side, Van Praagh discontinued his private appointments to make time for the lecture circuit, workshops, and television appearances, including Paranormal Borderline, The Maury Povich show, The View, The George and Alana Show and Unsolved Mysteries. He was also featured on the Voyage of Enlightment, a four-day spiritual cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico. Although based in West Hollywood, California, Van Praagh travels most of the year on personal appearances.
Event Review
Event Review
OK in Health Members Review Panel offer their thoughts about a range of events from specialty movies to concerts, workshops, keynote speakers, health fairs, festivals and community events.
We sponsor community events that have value for our members.

Write your event review Here
Send us an email
Boating with Pets by Dr. Moira Drosdovech
Because it’s summer time and that means a lot of us are out on lakes or on the sea, we should address the issues surrounding taking a pet with you on board your boat. Some of you might even be thinking about taking a longer term ocean cruise with your sailboat and your pet.
Cooling the Fires of Sibling Rivalry by Maggie Reigh
Sibling relationships offer children opportunities to grow and learn how to handle the world. Some squabbling is normal and natural and is a valuable learning opportunity for children.
Demystifying Gluten Free Flours by Cathy Lauer
Faced with the prospect of throwing out your wheat flour and baking using only gluten free flours can be a daunting task. Learn what’s available and how to choose a nutritious and successful new flour to do your baking with.
Feed Your Body Well by Laurie Bartley
Do yourself a favour: load your body with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Phytonutrients, Micronutrients, let alone FLAVOUR ! Simply build a garden salad. Be creative with colours and flavours.
Have you ever wondered how much impact stress has on our ability to learn? by Beverly Hunter
It has more than you realize! Stress is anything that causes our bodies to change or adapt - good or bad
Historical Settlement Patterns in Rural Ireland by Maria O'Farrell Carr
Ireland has been settled for almost 10,000 years with virtually every Townland in the country showing signs of a range of human impacts. As many as 120,000 Monuments are known and the range and number of these sites are growing on a daily basis due to ongoing public and private survey and research projects. There are virtually no empty spaces in our landscape from an Archaeological viewpoint.
Observe your Thoughts and Beliefs by Jane Donald
Allowing doors to open and transformation requires change. Start by flowing in a positive direction towards the love and light. Even if you think for sure you know what you want, let go of a prescribed outcome and trust that if you allow a positive flow towards love and light in your life even better outcomes can come about in miraculous ways for your highest good
The Art of Intuition by Monika Muranyi
While everyone has intuition, some of us are more aware and sensitive to it than others. However, just like a muscle in the body, the more we practice and use our intuition, the better we become at working with it. Your belief and intent are key to further develop your intuitive senses.
The Benefits of Blessing Your Food Has Been Scientifically Proven by Dylan Smeaton, CBP
Most of us have partaken in and/or seen someone say grace before a meal at some point in our lives. It’s a custom that is rich in history and is not bound to any one culture, region nor period in time. In fact, it’s probably even safe to say that saying some type of grace or thanks is a tradition that is present pretty much throughout the entire world in one type of fashion or another....
Why Spiritual and Emotional Growth is Dangerous by Patrick Hercus
Spiritual and emotional growth is a journey that has it's own challenges. To save time, money and suffering it's important to have the knowledge of what these are, how to avoid them and have what you want.
Free Admission Events
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Every Monday - 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET - Everywhere

FREE Teleconference - Ask a Question - Each week, Internationally Recognized Medical Intuitive, Caroline discuss a topical health issue that affect us all. Then she opens up the phone lines, does some spot readings.
Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society ~ Sunday Meetings
Every Sunday at 10.30am - 2965 South Main Street, BC , Penticton

Everyone is welcome. We invite you to come and celebrate the joy of life through body, mind and spirit. Each week we have a different meditation and speakers.
Osteopathic Study for Chronic TMJ (Jaw) Pain
September - November 2014 - Kelowna, BC

FREE OSTEOPATHIC TREATMENT... if you meet the criteria required for my osteopathic clinical research study on chronic TMJ dysfunction.
Buddhist Discourse and Meditation
Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 - Kelowna

Buddhist Meditation and Discourse Thursday evenings at Heartwood Buddhist Meditation Centre. 7-8:30pm #3 2979 S. Pandosy St. By Donation
Concerned about your Diabetes? - Terrace
Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 - 2:45 - Terrace

FREE Diabetes information event - Different subject every week. Limited seating. Please RSVP and mention OK In Health as your referral.
Do You Suffer from Anxiety?
Every Wednesday 11am to 12 - Penticton

Join us for a relaxation workshop at the Penticton Wellness Centre.
Free Course - Families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm - - Kelowna

A FREE Course For families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsion.
Goddess Circle
ongoing: Second Tuesday of each month 7 pm - Lake Country

Women's sharing circle. Connect with other heart centered women on thier spiritual journey. All are welcome. No charge, no experience needed. 7 pm on the Second Tuesday of each month.
Guided Hiking - Free
10am - Kelowna

Mt. Baldy (Dilworth) Rifle Rd. Join our walking instructors as they guide you on the path to physical health and well being. Meet new friends, and get fit at the same time! Please arrive on time
Kelowna Conscious Cocktails
Every 2nd Thursday of the Month. 6 - 9 pm - Kelowna

Connect. Converse. Conspire. Create. Come out and create community with others of "light" mind. No agenda other than to be true Self and share in a safe space. You are never alone! $2 Toonie donation at the door.
Kelowna Gifts to Grandmothers
Every Thursday morning 9:30 a.m. - Kelowna

Dedicated volunteers assist vulnerable women & children in Africa along with grandmothers who are raising orphaned grandchildren due to the HIV/Aids pandemic
Meditation Support Group
Each Wednesday 7-8:30 pm - Kelowna

We meet to support each other in tranquility meditation and sit for 45 minutes. Both beginners and experienced welcome.
Penticton Green Drinks
1st Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Barley Mill - Penticton

People who take sustainability seriously in the South Okanagan now have an opportunity to meet up on the first Thursday of every month at an informal session known internationally as Green Drinks.
Personal Insights
On going - Lake Country

Spiritual Growth Support Group- Come out on the third Thursday of each month. Sharing and discussion of various spiritual topics, books etc. Ongoing.
Retreats & Weekend Away
Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
You pick the weekend! - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Get all the girls together and spend an unforgettable, fun and relaxing weekend at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre.
Drumming for Kids ~ Summer programs
July and August - Kelowna

Looking for an exciting summer program with activity for kids. Experience various percussion instruments of the world. (Bongo, Conga,Timbales, Doumbek, Djembe, Surdo, etc.)
Sober but Stuck?
On-going - Kelowna

Have you been clean & sober for quite a while yet find yourself: Unhappy, discontented, or having difficulties? Treat yourself to an individualized renewal retreat! One, two or three weeks.
Festivals & Fairs
Holistic Market Okanagan
July 19, 2015

The Holistic Market brings together healing arts practitioners, artists, holistic vendors & speakers in Kelowna every month. Market dates are Sundays 11-4 on: May 24, June 21, July 19, Aug 23 and Sept 13...
Monster Energy Center of Gravity
July 24, 2015

The Okanagan’s biggest adrenaline-fueled sports and music festival is back for its 8th year! Monster Energy Center of Gravity will return to Kelowna’s City Park, July 24 – 26, 2015.
Vernon's Mosaic Market
Every Saturday 9am to 12pm - Vernon

We have a variety of vendors with locally grown/made products at Westshore Estates Community Park
Fitness Classes
Fit classes, Nia & Yoga ~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~
On-Going - Kelowna, BC

MotionWorks Fitness is a health and wellness lifestyle studio dedicated to safe and meaningful exercise methods. Join Patti Tennessy Nia Technique Black Belt, Yoga-Fit, Pilates, and more classes.
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
On Going - Kelowna, B.C., Canada

NIA 5 STAGES: Learning Nia 5 Stages Technique gives you a movement elixir for increasing body awareness and ageing with grace. Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking
Noontime Tai Chi with Claudia
.Monday to Friday 12:10-12:50 - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Tai Chi in action generates energy flow and releases blockages there by doing Tai Chi results in overall balance. I guide a 21 movement sequence that suits novice, seniors, children, patients recovering from mobility and pain - everyone welcome.
POP - The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
On - Going - Kelowna

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO: look forward to your exercise class?, feel energized, pumped, sweaty AND happy from your workout? and release weight and have fun doing it? Join our 6 week program to-day!
Yoga Classes for People with MS
Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. - Vernon, BC

The Okanagan Vernon Chapter of the MS Society holds weekly yoga classes for people with MS. For more information, please call Sherry
Aqua Prenatal
Friday afternoons - 2 pm - Kamloops

Gentle postnatal exercises gradually help the new mother to regain physical strength, tone their muscles, enjoy deep relaxation and develop close bonds with their baby.
February Freeze up Run/Walk
11.30 for regisration - Peachland

5 km Run and Walk - Fairly flat route along Beach Avenue and the foreshore of Okanagan Lake. A very scenic route. $20
Feldenkrais Works...... - Nelson
Thurs.'s 5:15-6:15 p.m., Fri.'s 12-1 p.m. - Nelson

Better balance, posture, flexibility, less pain.....
Friday's Dance Nights
On-Going ~ Every other Friday - Kelowna

Join us for a great night of dancing. Big band, Latin, swing, country, Ballroom and yes disco. We will dance to them all. Everyone is invited beginners - pro, we are goig to have fun.
Good Morning with Dru Yoga!
Saturdays from 9 - 10:00 am - Penticton

Activations, body preps, energy block release sequences, yogic postures and breath work with a final restorative relaxation to start your day!
Kelowna Nature Hikes
Wednesdays and Weekends - Kelowna

Bring a lunch. For general information call Rick Gee 250-763-0124
Nia Classes - Vancouver
Tuesday 6:00pm or Sunday 11:00am - Vancouver

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Kamloops
Mondays 6:30pm - Kamloops

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Penticton
Tuesday 10:30am, Thursday 9:00am , Monday's 7:00pm , Wednesday 6:00pm, - Penticton

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.Please phone to check times.
Nia Classes - Spokane
Mon. or Wed. 5:30pm or Tuesday or Thursday at 9am - Spokane

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music.
Noon Hour Yoga Classes
Wednesday at 12 - Kelowna

A one hour class open to all levels of students. All levels of students are welcome. Modifications will be given when necessary.
Salsa Thursdays
8pm to 10:00pm - Kelowna

Singles, Couples, All levels and ages-30 minute lesson with dance to follow - Great exercise for body and mind, meet new people, ongoing event since 2007.
Scottish Country Dancing
Wednesday or Thursdays nights at 7.30pm - Kelowna

No experience necessary and no partners needed! Come and enjoy the camaraderie and get fun exercise too!
Sound Bath ~ Tibetan & Crystal Bowls in the Water
3rd Thursday of the month - Kamloops

Conic healing session while floating in the warm salt waters with quartz crystal singing bowls live, Tibetan bowls etc. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation.
SOYA Yoga Teacher Training
On-Going - Penticton

Offers RYT 200, 300 & 500 Hour Extended Programs. Become a certified & registered Yoga Teacher at International standards! Find out for yourself why people love our SOYA Yoga Teacher Training program!
UBC Run/Walk group meeting
Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Kalamalka Residences Wellness Centre. - Kelowna

Students, staff, public, and faculty are welcome. Great opportunity to get or stay fit while exploring the hiking trails around campus and meet new people. All levels welcome. Free
Watsu & Tibetan Bowl
3rd Friday of the Month - Kamloops

Join with Audrey Meuse and cCome experience the perfect mix, a Watsu and the sound vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls. Restorative Calm.
Woga ~ Gentle Water Yoga
Tuesday, Thursday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm - Kamloops

Gentle Yoga is great for people new to yoga and for those hoping to strengthen and stretch muscles and ease joint pain. End with a floating heart meditation.
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Michael O'ConnorTake time in your busy week to reflect on your inner rhythms of yourself and your life. OK In Health's Soular Rhythms column managed by Michael O'Connor.
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July 2015

Tip of the Month:

Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo are ‘all the rave’ now. This is a hot, passionate, sexy, romantic, playful, dramatic and altogether fun combination of energies. Jupiter has been in Leo since mid-August 2014 and Venus just entered the sign of the proud lion on June 5th. While ‘aware’ of one another, the flirting really began on about June 19th. Since then the chase really began and the union when they will finally join as one, occurs on Canada’s Birthday, July 1st. This will lend a very special charm to the fireworks indeed!

On July 19th the affair will cool off as Venus enters Virgo, not her best sign placement at all, no… not at all precious. However, as if lured back by unrequited love and passion Venus will literally, or at least apparently, hover at Virgo’s gate, slow down to a pause, stop altogether on July 25th, then turn… retrograde and begin to move back towards her beloved Zeus once again. Venus will re-enter Leo on July 31st where she ...
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Terry Masson and the Staff at the Raynor Massage Canada Training & Treatment Center in West Kelowna, BC
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Classifieds | Other Info

Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton
Penticton & South Okanagan
Being Wellness & Healing is a wellness & information community that specializes in the importance of holistic awareness and living for everyone. Offering certified BodyTalk treatments...
Specialties: Distance Healing, Energy Workers, Meditation, Body Talk, Grief, Stress Management, Chakra Healing

Okanagan Medium
Location: Vernon & North Okanagan
West Coast Enlightenment/The Okanagan Medium is for education of all things spiritual and paranormal. We do in service through Traditional Spiritual services, Paranormal Consultations and Energy work..

Loving Hands Bodywork with
Najiida Ama
Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Description: If you desire some time for soul soothing and deep relaxation, wholistic healing, and loving, attentive touch; you will find it here! I offer something for everyone!
Specialties: Body Worker, Massage, Card Readings, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Prenatal, Pregnancy and Birthing, Crystal & Gemstone Healing, Healing Arts
Resonance Repatterning® sessions with Kimberly Rex, MS
Western USA & On-line
Description: Resonance Repatterning® sessions with Kimberly Rex, MS get to the heart of what you need to experience integrity in your wellness and well-being by phone,Skype,in-person or proxy.
Specialties: Bio-energetic Assessment, Distance Healing, Energy Workers, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Health Coach, Counseling & Therapy, Chakra Healing
Whispering Energetic Healing with Brenda Lainof
Penticton & South Okanagan
Description: Brenda Lainof is a trained Medical Intuitive Practitioner, who uses her intuitive abilities to access information such as beliefs and traumas held in a cellular level. 
Specialties: Card Readings, Distance Healing, EFT , Medical Intuitive, Reiki, Yuen, Counseling & Therapy
Certified CranialSacral Therapy ~ 'Nurture' ~ Pam Tilitzky 
Penticton & South Okanagan
Description: Nurture offers a calm space with various modalities and integrated treatment options. Focus is put upon crafting a treatment plan specific for each person's needs. 
Specialties: Lymphathic Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Healing Touch & Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
SafeZone EMF Consulting with Ross Andersen
Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Description: SafeZone EMF Consulting is a full-service detection and protection facility for EMF radiation exposure. Every aspect is accurately analyzed and recommendations for complete protection are provided.

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