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OK In Health offers this online E-Flyer feature as a way to support our environment by going paperless.
Since 2004, our own OK In Health eMagazine has always been paperless and now our members and readers can access local flyers from many of their favourite stores.

We are helping business go greener by providing a way where you can link to online flyers that are current for the stores you shop at.
Have you ever tried to find a coupon, or a flyer amongst the pile of newspapers that gathers in your home?
Now you don't have to waste time digging through the pile, simply click on our e-flyers and check out your favourite stores.
This is a Win - Win - Win situation for everyone, we all save valuable resources, time and money.

Health Stores -  e-Flyers 



Whole Food Market   Vitamin King  Choices  Sangsters  Nature Fare  Kootenay Co-op
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Natural Foods & Healthy Cafes -  e-Flyers 


Whole Food Market 

 Quality Greens Old Town
 Farm Market

Wheatgrass Cafe 

Cafe Fresh  Nature Fare Bistro 
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Health Companies 

 Trophic  Renew Life   Sisu    Flora  Genuine Health    
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 Medical Supplies Centers -  e-Flyers 

 London Drugs  Shoppers Drug Mart Peoples Drug Mart   Pharmasave Paragon Pharmacy  Rexall™ Pharma Plus,
IDA Medicine Shoppe
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Sport and Fitness Stores -  e-Flyers 


 Sport Chek  Rocky Mountain Fitness Fresh Air Concept
Cycle & Ski 
 Sport Mart   Sovereigh Cycle  
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Fitness Classes - Calendars




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