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What's Stopping You? - February 2020

By Sue Chambers, Williams Lake, BC

How many of us procrastinate when it comes to fitness and healthy eating? We all want to be healthy and happy, yet we can't seem to make a committment to ourselves and follow through with our fitness goals.

Are you annoyed by people who seem to enjoy exercise or those who eat healthfully with little effort? Why is it so easy for some of us and such a struggle for others? One simple reason could be time. The longer we have healthy behaviors in our lives, the easier they become and the best part is, you actually start to enjoy being healthy.

The first step in getting healthy and happy is to change your attitude and realize that living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to give up everything fun in your life. It does mean that you have to want the change and make a commitment to yourself to change how you think about food and exercise. At first it may seem like you are giving up everything that is familiar to you, and in many cases a comfort zone. What you gain from making the changes is much more satisfying and will replace the old way of thinking as your body changes and you feel and look the way you want. Living a healthier lifestyle will also change your mind as well.

What does a healthy lifestyle look like and what will happen if you keep maintaining it:

First, your priorities will change. You, feeling better, will become more important than the instant pleasures from the unhealthy foods you consume that are filled with fat and sugars. Once you start putting healthy food into your body and experience the differences in how you look and feel you will be happy to give up the junk food.

You will learn balance and that it is ok to indulge yourself occasionally without feeling guilty. You will start to see food in a different way and realize that it is the fuel for your body and controls your mind and emotions. Healthy foods are brain foods and your body welcomes them. Learn what are your weakness foods and replace them with healthier choices. Fruits and veggies are always available and when they are in season they are at their best. Research and find new ways of improving old favorite recipes.

You will become energized and this will motivate you in your workouts more and more as time goes by and you start to see and feel results.

You will enjoy trying new foods and exercises that work for you and help to keep you motivated.

Your family and friends will notice and your new good habits could rub off on them as well. It is always good to motivate others by example.

So, how do you get started on this new way of living?

First, ask yourself about your body. Not just how it looks, but how it works and feels when you exert yourself. Does it take on your daily activities with energy and ease or does it feel like it gets in the way? Be realistic about what you want. Find a program or way of exercising that works with your body, without huge aches and pains after you exercise. Research and find what sounds and looks like a good fit for you. Ask yourself, what do I want to see change about my body? Do you want to become stronger, more flexible, more energized? What are some of things you miss that you used to do and would like to start doing again? Such as sports, hiking, biking, skiing, walking or running or maybe yoga for increasing core strength and flexibility and relaxation techniques. Think about what works for you. Exercise and eating go hand in hand and with the seasons come many different ways to exercise. Inside or outside. Try a combination of things. Just get started.

Find a way to start moving. Start small and work up to where you want to be. Realize that it will take time to see all the results you may want and that's ok. Search out gyms that may be a good fit for you, talk to others who inspire you with their level of health and fitness. Let them help you to stay motivated. It is always fun to exercise with a buddy. Don't be intimidated by those more fit than yourself. They too, had to start at the beginning, right where you are. Surround yourself with people who support your new way of thinking and encourage your changes.

Make a commitment to yourself. Set goals and see how it feels when you reach them. Set up a plan where you know what you will be eating for the week and how many times you will exercise. Stick with it and you will start to appreciate your body. Everything will get easier as you follow your eating and exercise plan. You will become more confident and happy. As time goes by you will try things you never imagined you could, knowing that living a healthy, energetic life is the only way for you now as it has created many possibilities in your life. You will be an example to your family, children and friends of how to eat and stay active and healthy.

What's in store for you is a better life. Remember, any new lifestyle change can seem overwhelming in the beginning. Take one day at a time, along with one healthy choice at a time. Stay with it and allow yourself to take as long as it takes, while working on your habits and choices. Enjoy! What's stopping you?

Sue ChambersSue's Bio: Sue Chambers lives in the Central Interior of BC. She realized that helping people was her passion and is now working as a Certified Life Coach, Chakra Healer and Intuitive Reader. This allows her to fulfill her love of helping others and to live a peaceful, balanced life. BALANCED HEALING 250-392-3850 or 778-961-1000 - Email

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