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Publisher's Message ~ January 2013 Issue

Enter to WinGreetings to all our OK In Health members,

Wishing you an amazing New Year 2013, full of Joy, Happiness and new Adventures and that you and your loved ones are surrounded by love, laughter, growth, peace, and good health. Allow time to follow your bliss, whatever that may be. 
Let yourself be surprised!

It's exciting to realise that another year has gone by and that we embark into the 9th year of OK In Health. Since we launched our new website we have posted over 1,000 events and 60,000 people have visited the website. These years have seen one of the biggest passions of my life come to fruition – that of bringing together those who have the gift of the knowledge of healthy ways of living and healing with those who wish to explore them.

To celebrate the beginning of 2013 we have re-opened our contests to our members.
Check out our new contest page. Please email us if you would like to offer a contest or have any questions. Contest Page

Celtic Angel Gathering 2013 ireland TourThis eMagazine could not happen without the amazing skill of our programmers and web designers, our knowledgeable authors, our column host managers, proof readers and all our wonderful members who posted events with us and to you for reading the eMagazine.

In bringing OK in Health to life, a pathway has been found to set up connections between our local health & healing community practitioners and the general public. OK In Health is a strong promoter of providing a forum for both conventional and traditional medicine systems to reach those in need of these services. It also opens doors  to preventive medicine and natural therapeutics by providing up-to-date information for our members.

We start the year with many new workshops, classes, events and an OK In Health Tour to Ireland. To set powerful goals in motion for the New Year ... see our many New Year articles below. As editor, I have so enjoyed reading and publishing them for you!

Thank you for reading this eMagazine, I hope you get as much pleasure receiving it as we had in sending it. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you. We welcome you to our website and the whole team here at OK In Health wish you well.

Thank you for you continued support and loyalty.

From Our Hearts to Yours,

Yours In Health,

Maria Carr and The OK In Health Team
Publisher of OK In Health E-Magazine - 
The longest running and largest green wellness on-line Magazine in the Okanagan & BC with thanks to our strong community support. 


Shannon BlissRecipe Host Manager - Shannon Bliss, manages the recipe Section. CNP, ROHP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Live Cell Microscopist, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Specialist. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with our members?
Click on the add a recipe link on our recipe page.

Manchego, Apple and Almond Salad with Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette

Apples and cheese make a classic combination, here updated with Manchego cheese and the addition of Marcona almonds. A lemon-honey dressing pairs perfectly with the flavors of the nuts, fruit, cheese and greens. Delicious with a strong flavored honey, such as chestnut or buckwheat.

Vegetarian Coconut Chili

This chili has just a hint of coconut to add a tasty twist. If you want a stronger coconut flavour simply replace the vegetable stock with coconut milk. For much of the last few decades, coconut oil got a bad rap in mainstream media. Critics said it was high in cholesterol and fat, and so many people did not include in in their daily diets. But island populations around the world have celebrated the coconut for centuries for its health benefits, using the meat juice, milk and oil the fruit provides in everything from cooking to disease prevention. Modern medicine is now jumping on the bandwagon and releasing its own findings on the health benefits of coconut.

Layer Cake with Strawberries, Lentils, & Coconut-Chocolate

Did you freeze some strawberries this summer? This recipe is the perfect way to use those delicious fruits! Buckwheat flour, a timeless classic! Ground on the old stone, this flour can be use for a wide variety of recipes. Greyish in appearance, its color is a proof of its high content in rutin, a flavonoid antioxidant-rich. With its high nutrient content, buckwheat flour is one of the healthiest on the market. Vary your favorite bread, cakes, muffins and biscuits recipes by adding buckwheat flour. What Are the Healthy Benefits of Buckwheat Flour? Excellent source of copper. Essential for the formation of red blood cells and various hormones. Helps fight against free radicals, which are harmful to the body. Good source of magnesium Good source manganese High in soluble fiber Source of iron Source of zinc Source of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Source of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Wellness Directory
A Mindful Connection Counselling Services with Carole Fawcett - 250-550-0316
A Venue 2 Ascension - 250-493-3435
Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Laser Therapy - 250-328-3811
Alara ~ Uplifted Wholebody and Facial Rejuvenation - (250) 309-0411
Awareness Life Products at Shirley's Studio - 250 492 5506
Bahiti Belly Dance - 250-809-4530
Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton - 250-460-1693
Bellwether Coaching/Evergreen - 250-215-7757
Celtic Healing with Maria Carr, AEP - 250 493 0106
Certified Cancer Coach ~ Kane Consulting - 250-469-4623
Challenge in 8 with YJ Reshape ~ Youth Juice - 778-471-3912
Cloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli - 250-490-6055
CranioSacral Therapy & Rhythmic Reflexology with Judy Lamb-Richardson - 250-359-7052
Crystal Vision Insights - 250 300 9933
Crystal Vision Insights - 778 480 1131
Crystals Spirit Adventures - 250-681-1354
Dare To Dream Store & Wellness Centre - 250-712-9295
Daydream Esthetics Studio - 250-490-1233
Dr Ursula ~ Okanagan Thermography+ Cancer Support - 250-864-5260
Dr. Alex Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Jese Wiens ~ Naturopathic Doctor in Penticton & Summerland - 778-476-6016 or 250-494-3321
Dr. Natalie Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Tamara Browne - The Natural Family Health Clinic and Chelation Centre - 250-497-6681
Endless Possibilities - 250-497-8696
Feldenkrais Practitioner - Lynn Andersen - Self Sense - 250-498-4855
Gillian Padgett ~ Okanagan Stress Management Inc. - 250-542-7602
Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness - 250-491-7559
Health is Bliss - 250-801-2798
Herbal Wraps at Shirley's Studio - 2504925506
Ilona Peet, DCH ~ The Homeopathic Practice - 250 826 2058
Indigo Dreamer ~ Kerry Palframan - 250-494-8955
Kveta's Natural Healing Centre - 250-866-5677
Meridian Sound Therapy - 250-499-9895
Milagro Studios - Okanagan - 778-478-0128
MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes - 250-868-8060
Mountain Acupuncture & Laser Therapy - (250) 260-3892
Norma Cowie Enterprises ~ Psychic Readings - 250 490 0654
Okanagan Herbalife - 7784841939
Om Shiatsu ~ Carly Wrighton - 250-870-8183
Penticton's Whole Foods Market - Health Store & Cafe - 250-493-2855
Psychic and Spirit Medium - 250 547 2262
Sheila Stephenson – Penticton Health Practitioner - 250-493-3768
Survivorship Dragon Boat Team - 250-490-4045
Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design - 250-549-1356
Thermography Clinic Central Okanagan - (250) 801-7900
Wind In The Willow - 250-276-5308
Your ProActive Health Now - 250.488.1656
Questions & Answers
Cindy AtkinsonYou Ask – We Answer! . . . your road map to health & wellness.
HAVE A QUESTION? LET US HELP! - We are here to help you with any of your health-related questions – nothing’s too big or too small! Our professional expert panel will do our best to provide you with information, suggestions, and resources.
The Q and A column is managed by Cindy Atkinson, BA Science in Genetics & Cell Biology.
Click here to ask a question on our Q & A page.


Hello, I am actually asking for a friend of mine since this situation is getting worse, and I don't know how to help. The problem is that my friend is very depressed, and has very, very low self-esteem. While sometimes able to be cheerful and "happy," he claims to rarely feel that way recently. How do I know if he is depressed? I don't know how to help him. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

First off, good for you to look out for your friend and seek some support for yourself in the process. Everyone feels "blue" at certain times during his or her life. In fact, transitory feelings of sadness or discouragement are perfectly normal, especially during particularly difficult times. But, a person who cannot "snap out of it," or get over these feelings within two weeks, may have depression. Depression is a real illness that comes in many kinds and degrees. Demoralization is usually part of depression, but it's not the whole story. The good news about depression is that it is treatable; many people with depression find that talk therapy, medication, other treatments, or a combination of treatments, do wonders to help them feel more like themselves. Below are some signs and symptoms of depression. Remember, not all of these features are present in every depressive episode.

Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and irritability that seem to have no causes
Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
Poor appetite and weight loss, or increased appetite and weight gain
Sleep problems (i.e., insomnia, oversleeping)
Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and helplessness
Decreased energy, fatigue, and feeling slowed down (lethargy)
Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
Excessive crying
Chronic physical aches and pains that don't respond to treatment
Thoughts of death and suicide
Alcohol or other drug abuse

Have you tried to gently and directly talk with your friend about your concerns? Consider letting him know concretely what you observe about his behaviour, that you think he needs and deserves someone's full attention to his feelings and worries, and that there are many people out there trained and willing to give him just that. Have you considered offering to go with him to his doctor or a counsellor’s office? Or perhaps just sitting with him while calling a help-line or phones his doctor?

Supreme Events
Nia and Yoga-Fit Classes - New Year - Drop in Special Event
January 3 - 5, 2013
Renew Your Body and Mind - Free Seminar
January 8, 2013
Awakening the Illuminated Heart
January 10, 2013
Yoga Master Balakhilya das, gives Free Lectures
January 10 - 18, 2013
Love your Body: Access Slim Thin You
January 11, 2013
CCMBA workshop (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment )
January 13, 2013
Access Bars One Day Workshop
January 13, 2013
Access the Forever Youthful You!
January 13, 2013
Vancouver’s Gluten Free Expo
January 13, 2013
Introductory Workshop to Massage Therapy
January 19, 2013
Call For Nominations for Women Front & Centre Awards
January 25, 2013
Sound Healing Practitioner Training
January 25, 2013
Ignite the Fire Within ~ Workshop with Wendy Binggeli & Monica Sahlmark
January 26, 2013
Access Core Classes and Bars: Five Days to Change Your Life
January 31, 2013
Touch for Health ~ Level 1
February 2 - 3, 2013
Free Intro Night ~ Spiritual & Financial Freedom with Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith
February 15, 2013
Awaken Your Inner Goddess
February 16, 2013
Spiritual & Financial Freedom Workshop with Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith
February 16 - 17, 2013
Vernon Body and Soul Wellness Fair
March 2 - 3, 2013
Okanagan-Similkameen Healthy Living Fair
March 2, 2013
Touch for Health Level 2
March 9 - 10, 2013
14 Day Celtic Angel Tour to Ireland with Maria Carr & Cindy Smith - 2 spots left
March 11, 2013
Wardrobe Wisdom with Fashion Feng Shui
March 16, 2013
Touch for Health Level 3
April 6 - 7, 2013
Touch for Health Level 4
April 8 - 9, 2013
I Can Do It! Conference 2013 Vancouver
April 20 - 21, 2013
Spring Festival of Awareness
April 26 - 28, 2013
Qi Gong Teacher Training with Lee Holden
May 4, 2013
Sacred Goddess Tour to Greece and Turkey & Mediterranean cruise
May 4, 2013
OK In Health presents - Certified Indian Head Massage - Weekend Intensive
May 24 - 26, 2013
The Nia White Belt Training with Martha Randall - 7 day Course
August 3, 2013
Mount Shasta, California Event
September 5, 2013
Kelowna Wellness Fair
October 12 - 13, 2013
Registered Reflexology Therapist Certificate Course
Basic and Diploma Counselling Hypnotherapy Program
A Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
Children's After School - Art and Yoga Classes
Adult & Children Pottery Classes
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Free Audio Affirmations with Debbie Ford
Goddess Wisdom Intensive- Awaken your Inner Goddess, 7 Week Program
Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course
Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma Program
Herbology I ~ by Dr. Terry Willard
Mayan Prophecies For Changing Times ~ with Dr Terry Willard
Distance Learning through Windsong School of Healing
~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes
*POP* The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
Book Club
Lyndsay BlaisThe OK In Health's Book Club is managed by Lyndsay Blais, a passionate speaker, author and success coach.
Join in Lyndsay's weekly discussion on the book of the month. As an avid reader, Lyndsay looks forward to facilitating interesting conversations with you through the OK in Health Book Club! Would you like to join our New OK In Health's Book Club? Open to all OK In Health members.

Click here to join the book club.

The IN Club by Emily Matweow - Book Review:

Emily is a renowned intuitive healer who has “walked her talk” in her own life, and helped her clients learn to express the magic within them and create life-changing outcomes. This book is the long-awaited result of her commitment to positive transformation for people, animals and birds and the planet.

The IN Club engages the reader immediately by offering The Intuitive Awareness Measurement for a unique exploration of his or her own stage of development of the various aspects of intuition. The book then introduces exercises that are fun and easy to do that expand awareness of each of these abilities.

The premise of this foundational work is to encourage people to experience community: “The IN Club”, by recognizing abilities and knowledge that previously may have been denied or hidden. The many and varied practices, including the Paiku App are playful, practical and uniquely designed to support living with intention and to consciously enhance relationships with self, others and the world..
Lynn Blanchard, Addiction Counsellor and Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

“The IN Club opens doors to many fun and easy ways to develop powerful new skills and abilities that can shift you to a happier, easier life aligned with your true, whole self. Emily’s Intuitive Awareness Measurement is a great place to begin your journey.”
Christie Marie Sheldon, Author of the “Love or Above Toolkit” and “Wealth Consciousness”

“Matweow’s life-long passion for the subject combined with her own varied intuitive experiences and interpretations to offer her own unique alternative ways to interpret, develop and extend the reader’s psychic and spiritual gifts.”
Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Author of award-winning “Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness”

“I am pleased to recommend The IN Club as a guide and primer for developing the intuitive faculty in the whole human being. I found its gentle, thorough style most effective and hope the reader will realize the opening of the door to higher states of self-awareness.”
Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., Author of “Eye of the Lotus: The Psychology of the Chakras”

“Witty, playful, well-written, and entertaining, with captivating metaphors and insightful comments.”
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, Amazon Best Selling Author of “Shift, Change Your Words, Change Your World”

The book may be purchased at:
Kelowna: Mosaic Books, Willows Country Store and More
Vernon: K&K Books and JNS Salon
Penticton: Hooked on Books
Or online at
Event Review
Event Review
OK in Health Members Review Panel offer their thoughts about a range of events from specialty movies to concerts, workshops, keynote speakers, health fairs, festivals and community events.
We sponsor community events that have value for our members.

Event review

The Spiritual & Financial Freedom Workshop
with Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith
was held in Calgary last month.

This course is perfect for you if you are really ready to make changes to how you believe and think about money and spirituality. We were asked “What does spiritual & financial freedom mean to you?”. If you answered, living a life of freedom, joy, love and abundance then you are on the right track! For those who are still unsure what it would mean to have spiritual and financial freedom it was a great course and we discover for ourselves what is holding us back and we removed the blockages once and for all!

We also learned how to:

• Get to the truth of our beliefs when it comes to us achieving spiritual & financial freedom.
• Upgraded our unconscious thought pattern about money from lack to plenty.
• Learned how our belief systems can block us from having spiritual and financial freedom
• Work with the Angel of Abundance to release all our fears and to make changes to our life, financially and spiritually.
• Unleashed our inner financial and spiritual dynamo to achieve our hearts desires.
• Balanced our ability to be a giver and a receiver.
• Learned how to receive spiritually and financially so we can truly live a life of freedom.

This course is perfect for you if:

• You are someone who has a special gift to share.
• You lie awake at night and think to yourself, “there has to be more to life than how I’m living”.
• You are really ready to make changes to how you believe and think about money and spirituality.
• You are ready to move to an entirely new level spiritually and financially.

If you said, “Yes that is me!” Then you will love what you learn in a weekend with Jaden Sterling and Cindy Smith.

"Getting rich is one part. Finding your passion; living a balanced life, and being of service to others - Now, that is creating a life of true wealth and freedom."

Here is what a few people said about it……...

" This course has allowed me to become aware of my unconscious blocks I had with finances and spirituality-- mainly finances which in turn has raised my self-esteem. I now have tools to reinforce the huge shift I experienced." Lee

"Amazing course! Gets down to the core and heals completely. I loved and enjoyed
every minute. I look forward to what can be created." Diane M.

"You connect everyone to their soul's purpose and it makes everyone's life a better path. Your love gives everyone joy and we all love you back with gratitude." Louise

The Spiritual & Financial Freedom Workshop with Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith will be in Penticton, in the Okanagan on Feb. 15th & 16th with a free intro evening on the 15th.
I recommend booking early as this course to be sure to get a place.
15 Archangels and Who They Are by OK In Health's Articles
Archangel Ariel. Name meaning: "Lioness of God". Assists with courage and prosperity. Archangel Ariel will help us to believe that all things are possible and will help those of us who call upon her to manifest positive results through our beliefs and intentions. Ariel also oversees the elemental world (fairies, sprites etc) and is involved with healing and protecting animals, fish and birds too....
150 Organic and Natural Gardening Tips ~ Part One ~ 1 to 25 by OK In Health's Gardening Articles
Let's start we the first 25 Tips, Hints, Tricks and Facts for Natural Gardening. January is all about getting ready for Spring and preparing for the summer growing season. Pest management begins with healthy soil. It produces healthy plants, which are better able to withstand disease and insect damage. Plan now for healthy garden. Check out these tips
5 Tips for Jumping into the Unknown in 2013 by Miscellaneous
Part of the unknown is scary—we don’t know where we are going yet. It’s new. So find people, experiences, and situations that make you feel safe. Create a great circle of positive support—friends, mentors, and loved ones—and remember to avoid toxic people who can cause you to sabotage your new beginning...
A New Earth.... by Sue Chambers
A New Earth, written by Eckhart Tolle asks many profound and radical questions. It appears that the main purpose of this book is to bring about a shift in consciousness or to awaken our minds, at least those of us who are ready.
A New Year A New Beginning by Sandra Butler
It’s a good time of year to begin transitioning towards a healthy raw food diet. Perhaps you have practiced a raw food diet in the past but have fallen off track or you wish to begin introducing raw food into your diet. Here’s some motivation to guide you to the path of optimum health.
A Vision Boards Work If You Work Them! by Jaden Sterling
Ready to make 2013 your best year ever? You can by capturing your goals and dreams on a vision board. Learn the power of vision boards and how to manifest anything your heart desires easily. Jaden reveals the steps to creating effective vision boards and getting them to work for you.
Adrenal Fatigue - the 21st Century Disease by Caroline Sutherland
If your doctor says you are suffering from adrenal fatigue – you probably are. People are burned out from their jobs, their kids and life in general. This is the nature of the world we live in!....
Another Day, Another Pipeline Spill! by David Suzuki
Enbridge, the company that wants to build a dual pipeline from the tar sands to the B.C. coast, has had more than 800 leaks and spills on its pipelines since 1999, sending close to 27 million litres of oil into the environment. That included a 2010 spill in Michigan that dumped 3.8 million litres of diluted tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River. Cleanup costs for that are already $765 million, and the river is still contaminated. Of course, the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which will carry....
Being Indigo Part Two by Sharon Taphorn
Indigo Children Part Two of three. This section discusses some traits of Indigos identified by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in The Indigo Children...
Benefits of Buckwheat Flour by Cuisine Soleil
Ground on the old stone, this flour can be use for a wide variety of recipes. Greyish in appearance, its color is a proof of its high content in rutin, a flavonoid antioxidant-rich. With its high nutrient content, buckwheat flour is one of the healthiest on the market. Vary your favorite bread, cakes, muffins and biscuits recipes by adding buckwheat flour...
Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain Daily by Genuine Health
Sam Graci discusses nutrition and supplements in regards to top pain conditions: back pain, arthritis and sore joints... Chances are, you’ve experienced pain at one time or another. 4 out of 5 of adults complain of back ache, and 20% suffer chronic pain daily. Pain relief products line the drug store shelves, but what if the best prevention and relief comes from the grocery store or the local health food store?
Drugs verses Nature for the Treatment of Heart Disease - Part Three by Dr. Tamara Browne
Although sometimes life-saving and necessary, certain drugs used commonly to treat heart disease may be more risky than you are lead to believe. Natural alternatives by contrast are much safer and carry the added benefit of improving heart and circulatory health. They improve overall health while at the same time preventing heart attacks and stroke (our #1 killers). Recent research has uncovered the negative consequences of regularly consuming certain cardiac medications...
Eat More Real Food by Lisa Kilgour
I tend to become, well, I guess "passionate" is the polite way of describing it, when discussing food. I get quite frustrated with all of the media and advertising surrounding what is healthy and what isn't.
Eat, Drink, and Support Adrenal Gland Function - Part One by Marcelle Pick
Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms I hear about from my patients at the clinic. And when I ask these women to tell me about what’s going on in their lives, all too often the answers reveal they have more responsibility in their lives than seems humanly possible to manage. They’re waking up still tired and unable to think straight in the morning without caffeine; needing high-carb snacks, additional caffeine, or naps to get through the afternoon, then burning the midnight oil because they’re too wired at this point to sleep.....
Eating in Season by Alexis Costello
The term “seasonal eating” is sometimes tossed around these days in diet books and even on menus. The idea is that, for optimal health, we need to eat the foods that are available locally at each time of year.
Fair Trade Handicrafts by Flavia Aarden-Kilger
You can help handicraft producers in developing countries, Ten Thousand Villages, Shared Earth to name a few, carry a large assortment of fair trade products. Ceramics from Vietnam, costume jewellery from India, silver jewellery from Nepal and Peru, dried orange ornaments from El Salvador. Recycled wood made into beautiful tables, chairs, and other furntiure from Indonesia. And the list goes on.
Glossary of Chemicals & Synthetics to Avoid In Personal Care Products - Part One by Klaus Ferlow
There are over 10,000 toxic ingredients in personal care products. This list covers 44 of them, and what effects they might have.
Health Benefits of Good Fats by Dr. Melissa Bradwell
Very rare does a day go by in my office where I am not discussing the importance of ‘good’ fats to my patients. More and more often, I am seeing the detrimental effects that a no or low fat diet has had on a person’s body and health....
Holistic Pet Health Care in Brief by Dr. Moira Drosdovech
There are many modalities in the realm of holistic health care for pets and this article will not go into any one of them in detail. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a paradigm shift in the way you view your pet’s overall care and to encourage you to do your own research to discover what might be best for your pet.
How Can I Connect with My Guides and Angels? by Pamela Shelly
All of us have numerous Guides and Angels that love to assist us with guidance and clarity. We all have at least one Guardian Angel that is with us from birth to our transition and many other Guides, Angels, Archangels, Elementals and Power Animals work with us throughout our lives.
Jerusalem, Israel - A Flame That Burns Bright by Agnes Toews Andrews
Jerusalem, new city—a city on a citadel, razed and rebuilt; Old City—covers a powerful rock that is owned by the Muslim Brotherhood, but is a portal to the stars attracting diverse humanity and galactic beings to itself.The new city of Jerusalem is an international city and receives winter. It’s a stone throw away from Bethlehem. The Old City of Jerusalem, surrounded by a forty foot wall contains four quadrants that enable the four religious groups to have their own territory. The land of Israel is powerful but there is an ancient curse on the people.
Life is Where I Put My Attention by Maggie Reigh
If we want to change our life, to improve our relationship with our child or anyone else, all we have to do is shift our attention. Shifting attention means changing deeply engrained patterns of thought and behavior.
Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides by Kerry Palframan, RN
Meeting your angels and spirit guides can become effortless when you are given the proper tools for the journey. Your guides are ever present in their energetic bodies and exist continually around you in the 3-dimensional hologram that is part of Who You Are. Accessing your guides and the information of the Universe is as easy as....
School Horses by Ann Turner
Ask Ann – How do I keep my string of school horses from becoming sour and cranky?
Talking to Family about Earth Changes by Kerry Palframan, RN
The Mayan calendar and other predictions for the current shift are about the death of the old and the birth of the new. A woman recently asked me: How do I explain this transition time on the planet to my loved ones who are not familiar with spiritual material?...
The Future of the Role of Alternative Healthcare in the 21st Century by Dylan Smeaton, CBP
Whether the practitioner is a naturopath, herbologist, energy healer, yoga instructor or acupuncturist, the simple fact is the history of most of these skilled professions predates recorded history. Throughout all of human history, way before the Cartesian model of modern medicine, was “alternative” healthcare; which should actually be called: Traditional Healthcare. Since the very inception of human beings settling in villages, were the village shamans that practiced within their local community. So if you stop and reflect upon the bigger picture here, you realize that today’s modern medical industry itself is actually the “alternative” to traditional healthcare...
The Natural Order Energy Flows within Family and All Human Systems by Blanche Tanner
Bert Hellinger, German author, psychoanalyst, poet and healer whom at age 85 is probably Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapist. He discovered in working with thousands of people over many years that there is a natural energy flow within families and all human systems. When something is blocking this natural flow of energy it can have severe consequences. A system might be our family of origin, present family, a business, a community, political system, groups, organizations even our environment. Bert is well known for developing the...
Too Much of a Good Thing by David Dixon
Gather with friends and family to celebrate the season, eat too much because the food is too good not to, imbibe far more than ‘normal’. The results are pretty consistent as well and generally not all that pleasant.
Vancouver’s Gluten Free Expo by Cathy Lauer
If you are a celiac or gluten intolerant there is an exciting opportunity coming your way that will help you get through this month. This event will certainly motivate you and present you with resources to keep you on your gluten-free diet all year long. Come check out the Gluten Free Expo at Canada Place in Vancouver on Sunday, January 13.
Vrksasana - Breath Tree Pose by Fitness Pose
This simple standing balance is a great pose to practice as your first standing balance. And it continues to be a great pose after many years of yoga practice as it reveals new elements of subtle expansion....
What is Irlen Syndrome? by Pat Everatt
Irlen Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS), is a type of visual perceptual problem. Individuals with Irlen Syndrome see the printed page differently from those with normal vision and must constantly adapt to distortions appearing on the printed page.
What Is Quantum Biofeedback? by Marie-Jeanne Fenton
Quantum Biofeedback is a computerized energetic device that detects stressors in the body, and then emits healthy patterns back to your body. Electromagnetic waveforms then stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms by providing true, healthy energy patterns.
Winterizing Skin Care Tips by OK In Health's Beauty Articles
During the spring and summer months the air is moist, the vegetation is thick and rich and our skin tends to be well moisturized and dewy. As fall sets in and winter approaches our skin, like the dying leaves becomes dehydrated, flaky and tight. It is important to change or tweak your skin care regime as the seasons dictate. Here are some winterizing tips to help your skin glow all the way until the arrival of spring...
Free Admission Events
Renew Your Body and Mind - Free Seminar
January 8, 2013

IWhole Food Market Free Seminar - t is a new year. No better time for renewal. Learn from three experts: Dr. Toupey Luft, Natasha Scott, and Mehrnaz Massoudi
Yoga Master Balakhilya das, gives Free Lectures
January 10, 2013

Yoga Master shares spiritual insight by giving free lectues in Revelstoke, Penticton and Kelowna through January 2013.
Call For Nominations for Women Front & Centre Awards
January 25, 2013

Celebrate the accomplishments of women in the South Okanagan-Similkameen! Nominate someone for a Women Front & Centre Award. 8 categories to choose from, nominations accepted until January 25th.
Free Intro Night ~ Spiritual & Financial Freedom with Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith
February 15, 2013

OK In Health eMagazine is proud to welcome Jaden Sterling & Cindy Smith to the Okanagan. Are you really ready to make changes to how you believe and think about money and spirituality?
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Every Monday - 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET - Everywhere

FREE Teleconference - Ask a Question - Each week, Internationally Recognized Medical Intuitive, Caroline discuss a topical health issue that affect us all. Then she opens up the phone lines, does some spot readings.
Free Audio Affirmations with Debbie Ford
On-going - Internet

Are you feeding yourself with the thoughts, ideas, and words that will add to your self-love? Listen now to one of the self-esteem boosting affirmations below.
Buddhist Discourse and Meditation
Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 - Kelowna

Buddhist Meditation and Discourse Thursday evenings at Heartwood Buddhist Meditation Centre. 7-8:30pm #3 2979 S. Pandosy St. By Donation
Concerned about your Diabetes? - Terrace
Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 - 2:45 - Terrace

FREE Diabetes information event - Different subject every week. Limited seating. Please RSVP and mention OK In Health as your referral.
Course in Miracles ~ Monday Meetings
Every Monday at 7:00 pm - Kelowna

Study the Course in Miracles with old and new students. Weekly reading from the Text, break, and discussions on individual practice experience. No fee
EECO Storytime
Wednesday mornings at 10:00 in January & February - Kelowna

Fun and interactive weekly program for pre-schoolers, three to five year old children and their caregivers. Learn more about nature, our Regional Parks and the animals of the Okanagan.
Free Course - Families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm - - Kelowna

A FREE Course For families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsion.
Goddess Circle
ongoing: Second Tuesday of each month 7 pm - Lake Country

Women's sharing circle. Connect with other heart centered women on thier spiritual journey. All are welcome. No charge, no experience needed. 7 pm on the Second Tuesday of each month.
Guided Hiking - Free
10am - Kelowna

Mt. Baldy (Dilworth) Rifle Rd. Join our walking instructors as they guide you on the path to physical health and well being. Meet new friends, and get fit at the same time! Please arrive on time
Kelowna Conscious Cocktails
Every 2nd Thursday of the Month. 6 - 9 pm - Kelowna

Connect. Converse. Conspire. Create. Come out and create community with others of "light" mind. No agenda other than to be true Self and share in a safe space. You are never alone! $2 Toonie donation at the door.
Kelowna Gifts to Grandmothers
Every Thursday morning 9:30 a.m. - Kelowna

Dedicated volunteers assist vulnerable women & children in Africa along with grandmothers who are raising orphaned grandchildren due to the HIV/Aids pandemic
Meditation Support Group
Each Wednesday 7-8:30 pm - Kelowna

We meet to support each other in tranquility meditation and sit for 45 minutes. Both beginners and experienced welcome.
Peaceful Warriors Gathering - for men
Every Friday - 7:30 to 9:30 - Penticton

Light minded men who gather & discuss their spirituality & its affect their lives. Share knowledge & experiences & discuss topics that are happening around the world affecting consciousness.
Penticton Green Drinks
1st Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Barley Mill - Penticton

People who take sustainability seriously in the South Okanagan now have an opportunity to meet up on the first Thursday of every month at an informal session known internationally as Green Drinks.
Personal Insights
On going - Lake Country

Spiritual Growth Support Group- Come out on the third Thursday of each month. Sharing and discussion of various spiritual topics, books etc. Ongoing.
Retreats & Weekend Away
A Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
You pick the weekend! - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Get all the girls together and spend an unforgettable, fun and relaxing weekend at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre.
Clare Island Yoga Retreat
On-Going - Co Mayo

Join us for a special retreat and go home feeling refreshed, revived and recovered.
Dolphin Spirit Gate Retreat
On Going - Co Kerry

Lois Dolphin Spirit Gate Retreat center on Inch Beach, Co Kerry - Four Celtic Fire Festivals
Drumming for Kids ~ Summer programs
July and August - Kelowna

Looking for an exciting summer program with activity for kids. Experience various percussion instruments of the world. (Bongo, Conga,Timbales, Doumbek, Djembe, Surdo, etc.)
Sober but Stuck?
On-going - Kelowna

Have you been clean & sober for quite a while yet find yourself: Unhappy, discontented, or having difficulties? Treat yourself to an individualized renewal retreat! One, two or three weeks.
Writer’s and Artist’s Irish Retreat
On-going - Co. Cork

Anam Cara Retreat - A tranquil spot that provides sanctuary for novice as well as experienced people working in the creative arts
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Connect with Yourself Weekly
Michael O'ConnorTake time in your busy week to reflect on your inner rhythms of yourself and your life. OK In Health's Soular Rhythms column managed by Michael O'Connor.
Astrologer/Numerologist and a popular columnist, lecturer, presenter and workshop facilitator, Michael brings enthusiasm, passion and a wealth of knowledge.

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January 4, 2012

Tip of the Week:
As is customary, I write an overview for each sign for the upcoming trends and themes for the year. I also do a longer version which is posted on my website. So the following is the short version of the Horoscope for the Year – 2013. From the perspective of Numerology, when added to a single digit, 2013 = 6, which is called the ‘Universal Number’ for the year! While there are many calendars, this is the one we use and is the most commonly accepted calendar in the world. Because we all agree that it is 2013, the symbolism of it actually works! This illustrates our co-creative participation in life, which occurs at collective as well as individual levels. 6 is the number of harmony and beauty. Many managers have this number strongly emphasized in their numerology chart. It is also a number of culminations. In other words, number 6 represents the flower in full bloom or the ripe fruit on the vine. As a ‘growth cycle number’ 6 refers to a process of pri...
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Maria CarrMaria Carr – Publisher/Founder: Our message board is for sharing comments and ideas about recent events, courses, treatments, health concerns, about our website or services.
We also provide specialty coverage for natural health related issues such as maternity, women’s and families, our environment, natural animal care, practice & support groups, health stores & natural businesses, local health events, and workshops.

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I like my new OK In Health business listing very much. You made every detail come together easily. Thank you, Maria, for the terrific work you do with, in and for our communities. Wendy Binggeli - Cloud 9 Coaching

Hello OK In health,
I just want to say I find your eMagazine an unique gathering place for like-minded people who are interested in health and wellness, personal growth, spirituality, creative expression, sustainable living, and arts & culture. OK In Health has created and inspired community connections. I enjoy checking out the upcoming events and workshops as well as the monthly articles. Best of all i just saw that we can also advertise our business and events for free or for a small fee for promotional package. Your eMagazine is very inviting and informative.
Lily S, Kelowna, BC

The site and eMagazine are fantastic! Debra Magee

The site is very user friendly even for me!! Cheers, Elaine Hopkins

Advertising on OK in Health eMagazine brought me new customers to my new business, after that work took off. I would recommend advertising for anyone who wants to reach many potential clients who have the same interests in health and well-being. Thank you Maria!! Tamara

Congrats on your 9th year! I remember when you started and was the first on-line wellness network we have in the Okanagan. It was even before facebook. It still is the best way for me to connected with like-minded people and to find out what is happening in my area. Keep up the good work - from Tom S, Kelowna
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Wellness Directory Highlights

Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton
Location: 250-460-1693 Penticton
Being Wellness and Healing is a wellness and information community that specializes in the importance of holistic awareness and living for everyone. Dylan has been a certified practitioner of the BodyTalk system for many years and an active member of the IBA. He is also a private meditation guide and Feng Shui consultant. Dylan serves clients locally in the Okanagan and Alberta, as well as internationally online....  More Details

Ilona Peet, DCH ~ The Homeopathic Practice

Phone: 250 826 2058 - Kelowna
At The Homeopathic Practice in Kelowna, Ilona Peet, DCH, provides homeopathic care to you and your family. Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective way to whole health and well-being....   More Details

Feldenkrais Practitioner - Lynn Andersen - Self Sense 
Phone: 250-498-4855 - Okanagan Falls
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Lynn Andersen addresses movement, stress & aging difficulties by using brain, nervous system & body together. Enhance awareness. Be agile mentally & physically. Reduce stress. All at the same time..... More Details

Indigo Dreamer ~ Kerry Palframan, RN
Phone: 250-494-8955 Location: Available Everywhere Registered Nurse, Visionary, Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Medical Intuitive, Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Life Coach, Author and Guided Meditation CD Artist...  More Details

WendyCloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli
Phone: 250-490-6055
Location: Penticton & South Okanagan
Wendy Binggeli's focus is on human potential and self-actualization. Her work as a conscious, spiritual entrepreneur is a perfect match for those who want to stretch and grow in leaps and bounds...More Details

Norma Cowie Enterprises ~ Psychic Readings
Phone: 250 490 0654
Location: Available Everywhere 
I am available for , Psychic Clearing of Blocks in person by phone, email or Skype. I also faciliate Group gatherings, workshops and lectures....... More Details

Kveta's Natural Healing Centre
Location: Kootenays and everywhere.
Kveta uses many different modalities, which promote harmony and balance in the body, mind and spirit to release stress and support the body’s natural ability to heal. TREATMENTS OFFERED: Emotion Code treatment in person, by phone or Skype also works on animals. Also Reflexology, Cranio Sacral reflexology , Cranio-Sacral therapy, Reiki, Lymphatic drainage, Body Talk, Reconnective healing and the Reconnection. Located in the beautiful Kootenays just north of the town of Creston.   What is Emotion Code?..... More Details

Vernon Body and Soul Wellness Fair

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Kelowna - Space For Rent:
Attention Practitioners and/or like minded individuals; Workshop/Teaching space and Treatment room available for rent. Call Marie Sperling at Rite-Way Health to inquire. 250-212-2431

Available ~ Workshop/meeting and Practitioners space available in Kelowna
Heartwood Meditation Center in Kelowna has space available for like-minded people to share their information, present workshops, offer treatments or non-residential retreats. Most weekends and some week days
Call Sarani 778-478-7862 for more details.

Penticton Studio For Rent
Shanti Wellness, 500 square feet of tranquility in the heart of downtown Penticton, is available to rent by the hour, the day and the weekend. Classes, meetings or workshops. 250.486.5739  Penticton BC

Available ~ Workshop/meeting and Practitioners space available in Penticton
at 'A Venue 2 Ascension' Call 778-476-5832 for more details.

Healing Circle

Heling Request:
Please send healing love and prayers to a wonderful mother of two young kids, a wife, a friend to many and lovely person...  who is going thru leukemia treatments. From M

Healing Request:
Hello, I am asking for healing for my sister in law I**   She is the most positive person I have ever met. Her brain tumour has come back again bigger this time. She has 2 kids under 15 and I pray that she gets well and sees her children grow up. Thank You, Jo

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