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Publisher's Message ~ June 2014 Issue

This is our 10th Year!
To celebrate we are hosting the 1st 'Okanagan Angels and Fairies Day', a 'Summer Solstice - Okanagan Lake Vortex Gathering' event, Allison Scott from South Africa events, Cindy Smith from Calgary, International speaker Gregg Braden events and many more amazing OK In Health special events. Also many workshops and event by local OK In Health members in your area.

OK In Health's Okanagan Angels & Fairies Day
On Saturday June 14th, we are so excited to announce the 1st Okanagan Angels & Fairies DayDuring this day we will have angel card readers, fairy & energy healers, and others readers and healers. We will also have Free seminars throughout the day. We have invited International Angel speaker & teacher Cindy Smith to join us and other speakers. 
We start at 9:45am with our Opening Ceremony. Followed by ‘ How to Communicate with your Angels’  with Cindy Smith, ‘Archangels 101’ with Bernice Granger,  ‘Fairies 101 & Land Clearings’ with Maria O’Farrell Carr,  ‘Balancing Your Energies with the Angels’ with Cindy Smith, ‘Experience the Sacred Energies of Ireland’ with Cindy and Maria and many more talks. Ending the magical day with a Closing Ceremony at 4:45pm. Admission is by donation. We will also have many prizes. We invite you to join us for the magical day.
Would you like to be a reader or healer vendor ?

Summer Solstice – Okanagan Lake Vortex Gathering
We would like to invite you to join us for the 'Gathering' ceremony on the Okanagan Lake beach, close to the SS Sicamous in Penticton at 11:11am, Saturday June 21st. We are gathering to assist Archangels Michael and Metatron to do some sacred work with the new Trinity Era energy and clearing/re-activation of the earthstar energy wheel and to welcome in the Summer Solstice. More details...

OK In Health's International Guest Speaker Events

Healing Evening offered by Allison Scott
Brand New!! 1st time in Canada - Healings will be done on the group as a whole for those who want to receive healing.  Amazing shifts happen! Very powerful!
Healings will be done on the group as a whole while each person focuses on their own issue that they want to receive healing on.   How much do you want to change / improve your life? Do you know that you have within you the power to create major changes in your life? This is not limited to one area. You can create changes in your work, relationships, finances, health and play.  Many people may not want to discuss what's going on in their lives or speak openly about their "stuff". At these evenings you won't need to, but you will still be able to receive healing and clear your "stuff".  Your life will transform in ways you never dreamed possible!

Monday, June 2nd  7-9pm at the Shatford Center in Penticton. Price: $50cdn. Please arrive at 6.45pm.
Allison is also available June 2/3rd for private consultations.

Cindy Smith - is an International Angel teacher and will be offering the Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioners course on June 12,13 & 15,16, 2014 in Penticton, BC. How will being certified as an AEP™ assist you?
Become a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her learnings together to create a well balanced Angel Empowerment tool box! Take this certification for your personal development or use it as an opportunity to put new skills into effect to enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or energy based business. • You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities.• Open and Trust in your own natural psychic and healing power. • Gain practical skills with other students. • In the process Cindy will teach you all Doreen Virtue has taught her and much much more! • Some key skills taught are: how to do professional angel card readings, chakra clearing, working with Archangels, Aura work, energy cord cutting, basics of mediumship, past life healing and more…………….

Jolynn Daisy
Join International Shaman Jolynn for a journey with the Drum and receive what personal message it brings to you. Jolynn will be in Penticton on June 15th following the Okanagan Angel & Fairies Day.
Jo-Lynn bridges ancient cultural ways, while connecting with messengers of Creator, to assist you in making conscious choice for the greater good. Her knowledge of Ancient Traditions is diverse incorporating Buddhism, Yogic Ways, Taoism, and the Angelic Realm. She has been called spiritually to the Native ways since childhood, and has been actively involved socially and culturally with the Native North American people for many years. Jo-Lynn's passion centers on unifying Spirituality. Come join us for an afternoon of fun!

Gregg Braden is coming to the Okanagan in September. In this fast-paced, multi-media seminar, bestselling author and visionary scientist, Gregg Braden, goes beyond mainstream thinking to identify the converging cycles of climate, war, peak energy and peak debt triggering the dramatic changes in our lives.
Penticton - An Evening with Gregg Braden. Sept 25th, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Vernon - Retreat with Gregg Braden. Sept 27th, 10am-6:30pm
Tickets now available through the OK In Health eMagazine website.

“Brilliant and insightful…I see Gregg Braden as one of our great visionaries.”
—Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention

“Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”
—Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of How To Know God??

'The OK-anagan Gathering' 
Sponsored by OK in Health eMagazine, celebrating 10 years of service.  Our May gathering of the The OK-anagan Gathering & Bean-A-Ti was held at the Shatford Center with a very full house of about 50 people who came from Penticton, surrounding towns, along the valley across BC, AB, & SK. It was a wonderful Gathering. May’s theme was Connecting to Y-OUR Sacred Guides and our guest speakers was Allison Scott..  Volunteers created an atmosphere of comfort, Love and Light.  Sunnaria, Karen and Richard shared their music with us in our opening meditation. We ended the evening with Bean-A-Ti , that is a cup of tea and visiting. See photo of just half the room.
Our next gathering Thursday June 12th is 'Connecting with Your Sacred Angels" and our guest speaker is international speaker Cindy Smith. This is our last gathering for the year - so come out and celebrate with us.
Join us in Sacred Community to learn, live and laugh together!
Everyone is welcome, from those who are just starting their own journey, to those who have been working in the wellnss community for years. Entrance Fee: By donation (suggestion $5). June 14th
 at 7pm  at Shatford Center, Penticton.

Last Month

OK In Health were the official media sponsor for the Vancouver 'I Can Do It Vancouver 2014' event and also Doreen Virtues 'Angel Card Readers' certificate course. It was such a joy to meet Adrian, Hay House Event Manager and to have the opportunity to meet the inspiring speakers. I had so much fun over the three days. OK In Health was the only vendor invited to have a table - so a big thank you to Adrian and Hay House and our Ok Team of volunteers who helped us at our booth.

OK In Health's Booth
Official Media Sponsors
Adrian and Maria
Thanks to our Team
who helped at our booth
The Joyful Bruce Lipton
Wonderful loving man
Receiving my
Doreen Virtue Certificate
James Van Praagg 
said I was a fairy
 Robert Holden
was very funny
John Pierre Caroline Myss  Sonia Choquette
said I had fairy energy

Last month, OK In Health also hosted Allison Scott from South Africa who taught an eye-opening workshop in Penticton on May 31st/June 1st, 2014. We had a full class of 27 people. We learned step-by-step technique to connect to the Angelic and Celestial realms, and bring through messages of Love and Wisdom from your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Angels, while staying fully present in your body. We learned to channel and we will also learn to work in the vibration of the 12th Dimension and receive messages in a crisp way. 

Group Tours with OK In Health 
September - Celtic 'Holiday & Irish Music' Tour to Ireland - with Maria O'Farrell Carr and Nancy Rebecca. 3 spots left
November - Sacred Angel Tour in Hawaii with Maria O'Farrell Carr and Cindy Smith. Cindy will be teaching the Advance Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Course. Family are welcome to come join you at a non-course rate.
All tours are booked through our Registered group K. Banks travel agent.
March - Sacred Angel Tour to Ireland 2015. Registration is now open

 Allison Scott's
Conscious Channelling
Workshop™ 2014

Keep an eye on our website, social media pages and our monthly eMagazines for more updates of our special Celebration events. You will also find a wide range of events posted by our members. See our event directory for more information.

Check out our Workshop and Events page for many more events.
Please take a moment to read this month's eMagazine below and see what inspires YOU!

Love and Light
From Maria Carr and the OK In Health Team

Shannon BlissRecipe Host Manager - Shannon Bliss, manages the recipe Section. CNP, ROHP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Live Cell Microscopist, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Specialist. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with our members?
Click on the add a recipe link on our recipe page.

Raw Avocado-Broccoli Soup with Cashew Nuts

Did you know that avocados have several health benefits? Scientists have proved that a certain toxin present in avocados is able to kill cancer cells - it is used both in prevention and treatment of prostate and breast cancers. Furthermore, potassium in avocado can regulate pressure of blood, and oleic acid in avocado can be used to lower cholesterol level in the blood.

Dandelion and Tomato Salad

Pity the American dandelion. In countries across the world the dandelion is considered a delicious vegetable and is consumed with affection–and dandelion has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. In America, it is most often cursed as an irksome weed and is pulled, poisoned and otherwise generally maligned. Dandelion gets its name from the French "dents de lion", or lion's teeth, which describes the jagged edges on the leaves. The "lion" part might be there due to the fact that the fluffy yellow flowers of the plant resemble a lion's furry mane. Dandelion greens are loaded with beta carotene, the carotenoid phytonutrient that is a precursor to vitamin A. Dandelions help to support digestion. Known to reduce swelling and inflammation. Traditionally used as an anti-viral, treatment for gout, eczema, jaundice, and edema. Function as both mild laxative and gentle diuretic properties to purify the blood and cleanse the system. Dandelion greens have a reputation for bitterness, but they are nicely so, and the bitterness is balanced by a lovely spiciness similar to arugula. Mature greens can get pretty bitter, but this can be tamed by blanching them. The time to harvest dandelion greens is early in the spring, when they are their youngest and before they flower. They can be harvested again in late fall as they loose some of their bitterness after a frost. Look for young dandelions growing in rich, moist soil, making sure not to forage close to roads. They taste fresh and easy to add to any salad! This recipes is so simple to make.

Fresh Cherry Crisp

What says summer more than cherries? This is a delicious cherry crisp made with fresh cherries instead of canned. It may take a little longer to make because you need to pit the cherries, but it is well worth it when you taste the finished product. The nutritional benefits of cherries are pretty big, particularly when you consider their small size. Many of the health benefits of cherries are related to the natural chemical that gives them their color. Anthocyanins give flowers, berries and other fruits the colors ranging from red to blue. Some of the best food sources of anthocyanins are red grapes, chokeberry, eggplant and, of course, cherries. These pigments attract pollinators, act as a “sunscreen” and protect the plant from radicals formed by UV light, so they act as antioxidants. The antioxidant benefits are transferred to people when the fruits or vegetables are eaten. Anthocyanins are also natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. They inhibit the production of COX-2 enzymes, as do over the counter and prescription pain relievers. Natural anti-inflammatories are believed to reduce the risk of many types of cancer. But, there are more nutritional benefits of cherries. Cherries contain melatonin, another natural pain reliever and COX-2 inhibitor. Melatonin also helps to regulate sleep cycles and has been sold as a natural sleep aid. Reduced levels of melatonin have been associated with heart disease and increased cancer rates in night workers. The human body naturally produces melatonin, but primarily in darkness. Constant artificial lighting present in most homes and work places reduces the amount of melatonin that the body produces. So, one of the health benefits of cherries to modern day man has to do with replacing some of the melatonin that has been lost to artificial light, unhealthy work schedules and unnatural sleep patterns. And, there are more nutritional benefits of cherries. Cherries, like most fruits, contain vitamin C. The proven and suspected health benefits of cherries and other vitamin C rich foods are too numerous to be covered in this recipe.

Wellness Directory
A Mindful Connection Counselling Services with Carole Fawcett - 250-550-0316
Acupuncture & Laser Therapy with Marcel Mallette - (250) 260-3892
Acupuncture, Western Herbal Medicine & Laser Therapy - 250-328-3811
Alara ~ Uplifted Wholebody and Facial Rejuvenation - (250) 309-0411
Allie Arnst ~ Meridian Sound Therapy - 250-499-9895 or 499 2075
Arlana Tanner ~ Permission2bu - 250 300 9933
Awaken Enchantment - 2508649013
Awareness Life Products at Shirley's Studio - 250 492 5506
Bahiti Belly Dance - 250-809-4530
Being Wellness and Healing ~ Dylan Smeaton - 250-460-1693
Bellwether Coaching/Evergreen - 250-215-7757
Bernice Granger ~ Love's Divine Light ~ Be the Love and Light You Are! - 250 492 6093
Body-Wize with Ross Short CHP - 250 717 3553
Carla Van Voorst ~ Holographic Healing and BodyTalk - 250-763-7264
Carly Penfold ~ Om Shiatsu - 250-870-8183
Celtic Healings Intuitive Readings with Maria O'Farrell Carr, AEP - 250 493 0106
Certified Cancer Coach ~ Kane Consulting - 250-469-4623
Challenge in 8 with YJ Reshape ~ Youth Juice - 778-471-3912
Chi Solutions, feng shui foundations - 250 307 2555
Cloud 9 Coaching with Wendy Binggeli - 250-490-6055
CranioSacral Therapy & Rhythmic Reflexology with Judy Lamb-Richardson - 250-359-7052
Crystals Spirit Adventures - 250-681-1354
Dare To Dream Store & Wellness Centre - 250-712-9295
Daydream Esthetics Studio - 250-490-1233
Dr Ursula ~ Okanagan Thermography+ Cancer Support - 250-864-5260
Dr. Alex Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Jese Wiens ~ Naturopathic Doctor in Penticton & Summerland - 778-476-6016 or 250-494-3321
Dr. Natalie Mazurin ~ Penticton Naturopathic Clinic - (250) 492-3181
Dr. Tamara Browne - The Natural Family Health Clinic and Chelation Centre - 250-497-6681
El Colibri: Pathways of Love and Light - 250-492-5007
Endless Possibilities with Rhonda McLean - 250-497-8696
Feldenkrais Practitioner - Lynn Andersen - Self Sense - 250-498-4855
Feng Shui & Design ~ Teresa Hwang - 250-549-1356
Gateway To Oasis ~ Rhonda's Reiki Wellness - 778-476-2509
Gillian Padgett ~ Okanagan Stress Management Inc. - 250-542-7602
Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness - 250-491-7559
Health is Bliss - 250-801-2798
Herbal Wraps at Shirley's Studio - 2504925506
Indigo Dreamer ~ Kerry Palframan - 250-494-8955
Judy Holt ~ Shaklee Wellness - 778-480-2209
Kveta's Natural Healing Centre - 250-866-5677
Life Access with Daria Hanson - 250-575-3951
Locals Supporting Locals - Calendar - 250-770-9789
McHugh and Associates LLC ~ "Remote" Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy - 303 995 4276
Milagro Studios - Okanagan - 778-478-0128
MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~ Nia & Yoga-Fit classes - 250-868-8060
Norma Cowie Enterprises ~ Psychic Readings - 250 490 0654
Okanagan Herbalife - 7784841939
Penticton's Whole Foods Market - Health Store & Cafe - 250-493-2855
Psychic and Spirit Medium - 250 547 2262
Sandra Lee Custom Stone & Gemstone Jewellery - 250 306 4472
Sheila Stephenson – Penticton Health Practitioner - 250-493-3768
Soul Sistah Activations with Trish Zierler - 250 276-4844
Survivorship Dragon Boat Team - 250-490-4045
Thermography Clinic Central Okanagan - (250) 801-7900
Wind In The Willow - 250-276-5308
Your ProActive Health Now - 250.488.1656
Questions & Answers
Cindy AtkinsonYou Ask – We Answer! . . . your road map to health & wellness.
HAVE A QUESTION? LET US HELP! - We are here to help you with any of your health-related questions – nothing’s too big or too small! Our professional expert panel will do our best to provide you with information, suggestions, and resources.
The Q and A column is managed by Cindy Atkinson, BA Science in Genetics & Cell Biology.
Click here to ask a question on our Q & A page.


Which muscle of the human body is the strongest? Will I lose weight faster by focusing most of my training on developing this muscle?


The strongest muscle in the body is debatable. Some physiologists believe it's the masseter (used for chewing), while others claim it's the gluteus maximus (buttocks), or the rectus femoris (part of the quadriceps in the thigh). It's not easy to determine partly because muscles don't work alone. For example, you wouldn't be able to isolate the rectus femoris muscle and compare it directly to others because other quadriceps muscles contract along with it. There are biomechanical factors to consider as well like muscle length and the points on the bones where muscles attach called the origins and insertions.
What it sounds like you are getting at is the idea that if the strongest muscle in your body burns the most calories, then building it up would cause it to burn even more calories to help you lose weight. In pursuing this idea, I would go after the largest muscle in the body and not the strongest (particularly if it's the masseter), because surface area of the muscle has more impact on calorie expenditure than strength. What would be even better is to train a muscle that is both large and strong.
With this idea in mind, I suggest maximizing muscle surface area by building up the quadriceps and the gluteals (buttocks), two large and strong muscle groups. Train them with dynamic, multi-joint exercises like squats, leg presses, stair climbing, and lunges. Not only will these exercises help you develop your quads and glutes, but they also recruit muscles in the abdomen and back which will help you develop even more muscle and burn more calories.
Thank you for your question.
Supreme Events
June 2, 2014
Healing Evening offered by Allison Scott
June 2, 2014
Stroke Prevention
June 3, 2014
8th Annual “Ladies Only” Charity Golf Tournament for North Okanagan Hospice House
June 6, 2014
Kim Seer, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher and Medical Intuitive events in Penticton
June 6 - 7, 2014
Allison Scott from South Africa - Tacoma
June 11 - 18, 2014
'The OK-anagan Gathering' & Bean A Ti
June 12, 2014
Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course - Penticton
June 12, 2014
Transform, Heal, Illuminate- Ultimate 3 Day Retreat at Sparkling Hill Resort
June 13 - 16, 2014
Okanagan Angels and Fairies Day
June 14, 2014
TFH 5-Element Metaphors
June 14 - 14, 2014
'Spirit of the Drum Circle' Event with Jolynn Daisy
June 15, 2014
Melchizedek Method - Combined Levels 1 & 2
June 19 - 22, 2014
Plant Medicine, Breathwork, and Healing Movement Retreat in the Peruvian Amazon
June 20, 2014
Human Assemblage Point Workshop
June 21, 2014
Summer Solstice – Okanagan Lake Vortex Gathering
June 21, 2014
YogAlign - Pain-free yoga from your inner core certification
July 7 - 19, 2014
Acupressure Oil Massage Workshop
July 12, 2014
Ancient Ireland, Holiday & Music Tour with Maria O’Farrell Carr & Nancy Rebecca (September)
September 8, 2014
BC Yoga Conference 2014
September 12 - 14, 2014
Wise Women's Festival 2014
September 19, 2014
Birthing As Nature Intended Course with Teresa Van-Zeller from California
September 20 - 21, 2014
An Evening with Gregg Braden - Penticton
September 25, 2014
Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer is in Kelowna
September 26, 2014
Retreat with Gregg Braden - Vernon
September 27, 2014
Healing Touch Level Two Course
October 4, 2014
Registered Reflexology Therapist Certificate Course - October 2014 (New dates)
October 18, 2014
Kelowna Wellness Fair
October 25 - 26, 2014
Sacred Tour in Hawaii & Advance Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Course
November 6, 2014
FSRC Face Reading Mian Xiang - Module 1
November 9 - 10, 2014
FSRC Face Reading Mian Xiang - Module 2
November 11 - 12, 2014
Vernon Body and Soul Wellness Fair - 10th Annual
March 7 - 8, 2015
3rd Celtic Angels Sacred Tour to Ireland with Maria O'Farrell Carr & Cindy Smith (March)
March 8, 2015
Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ International Course in Ireland
March 12, 2015
Spring Festival of Awareness - Okanagan
April 24, 2015
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society ~ Sunday Meetings
Counselling Hypnotherapy Program - Basic and Diploma
Distance Learning through Windsong School of Healing
Fit classes, Nia & Yoga ~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~
Gateway To Oasis Reiki School
Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
Goddess Wisdom Intensive- Awaken your Inner Goddess, 7 Week Program
Herbology I ~ by Dr. Terry Willard
Holistic Health & SHIATSU - Certified WindSong Practitioner Diploma Program
Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course
Kelowna Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Group
Mayan Prophecies For Changing Times ~ with Dr Terry Willard
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
Noontime Tai Chi with Claudia
Penticton's Leggotts School of Rock and Roll - Join a Rock band!
Penticton's Guitar Circle ~ South Okanagan ~ Come Join us!
POP - The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
Yoga Classes for People with MS
Book Club
Lyndsay BlaisThe OK In Health's Book Club is managed by Lyndsay Blais, a passionate speaker, author and success coach.
Join in Lyndsay's weekly discussion on the book of the month. As an avid reader, Lyndsay looks forward to facilitating interesting conversations with you through the OK in Health Book Club! Would you like to join our New OK In Health's Book Club? Open to all OK In Health members.

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The IN Club by Emily Matweow - Book Review:

Emily is a renowned intuitive healer who has “walked her talk” in her own life, and helped her clients learn to express the magic within them and create life-changing outcomes. This book is the long-awaited result of her commitment to positive transformation for people, animals and birds and the planet.

The IN Club engages the reader immediately by offering The Intuitive Awareness Measurement for a unique exploration of his or her own stage of development of the various aspects of intuition. The book then introduces exercises that are fun and easy to do that expand awareness of each of these abilities.

The premise of this foundational work is to encourage people to experience community: “The IN Club”, by recognizing abilities and knowledge that previously may have been denied or hidden. The many and varied practices, including the Paiku App are playful, practical and uniquely designed to support living with intention and to consciously enhance relationships with self, others and the world..
Lynn Blanchard, Addiction Counsellor and Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

“The IN Club opens doors to many fun and easy ways to develop powerful new skills and abilities that can shift you to a happier, easier life aligned with your true, whole self. Emily’s Intuitive Awareness Measurement is a great place to begin your journey.”
Christie Marie Sheldon, Author of the “Love or Above Toolkit” and “Wealth Consciousness”

“Matweow’s life-long passion for the subject combined with her own varied intuitive experiences and interpretations to offer her own unique alternative ways to interpret, develop and extend the reader’s psychic and spiritual gifts.”
Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Author of award-winning “Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness”

“I am pleased to recommend The IN Club as a guide and primer for developing the intuitive faculty in the whole human being. I found its gentle, thorough style most effective and hope the reader will realize the opening of the door to higher states of self-awareness.”
Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., Author of “Eye of the Lotus: The Psychology of the Chakras”

“Witty, playful, well-written, and entertaining, with captivating metaphors and insightful comments.”
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, Amazon Best Selling Author of “Shift, Change Your Words, Change Your World”

The book may be purchased at:
Kelowna: Mosaic Books, Willows Country Store and More
Vernon: K&K Books and JNS Salon
Penticton: Hooked on Books
Or online at
Event Review
Event Review
OK in Health Members Review Panel offer their thoughts about a range of events from specialty movies to concerts, workshops, keynote speakers, health fairs, festivals and community events.
We sponsor community events that have value for our members.

I Can Do It! Vancouver 2014 Review by Mel MacGregor

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre was the setting for I Can Do It! Vancouver 2014 which featured fourteen of Hay House’s favorite authors and speakers.

The two-day conference kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. During his three hours on stage he spoke about his new book I Can See Clearly Now, praised the Wheat Belly book, ranted about Monsanto, quoted Moses and Rumi, brought his daughter on stage for a musical interlude, and delivered Dyer-isms such as “friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family.”

After lunch Caroline Myss took the stage for a feisty hour-long chat about transformation. The goal was to increase the audience’s awareness of our interconnected global community. More than once she threatened to stick our heads in a toilet for seven seconds. Then she reminded us to never underestimate the power of the Divine to come in and kick ass.
The energetic and charismatic Bruce Lipton wowed the crowd with his presentation entitled The Honeymoon Effect. Bruce’s love of chemistry, cell biology, atoms, and science was so passionate that it was hard to not get excited about charts, statistics, and being a skin-covered petri dish.

Calm and reverence infused the auditorium when Anita Moorjani shared her story of end-stage cancer, her experience in the other realm, and her return to this time and place. Her message was one of love and valuing yourself, and the audience responded in kind with a standing ovation.

Next, Nancy Levin shared her story of divorce and healing her pain through poetry. Then it was time to pull out the tissues as Alex Woodard revealed heartbreaking stories of loss through slideshows and songs.

The final keynote of the day took us from melancholy to magnificent as Robert Holden, Ph.D., danced on to the stage, chided Alex for making everyone cry, and told touching stories about love, his kids, being loved, his latest research, releasing fear and blocks to love, and his new book Loveability. His upbeat message was a great way to finish the day.

Sunday morning began with Doreen Virtue and her variety show featuring Doreen, Michael the music man, Precious the dog, Radleigh Valentine, Doreen’s dad, Doreen’s son Grant and daughter-in-law Melissa, James Van Praagh, a few readings and some giveaways. Phew! Doreen packed a lot into an hour and a half.

Appearing for the first time on the I Can Do It! stage was Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning. Jim delighted the crowd with his stories and incredible memory demonstration. He shared a plethora of memory techniques that we could take home and immediately apply to our reading and learning.

After lunch John Pierre had twenty minutes to chat about his book The Pillars of Health before Sonia Choquette had us up and moving. Shifting and uplifting our energy vibrations through dance and lively music, Sonia dispensed great wisdom and handy hints to liberate us from negative frequencies and live a fuller, more joyful life.

Joe Dispenza, D.C., then inspired the crowd with his amazing story of recovery by using the epigenetic model of reality, choosing to heal himself rather than have Harrington rod surgery following a cycling accident. With the belief that the Power that made the body, heals the body, you too can plan your future and bring it to life in the present moment.
World-renowned healer and founder of The Reconnection, Dr. Eric Pearl, reminded us that the body doesn’t need any interference to heal. Pain is a message for us to pay attention to. He invited two ladies on stage, one to receive healing and the other to perform the healing with his assistance. Within a matter of minutes, we witnessed improvements in arm mobility that had been previously limited.

James Van Praagh closed the event with his spunky energy and touching messages from the spirit realm. He and the other speakers were also available throughout the event to meet fans, pose for photos and autograph books.

The I Can Do It! conferences are great places to meet the authors whose works you’ve been reading for years. You will be inspired and uplifted by their messages of love and light. You’ll also meet new friends and like-minded, consciousness thinkers. Check the Hay House website for details.

Submitted by Mel MacGregor, Edmonton
May 29, 2014
150 Organic and Natural Gardening Tips ~ Part Five ~ 100 to 125 by OK In Health's Gardening Articles
Let's start we the next 25 Tips, Hints, Tricks and Facts for Natural Gardening. May is all about planting - At a loss for a color to put in your landscape? Try white. It goes with everything and catches the eye nicely - Use newspapers as weed barriers when creating a new bed. They are printed with soy ink and decompose nicely, and are simple to lay out again when decomposed. Don’t use slick colored advertisements or colored pages - Plant a new pot with lettuce, spinach, or other greens every week to keep salads going all season. The pot makes an excellent, lush green centerpiece for summer dinners on the deck or patio. Read more tips....
“Chucking the Whole Onion” by Allison Scott
We are first and foremost energetic beings then physical beings ie. we have an energy field surrounding our physical bodies (which can be measured by science) which responds to stimuli in our environment before our physical senses do. This energy field registers what is happening in your environment and then feeds the information to your body which then reacts. We interact with our environment through our energy field. Every experience we have ever had has the memory of that experience registered in our DNA and cellular memory. How can we release the negative emotional charge from these memories?
“How many Guardian Angels do most people have?” by Cindy Smith
For the month of September I was guided to write about our Angels. September 8, 2012 is International Angel Day!! Doreen Virtue created IAD several years ago. Her goal being that Angel Practitioners around the world would hold an event on IAD to acknowledge and celebrate our Angels. This year will be my fifth. Students and clients ask me many questions about Guardian Angels. Here are some examples to help explain what Guardian Angels mean to me.
15 Angel Signs and How to Spot Them by OK In Health's Articles
Want to know if you have been visited by an Angel or a passed loved one? If so it might be time to take a closer look at the signs around you. Angels and those we have lost, particularly ones we have loved dearly, will often leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide those they've visited. Whether it's to remind us of their presence, help us through a difficult time or merely to let us know they're there if we need them, these beings will always find a way of alerting us to their presence – often in very unusual and unexpected ways. If you'd like to find out whether you've been visited by an angel or deceased loved one, why they've come to you and interpret any secret messages they might have left you, the following overview of some of the most common signs and their meanings should answer some of your questions...
150 Organic and Natural Gardening Tips ~ Part Four ~ 76 to 100 by OK In Health's Gardening Articles
Let's start we the next 25 Tips, Hints, Tricks and Facts for Natural Gardening. April is all about getting ready for Spring and preparing for the summer growing season. Here are some tips such as: Feed your indoor seedlings with dilute fish fertilizer, unless the odor is a problem. If so, worm tea works well; it is gentle and won’t burn tender seedlings. Or use a fan to blow a gentle breeze over seedlings indoors. The breeze increases air circulation, which decreases disease problems and helps build stronger stems. Another tips is to hide an ugly chain link fence with climbing flowers such as morning glories or sweet peas, or tall flowers such as hollyhocks or sunflowers. Read more tips....
20 Ways to Get Good Karma by Dalai Lama
1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. 3. Follow the three R’s:
A Little Summer Reading by Cathy Lauer
You’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease and you are struggling to get information from a health professional that doesn’t scare you to death. Here are some great books to relieve your stress and help you along the road to better health...
Are You a Lightworker? by Doreen Virtue
I believe that each person has a personal mission in life—something that you agreed to learn during this lifetime. It could be patience, forgiveness, compassion, balance, self-care, integrity, and so forth. Everyone is working on a soul-growth lesson. In addition to their personal missions, some individuals agreed to take on “global missions,” which involve...
Benefits of Kombucha Tea: the Tea of Immortality by Raina Dawn Lutz
What is Kombucha and how best to use it in a healthy diet - Kombucha is beneficial to all of us as a whole: body, mind and spirit. It sure is a mystery drink – or is it?. Nutritionists agree that today people don’t get enough live, nutrient dense foods. We are “surviving” on a lot of processed foods. Why survive, when you can thrive?...
Birthing As Nature Intended by Carole Fawcett
Birthing As Nature Intended, (B.A.N.I.) ™ is a complete childbirth preparation program. Teresa Van-Zeller has trained thousands of parents to have easier, more comfortable births. She also...
Creating New Vows by Pamela Shelly
Many of us have been carrying current and past life conditioning that can profoundly affect how we feel about ourselves and affect our lives in the form of vows taken especially in past lives of religious conditioning. I feel it is now time to form new vows.
Creating Opportunities for Yourself! by Wayne Dyer
“You have to create opportunities for yourself,” said Dyer. “I shoveled snow, or delivered papers because I wanted some spending money but nobody would give it to me. A lot of people have a sense-of-entitlement mentality that somebody else ought to do these things for them. Here are some of Dyer’s tips for manifesting your dreams.....
EarthStar Wheel: Vortices, Leylines in the Okanagan & Lake louise by Maria Carr
Vortices appear to be points of power or energy on the Earth or “Earth Chakras”, and ley lines are the relationships between those points. An analogy might be that the vortices are accupressure points. and the ley lines between them are meridians on the skin of the body of Mother Earth. I grew up in Ireland and now live in the Okanagan, in BC. The Lake Okanagan is one of the points on the Earth Energy wheel map. The Okanagan lake and lake Louise are both...
Exercise and Excuses …. by Sonya Patrick
I am here to tell you that not only can it be fun, invigorating and good for you! It can also be a social gathering, a new learning experience and a wonderful way to regain confidence in that body you have been verbally abusing in front of the mirror the last few months.
Facing Fear by Kerry Palframan, RN
Most people do not like the emotion fear. Yet it is as noble and worthy as any emotion and plays a pivotal and important role in your life. All emotions are messengers from our deepest selves. Besides the obvious - fear is the sense that alerts you to danger and allows you to survive when threatened – fear offers to you the gifts of being focussed, clear and intuitive. It can give you...
Hair Loss and the Menopausal Woman by Caroline Sutherland
Hair loss is a big issue not just for menopausal women but for men as well. There are a number of factors to consider regarding hair loss...
How Archangel Michael Defends Us All by Lorna Byrne
A few months back I was a passenger in a car and we stopped at a red light outside the main Criminal Courts in Dublin. I watched a woman in her fifties walk up the steps towards the main entrance of the building. There were three angels walking with her as well as her guardian angel, which I saw as a light three steps behind her. One day some years ago I was walking with the Angel Michael; I had been wondering whether he was there for people who were being dishonest or doing bad things...
How Do You Know Your Angels Are With You? by Pascale Lutz
How to trust your angels are with you whether you feel them or not. You can ask your angels for help even though you are not aware of them physically. How can you be sure you are helped the way you think you could be, by your angels, when you can't feel, hear or see your angels? Well, you would be in the same situation as me, as I have spent years trying to see, hear or feel my angels and....
How to Eat the Healthiest and Sustainable Fish by Lindsay Coulter
Studies show that salmon contain small protein molecules called "bioactive peptides" that may provide support for cartilage, insulin effectiveness, and control of inflammation in the digestive tract. They also provide one of the highest amounts of vitamin D—a nutrient not naturally abundant in a lot of whole foods, as well as selenium, a common deficiency in our corner of the world in part from soil depletion due to high rainfall....
I Can Do It! Vancouver 2014 - OK In Health eMagazine's Review by Miscellaneous
The Queen Elizabeth Theatre was the setting for I Can Do It! Vancouver 2014 which featured fourteen of Hay House’s favorite authors and speakers. The two-day conference kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. During his three hours on stage he spoke about...
Is There An Angel Who Fixes Cars? by Doreen Virtue
God and the angels are limitless beings, so they’re able to help each and every person simultaneously. Some people argue that it’s not right for us to ask angels to do our bidding, as they have more important things to do. Yet, when I ask God and the angels about this, I always hear reassurances of their unlimited love and availability. They want us to be peaceful and happy, just as any loving parents would hope for their offspring. So when we ask Archangel...
My Vibrational Shifts in Ireland by Cindy Smith
I want to share about our Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland this year for two reasons, gratitude and vibration shifts with our Angels and Mother Earth. On this trip, our second tour, my Angel Team assisted me to increase my awareness of understanding of how different locations on mother earth, affect my physical being and can make it easier to connect to the Angels because of this vibration.
Natural treatments for stabilizing Moods and Energy by Dr. Tamara Browne
Many natural methods have proven successful in the management of mood disorders from depression, anxiety and insomnia, to obsessive compulsions and attention disorders. This is vitally important since...
Navigating the Spiritual Jungle by Mariana Caplan
I believe we need to "humanize" our spirituality and keep it as close to the ground as possible so that we can endeavor to cultivate a collective spiritual intelligence in Western culture...
Ten Steps to a Healthy Father's Day by Maria Carr
Forget the tie or the power tool, the best way to tell your dad you love him this Father's Day is to give him a gift that will help him live a long, healthy and happy life. While making an appointment to get his prostate checked may be a wee bit too clinical (and controversial) for Father's Day, and giving him the grandchildren he's been begging for may not be in the cards, there are loads of great ways to give the gift of health to the dad in your life.
What “The Melchizedek Method” did for me. by Trish Zierler
Feeling Confused? Depressed? Uninspired? Overwhelmed? Could be it’s time to upgrade and reboot the body’s energy systems to help cope with the ever-increasing frequencies of an ascending Earth. This article will offer a testimonial for one tried-and-true modality, “The Melchizedek Method”, as a possible support modality to strengthen our bodies and accelerate our consciousness so we can live longer, healthier, joyfully fulfilled lives...
What If I’m Hungry Between Meals? by Sandra Butler
June is a wonderful time of year to incorporate a raw food diet. The fresh local vegetables and fruits have started arriving at our markets. It makes me happy to live in this beautiful part of the world where nature’s bounty is so plentiful....
Free Admission Events
Stroke Prevention
June 3, 2014

You can prevent having a stroke. Come learn how from three experts.
Caroline Sutherland's - Free Monday Night Teleconference
Every Monday - 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET - Everywhere

FREE Teleconference - Ask a Question - Each week, Internationally Recognized Medical Intuitive, Caroline discuss a topical health issue that affect us all. Then she opens up the phone lines, does some spot readings.
Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society ~ Sunday Meetings
Every Sunday at 10.30am - 2965 South Main Street, BC , Penticton

Everyone is welcome. We invite you to come and celebrate the joy of life through body, mind and spirit. Each week we have a different meditation and speakers.
Buddhist Discourse and Meditation
Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 - Kelowna

Buddhist Meditation and Discourse Thursday evenings at Heartwood Buddhist Meditation Centre. 7-8:30pm #3 2979 S. Pandosy St. By Donation
Concerned about your Diabetes? - Terrace
Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 - 2:45 - Terrace

FREE Diabetes information event - Different subject every week. Limited seating. Please RSVP and mention OK In Health as your referral.
Do You Suffer from Anxiety?
Every Wednesday 11am to 12 - Penticton

Join us for a relaxation workshop at the Penticton Wellness Centre.
Free Course - Families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm - - Kelowna

A FREE Course For families and friends of individuals diagnosed with any mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsion.
Goddess Circle
ongoing: Second Tuesday of each month 7 pm - Lake Country

Women's sharing circle. Connect with other heart centered women on thier spiritual journey. All are welcome. No charge, no experience needed. 7 pm on the Second Tuesday of each month.
Guided Hiking - Free
10am - Kelowna

Mt. Baldy (Dilworth) Rifle Rd. Join our walking instructors as they guide you on the path to physical health and well being. Meet new friends, and get fit at the same time! Please arrive on time
Kelowna Conscious Cocktails
Every 2nd Thursday of the Month. 6 - 9 pm - Kelowna

Connect. Converse. Conspire. Create. Come out and create community with others of "light" mind. No agenda other than to be true Self and share in a safe space. You are never alone! $2 Toonie donation at the door.
Kelowna Gifts to Grandmothers
Every Thursday morning 9:30 a.m. - Kelowna

Dedicated volunteers assist vulnerable women & children in Africa along with grandmothers who are raising orphaned grandchildren due to the HIV/Aids pandemic
Meditation Support Group
Each Wednesday 7-8:30 pm - Kelowna

We meet to support each other in tranquility meditation and sit for 45 minutes. Both beginners and experienced welcome.
Penticton Green Drinks
1st Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Barley Mill - Penticton

People who take sustainability seriously in the South Okanagan now have an opportunity to meet up on the first Thursday of every month at an informal session known internationally as Green Drinks.
Personal Insights
On going - Lake Country

Spiritual Growth Support Group- Come out on the third Thursday of each month. Sharing and discussion of various spiritual topics, books etc. Ongoing.
Retreats & Weekend Away
Plant Medicine, Breathwork, and Healing Movement Retreat in the Peruvian Amazon
June 20, 2014

Plant Medicine, Breathwork, and Healing Movement Retreat in the Peruvian Amazon with Raul Diego Nelson Falch, Inger Skogvold, and Dawn Dancing Otter
Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
You pick the weekend! - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Get all the girls together and spend an unforgettable, fun and relaxing weekend at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre.
Drumming for Kids ~ Summer programs
July and August - Kelowna

Looking for an exciting summer program with activity for kids. Experience various percussion instruments of the world. (Bongo, Conga,Timbales, Doumbek, Djembe, Surdo, etc.)
Sober but Stuck?
On-going - Kelowna

Have you been clean & sober for quite a while yet find yourself: Unhappy, discontented, or having difficulties? Treat yourself to an individualized renewal retreat! One, two or three weeks.
Festivals & Fairs
Okanagan Angels and Fairies Day
June 14, 2014

Admission by donation & Free Seminars with International Angel speaker Cindy Smith and other speakers, Angel & Fairy Card Readers, Healers, Vendors, Crystals, Books and more...
Vernon's Mosaic Market
Every Saturday 9am to 12pm - Vernon

We have a variety of vendors with locally grown/made products at Westshore Estates Community Park
Fitness Classes
Fit classes, Nia & Yoga ~ MotionWorks Fitness Studio ~
On-Going - Kelowna, BC

MotionWorks Fitness is a health and wellness lifestyle studio dedicated to safe and meaningful exercise methods. Join Patti Tennessy Nia Technique Black Belt, Yoga-Fit, Pilates, and more classes.
NIA ~ 5 STAGES with Patti Tennessy
On Going - Kelowna, B.C., Canada

NIA 5 STAGES: Learning Nia 5 Stages Technique gives you a movement elixir for increasing body awareness and ageing with grace. Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking
Noontime Tai Chi with Claudia
.Monday to Friday 12:10-12:50 - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Tai Chi in action generates energy flow and releases blockages there by doing Tai Chi results in overall balance. I guide a 21 movement sequence that suits novice, seniors, children, patients recovering from mobility and pain - everyone welcome.
POP - The Power of Pleasure ~ How weight loss can be fun & sexy!
On - Going - Kelowna

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO: look forward to your exercise class?, feel energized, pumped, sweaty AND happy from your workout? and release weight and have fun doing it? Join our 6 week program to-day!
Yoga Classes for People with MS
Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. - Vernon, BC

The Okanagan Vernon Chapter of the MS Society holds weekly yoga classes for people with MS. For more information, please call Sherry
Aqua Prenatal
Friday afternoons - 2 pm - Kamloops

Gentle postnatal exercises gradually help the new mother to regain physical strength, tone their muscles, enjoy deep relaxation and develop close bonds with their baby.
February Freeze up Run/Walk
11.30 for regisration - Peachland

5 km Run and Walk - Fairly flat route along Beach Avenue and the foreshore of Okanagan Lake. A very scenic route. $20
Feldenkrais Works...... - Nelson
Thurs.'s 5:15-6:15 p.m., Fri.'s 12-1 p.m. - Nelson

Better balance, posture, flexibility, less pain.....
Friday's Dance Nights
On-Going ~ Every other Friday - Kelowna

Join us for a great night of dancing. Big band, Latin, swing, country, Ballroom and yes disco. We will dance to them all. Everyone is invited beginners - pro, we are goig to have fun.
Good Morning with Dru Yoga!
Saturdays from 9 - 10:00 am - Penticton

Activations, body preps, energy block release sequences, yogic postures and breath work with a final restorative relaxation to start your day!
Kelowna Nature Hikes
Wednesdays and Weekends - Kelowna

Bring a lunch. For general information call Rick Gee 250-763-0124
Nia Classes - Vancouver
Tuesday 6:00pm or Sunday 11:00am - Vancouver

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Kamloops
Mondays 6:30pm - Kamloops

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.
Nia Classes - Penticton
Tuesday 10:30am, Thursday 9:00am , Monday's 7:00pm , Wednesday 6:00pm, - Penticton

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Classes run in sessions. Newcomers are welcome anytime. Flex passes and unlimited passes available.Please phone to check times.
Nia Classes - Spokane
Mon. or Wed. 5:30pm or Tuesday or Thursday at 9am - Spokane

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music.
Noon Hour Yoga Classes
Wednesday at 12 - Kelowna

A one hour class open to all levels of students. All levels of students are welcome. Modifications will be given when necessary.
Salsa Thursdays
8pm to 10:00pm - Kelowna

Singles, Couples, All levels and ages-30 minute lesson with dance to follow - Great exercise for body and mind, meet new people, ongoing event since 2007.
Scottish Country Dancing
Wednesday or Thursdays nights at 7.30pm - Kelowna

No experience necessary and no partners needed! Come and enjoy the camaraderie and get fun exercise too!
Sound Bath ~ Tibetan & Crystal Bowls in the Water
3rd Thursday of the month - Kamloops

Conic healing session while floating in the warm salt waters with quartz crystal singing bowls live, Tibetan bowls etc. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation.
SOYA Yoga Teacher Training
On-Going - Penticton

Offers RYT 200, 300 & 500 Hour Extended Programs. Become a certified & registered Yoga Teacher at International standards! Find out for yourself why people love our SOYA Yoga Teacher Training program!
UBC Run/Walk group meeting
Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Kalamalka Residences Wellness Centre. - Kelowna

Students, staff, public, and faculty are welcome. Great opportunity to get or stay fit while exploring the hiking trails around campus and meet new people. All levels welcome. Free
Watsu & Tibetan Bowl
3rd Friday of the Month - Kamloops

Join with Audrey Meuse and cCome experience the perfect mix, a Watsu and the sound vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls. Restorative Calm.
Woga ~ Gentle Water Yoga
Tuesday, Thursday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm - Kamloops

Gentle Yoga is great for people new to yoga and for those hoping to strengthen and stretch muscles and ease joint pain. End with a floating heart meditation.
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Michael O'ConnorTake time in your busy week to reflect on your inner rhythms of yourself and your life. OK In Health's Soular Rhythms column managed by Michael O'Connor.
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June 2014 2014

The New Moon in Gemini occurs on May 28 at 11:40 am PDT. Though the Sun entered the ‘sign’ of Gemini, not the constellation (no they are not the same thing though both are ‘Zodiacs’ = circle of life), on May 20th at 7:59 pm PDT, the deeper effects begin at the time of the New Moon. Both constitute different cycles which overlap. Of course, there are always many overlapping cycles and deciphering each and their influence is core to the art of interpretation. As for the Gemini theme under this New Moon cycle, the emphasis is upon communication and especially upon mutuality, equality and fairness in relationships.

This is all part of a much larger cycle, the one linked to the recent Cardinal Grand Square. Yes, it continues to linger. What may be less commonly understood is that its roots reach back all the way to the mid-sixties! That is when the current thrust of the women’s liberation revolution germinated. Over the past 50 years or so that revolution to achieve gen...
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Wow, it is hard to believe it has been ten years already - congratulations to you Beautiful One!!! You have provided an incredible service!!!
Norma Reid

For our 10th year Anniversary in 2014, we are asking our members to show their support of this community network and eMagazine by emailing us few words as to what OK In Health means to you!
Were we a connection when you first moved to this area?
Did we help you spread the words about your events or wellness business?
Did you find the articles inspiring and educational?
Maybe you found a great recipe thru us?
We would LOVE to hear from YOU!

This is as AMAZING as ever!
I feel SO proud and blessed to witness your phenomenal 10 year journey! YEAH!!!!!
BIG love and hugs always
Chris Stormer, South Africa

"When I moved to the beautiful sunny Okanagan 4 years ago I was looking for a change in my wellness journey. I came across the OK In health eMagazine when searching the web for holistic events and practitioners. I found the site to be very informative, positive and easy to navigate. The layout of the site guides and connects me to all my holistic needs. The topics on holistic healing and practitioners is variable and meets the needs of all. It covers a multitude of various kinds of healings, healing practitioners, community and world events, healthy food recipes, families, animals and plants. I love how OK In Health is non-biased, and it offers me free will to explore my own personal wants and needs in the privacy of my own home. I feel Maria of OK In Health has captured a way for the Okanagan community to explore one another while providing the highest of good intentions for both the consumer and the practitioner. Maria has been a great support to me in wellness. Her heartfelt attitude and crystal twinkle in her eyes radiates far beyond her captivating smile."

Reiki Blessings, RK

Congratulations to the Wellness Spa who are also celebrating their 10th Anniversary ~ from OK In Health

Thank-you very much for posting our Hot Stone Massage event Feb, 22-23, Maria! Such great service! It looks great...I appreciate your prompt response. I am also just finishing my 10th year! I remember that.....we started around the same time. Sharon Strang, The Wellness Spa

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This is an amazing video by Adam who has a love and great understanding of how his crystal grid works. What an inspiration this young man is.

In 2014, OK In Health Community Network is celebrating our
10th Anniversary of serving the mind, body & spirit community.
We have now posted over 10,000 events and workshops, 1,000's of wellness practitioners, published over 10,000 high quality articles and best of all we have just reached the 100,000 mark for the numbers of people who have visited our website and eMagazine. Wow! We thank you all for your amazing support during the last 10 years.

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