Your Thoughts can Change the World - April 2020

Think Love!

By Emily Matweow

Heart shaped Planet Earth

You are in a group from which a volunteer moves to join the presenter on stage. You learn the demo you will see is not new but a time-tested exercise demonstrating the power of thought.

You watch the volunteer stretch out their arm and resist downwards pressure being applied by the presenter to identify the their neutral, starting position.

Facing the group and away from the volunteer, the presenter opens a folder displaying one word –HATE- and asks the group to use their thoughts to send this emotion to the volunteer. After a few moments, the presenter turns and asks the volunteer to stretch out their arm and resist the pressure being applied. The volunteer is shocked that their arm gives no resistance and is easily pushed down.

The presenter turns again to the group, opens the folder to display the word LOVE, and requests the group to use their thoughts to send love to the volunteer.  This time when the volunteer’s arm is tested they are stronger than at the start. The presenter explains to the volunteer that the group sent them HATE energy the first time and LOVE energy the second time.

Everyone has just participated in a demonstration of the power resulting from thoughts and how our energy can affect others.  Negative thoughts about someone weaken them and their instinctual response is to defend and resist. Positive thoughts about someone strengthen and support them and their instinctual response is to relax and be peaceful.

Please read this exercise and then do it for yourself.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Recall a time in your life when you felt unconditional love from a parent, child, spouse, relative, friend or even a pet. Recall a time when you gave love expecting nothing in return. Sink into your recollections. Recall when love was given to you by someone who openly accepted you for who you are. Think of when you gave love to someone without expecting anything. Allow yourself to be with these thoughts of love. When ready, open your eyes.

When you think of love your whole vibration changes. Love changes the chemistry of the body and when you feel or think love, you know peace. To be at peace, all you have to do is “Think Love” like in the exercise.

How often have we become impatient with the driver in front of us who is taking "forever" to merge into traffic? I'll bet you didn’t think of sending this person love. I never used to. I had to have a bull moose come through my windshield and cause me weeks of anxiety driving before I considered I should be sending love and support to folks having difficulty in traffic.

How often have we become impatient with the person who is slowly crossing the street thinking they had no consideration for us and our schedule? It may be they didn't but I have had times when walking anywhere required all of my strength let alone successfully crossing the street before the light changed. How do you think I would have felt if the folks waiting for me had sent me loving thoughts instead of harsh impatient ones?

If possible, think of a person with whom you are engaged in a drama, someone with whom you are having some discord and send them love. Think Love now. Remember the exercise - sending love requires only your thought to be available.

You have heard it said that people forget what you say and do but never how you make them feel. How could you make people feel if you would consciously choose to Think Love?

What a wonderful way to disarm folks you find difficult. Think Love. What a wonderful way to promote peacefulness for yourself and others. Think Love. What a wonderful way to improve the world, even a little, if you would Think Love.

Each person you affect with your thoughts changes the world. Please... choose to Think Love.  Your thoughts can change the world.

Emily  MatweowEmily 's Bio: When the Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella, “Impossible things are happening every day.” she was speaking a universal truth – a truth that speaks to the impossible impact of Emily Matweow’s intuitive healing skills. She facilitates profound healing with individuals, and performance enhancing re-awakenings with businesses. Emily is the founder of Maverick Medicine and author of “The IN Club – Consciously Evolving Your Intuition” who sees the fast track to “impossible” personal or business breakthroughs. Whether clients show-up with courage and openness, or come jaded and desperate, they must be willing to walk with her to that place where all things are possible. Tapping into this place, becoming the best you were designed to be, means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is already in you. Em’s own magical transformation came when she was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and told she would be hearing and vision impaired, lucky if only a paraplegic. Today she stands before us, living proof that the impossible is possible. Dare to have your “impossibles” – there’s adventure and healing waiting. - Emily Matweow Website


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