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Who Are The Hathors? - July 2013

Find out how these beings assist with our healing through sound

By Pamela Shelly

The Hathors are ancient Masters of sound and light here now to assist us with our planetary evolution and ascension.  They are the 'Healers of Healers', an ascended civilization of inter-dimensional masters, who embody Unconditional Love.  The Hathors have served our planet’s evolution and ascension for over 850,000 years. The Egyptian goddess Hathor represents strongly their feminine nurturing and uplifting presence.

A couple of years ago I realized I was working closely with the Hathors when one showed up briefly in front of me. This was after hearing strange but familiar sounds over and over in my head for a couple of days. After that experience, I began offering Sound Healing workshops.

I have been attracting people to my workshops to reawaken them or who are also aware they are working with the Hathors. These beings of unconditional love are working with more and more people to assist with the shift of consciousness we are now experiencing.

On the Spiritual Group Tour to Egypt in March of 2011, I have been guided to hold a few ceremonies where our group will assist in anchoring the unconditional love energy of the Hathors into the planetary grids. 

When I was receiving the information for the Sound Healing workshop from the Hathor beings they shared an invitation:

"Beautiful beings of light and love, we invite you to join us in our mandate to heal the hearts and souls of humanity.  Become a facilitator of the 'love vibration' and share it one heart to another.  We are the Hathors forever in your sacred hearts."

Tom Kenyon channeled the Hathor's message with Virginia Essene in a book titled The Hathor Material in which they introduced themselves to him: “We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past - even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history.”

An excerpt taken from The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life Volume 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek:

“The Hathors were the main or primary mentors within the Left Eye of Horus Mystery School.  Though they were not from Earth, in the ancient days they were always here to assist us in unfolding our consciousness.  They loved us dearly, and still do.  As our consciousness became more and more third-dimensional, we eventually could no longer see them or respond to their teachings.  Only now, as we grow, are we beginning to see and communicate with them again.  The Hathor race is a race of fourth-dimensional beings who come from Venus.  You don’t see them on the third-dimensional world of Venus, but if you tune to Venus on the fourth dimension, especially on the higher overtones, you’ll find a vast culture there.  They are the most intelligent consciousness in this solar system, and they function as the headquarters or central office for all life under our Sun.  If you come into our solar system from the outside, you must check with Venus before proceeding.

The Hathors are beings of tremendous love.  Their love is on a level of Christ consciousness.  They use vocal sounds as their means of communicating and performing feats within their environment.  They have amazing ears.  They have almost no darkness to them at all; they’re just light – pure, loving beings.

Hathors are very much like dolphins.  Dolphins use sonar to do almost everything, and Hathors use their voices to do almost everything.  We create machines to light or heat our houses, but the Hathors simply use sound through their voices.

The Hathors are about 10 – 16 feet tall.  For a very, very long time they have helped people on Earth, almost always through their love and their incredible knowledge of sound.  There’s an initiation in Egypt where the sound of the ankh is created – this is one of the initiations in the Great Pyramid.  It’s a continuous sound that a Hathor makes, without stopping, for somewhere between half an hour to an hour.  It is used primarily for healing the body or restoring balance in nature.  It’s like when we sound Om and have to breathe at the same time.  The Hathors learned how to make a sound without stopping, breathing in through their nose, into their lungs and back out through their mouth continuously.  Conducting this sound-of-the-ankh initiation ceremony was only one of the many things they would do for us to create balance.  The Hathors were here on Earth helping mankind for thousands of years.

Breathing in and out at the same time and making a continuous sound without stopping is not unheard-of today.  An Aborigine playing the didgeridoo uses circular breathing.  He can make one tone nonstop for an hour by controlling the air flow into and out of his body.  It’s not that hard to learn, actually.”

Just know that you can benefit by calling on the Hathor beings to assist you with healing on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.   As the Hathors work with you just allow yourself to connect to your sacred heart and be filled with unconditional love. 

Mystery Of Egypt Spiritual Group Tour

March 10 – 22, 2011

Join Pamela and Egyptologist Elia Takla on the Trip of a Lifetime and awaken cellular memories of Ancient Times.  Assist in anchoring the Hathor energies of unconditional love on the planet. The Hathors are Ancient Masters of Light and Sound who have come to assist us in our planetary evolution and ascension.  They are the 'Healers of Healers', an ascended civilization of inter-dimensional masters, who embody Unconditional Love. 
See the itinerary on OK In Health Event page

Pamela ShellyPamela's Bio: Pamela's Bio: Pamela Shelly, Business and Prosperity Mentor, is passionate about assisting healers, spiritual teachers, authors, holistic practitioners, and coaches to release their blocks to prosperity while learning the practical business steps so they can reach more people; making a bigger impact in the world. Pamela loves teaching the 3 Day Sound Healing Practitioner Training and has taught workshops for 15 years. She is also excited about her Sacred Goddess Tours, having taken groups to Egypt and Mt. Shasta and is looking forward to Greece & Turkey and magical Mt. Shasta in 2013. Pamela is the Author of '9 Steps to Conscious Parening' and several guided meditations. She also offers 'Connect to Your Guides' Healing sessions. Pamela has a column on OK In Health eMagazine called 'Soul-Full Journeys' and has written for OK In Health since June 2009. For more information please contact Pamela at 250-861-9087 o or on website. Please see Events - Pamela Shelly Website - Email


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