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What is Intuitive Painting? - December 2021

And What Does It Have to Do with Health and Wellness?

By Annie Rousseau

Annie doing Intuitive painiting

Culturally we are starved for natural modes of creative expression that are integrative and healing. In many traditional cultures everyone created, danced and sang. In our North American culture, we often leave the arts to the "talented". And yet it is our birthright to create. We encourage our children to paint, to sing and to dance but often only those who are considered "talented" go on to sing, dance and paint as adults. How sad that is. And how potentially harmful it can be to our natures to thwart our natural tendencies for expression. How often are our illnesses a result of unexpressed energies of one type or another ? Yet how do we know if we are holding onto harmful unexpressed energies? And what can we do about it?

There are many different approaches to health and wellness today. In fact, there is a tantalizing smorgasbord of choices out there. Everything from the mainstream allopathic medicine to the more treatments of reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, herbal treatments, homeopathy and healing touch for us and our animals.

All may have an important role to play in helping us find and maintain a state of wellness. But how do we choose from these diverse offerings and practitioners? How do we know which ones are for us? Listen to our intuition. It is our only true and reliable guide. But how can we trust our intuition? How do we know if what we are listening to is our intuition? Good questions.

We know we have an intuitive nature, an intuitive voice, but we tend to doubt its ability to guide us. The conscious mind always thinks it knows better. We are more secure in our minds, more supported. Our natural intuitive skills have been deadened, quieted and in some cases shamed. Our minds have been trained to value outcome, to produce a product, to accomplish a measurable task or to achieve a tangible goal.

Intuitive Painting invites us back into the life of the soul, where the goal is not a product, but the journey itself. It invites us and trains us to listen, honour, respect and use our intuitive skills. We can reclaim our connection to the language of the soul, to feel a direct knowing at our centre. We can open to our unique and personal path to wellness. Being invited to stay in the "life of the journey", the process, moment by moment, brings peace and integration to our being. How many of us feel free to express ourselves easily and naturally, like we did when we were children? How many of us are open to the wonders of the soul? How many of us are in need of inner adventure? How many of us want to just relax and feel at home in ourselves, to rest into our bodies and feel whole? Painting from our intuition is a way to listen in.

To hear from all the divergent parts of ourselves: our child, that wants to play, be curious and full of wonder; the deep mystery of our soul's life; our desires and longings we have censored from the light and replaced with responsibility and control; our beliefs that have formed early in life and still direct our actions but are no longer useful to us. Painting from our intuition is a door to exploring the parts of ourselves we have shut away, censored or blocked. It invites us to experience an integration of those diverse parts of ourselves that call for connection.

Following our intuition with a colourful, carefree medium, in a safe environment can take us on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. The facilitator creates a respectful, non-judgemental space for exploration and assists each person in staying with his or her intuition through a process of gentle questioning. My belief is that health is a holistic and lifelong journey. To embrace the journey we must care for ourselves in many different ways and bring healing to all aspects of our self, nurturing the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional planes.

The journey of painting from the intuition supports this holism by caring for the soul, our creative source, which is often neglected, and by bringing about some integration of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. By training our minds to respect our intuitive guidance we heed the wisdom of the soul and bring healing to body, mind and spirit.

Annie RousseauAnnie's Bio: Annie Rousseau is an Intutive Painter and teacher. - Annie Rousseau Website

Okanagan Woman's Expos - Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon - 2021

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Sacred Nest Meditation Class with Corinne Ropp

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Sacred Nest Meditation Class with Corinne Ropp

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