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Your Natural Body Clock - December 2021

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Our bodies natural clock

By Dr. Akua Gray
Naturopath, Spiritualist, & Master Teacher.

Tick tock! The movement of the clock sets your body in motion daily. In fact our bodies were naturally designed to function with hours of the day.  Living life by our divine design has however been thrown off a bit by the direction and misinterpretation of man. If we were to take a look at the inner most workings of the body in relationship to health we would see a very precise system that ensures the survival of the body. However, when we are off balance, we suffer ailments, stresses and fatigues that are the result of ignoring the dictates of the Natural Body Clock.
Everything that we do should be done in moderation, including the amount of work we put in during the day, the food we consume, the rest we give our bodies, the sex we share, the intake of herbal remedies or pharmaceuticals, etc. Our bodies benefit, or become stressed by over indulgence or under consumption. All of the systems of the body work in harmony with each other throughout the day and each are given their respective times to function at its optimal level. Respect of this principal ensures a life that is beautiful.
If your lifestyle is healthy your organs will operate precisely during their respective times. For example, every morning you should eliminate waste from the body through urination and an easy flowing bowel movement between 5am - 7am, which is the time for the large intestine. This is due to the fact that during your "good night's sleep", of 6-10 hours, your body went through a thorough cleansing and regeneration process and now needs to get rid of the waste from the previous day.
In preparation for your day of peace and progress, your energy level needs to be raised for the physical, mental and emotional activity that you will experience, from 7am to 9am is the stomach's time to prepare nourishment for the brain, muscle and tissue with a boost of live nutrients for the digestive system to assimilate.
The spleen kicks in at around 9am to 11am to start the increased circulation and storage reserve of blood energy for the next 24 hours. As the body gets going full speed for the day and activity increases with the height of 11am to 1pm, your heart is at maximum connection to the energy of the universe. We eat our heaviest meal during this time of the day because the body is supported by solar energy to continue the digestive process and optimum physical activity.
Next in line is the small intestine, between 1pm and 3pm, to assimilate the nutrients that will be used to regenerate and nourish the organs in the melatonin process. During the assimilation process the filtering of waste continues through the bladder, from 3pm - 5pm, and kidneys, 5pm - 7pm.
The pericardium (the circulation and sex meridian) is activated around 7pm to 9pm as the body prepares for rest. Because sex has two specific functions in relationship to the pericardium , increased heart rate and relaxation, it is good to have sex during this time of the day to facilitate an active flow of the circulatory system (for the evening's cleansing phase in the late night hours) and to enhance the night's sleep so one can have proper rest for regeneration.
The triple heater in the form of respiration, digestion and elimination come in sync from 9pm - 11pm for the final preparation of cleansing the body. The gall bladder, 11pm - 1am, and liver, 1am - 3am, work well into the night to filter the blood that carries nutrients throughout the body to regenerate and nourish all the tissues. If you are up late at night or work the late shift you are robbing your body of the opportunity to regenerate and you will most definitely experience premature aging, exhaustion and fatigue.
Lastly, the lungs are at their optimum level of functioning from 3am to 5am when the cleansing process is coming to an end and the body is in its most relaxed state. The breath is in its natural mode, deep and slow. You might often find yourself coughing early in the morning…it's okay the body is cleansing.
Now ideally we are not conscious of these inherent body functions, however when we suffer from sickness or go against these natural functions, the body's response will inform us that we are doing the wrong thing. How's your body clock? Does it need resetting? When we know better we do better.

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