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By Maria O'Farrell Carr

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This year I had a special Sacred Ireland Tour planned for  May 2020, were we visit many of the Royal Sacred Sites in Ireland. This tour was called the “Vibe with Your Tribe 2020”. Two years ago I received a message from my Celtic spirit guides to gather a group of like-minded people to be at the Sacred Hill of Uisneach for the Bealtaine Fire Festival in 2020. At the same time the guardians and keepers of Uisneach heard the same calling to call the tribes of the world to come together as ONE at Bealtaine. This call was heard by many around the world, from Canada, USA, Singapour, Mexico and beyond. We had a full tour but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Bealtaine celebration was cancelled and our Sacred Ireland Tour with Maria has been postponed until next spring 2021.

If the Tribes can’t come to Uisneach… then Uisneach shall go out to the Tribes !

So the lighting of the sacred fire, will still go ahead - to symbolise hope and healing in brighter days ahead.

Therefore, the Bealtaine Fire will be lit, as per tradition, at sunset (21:21pm) on Tuesday May 5th (Ireland Time). In accordance to the COVID-19 guidelines, **the only people in attendance will be the Keeper of the Hill; David Clarke and his immediate family.

The lighting of the Fire will be live-streamed onto Facebook so our friends from all over the world can still join us - albeit virtually.

From the Sacred Hill of Uisneach to every home and hearth in the land, may the Bealtaine Fire be the spark of a new coming together - of all our tribes.

We invite are tour groups and friends to join me by lighting a candle or a fire and connect with the Light at Uisneach.
To connect with all our guests and previous guests to come together as ONE.
To connect with all our friends who haven’t been to Ireland yet but can feel her energy.
To connect with the energy of the land and deities.
To come together as Oneness to welcome in a new energy of awakening, peace, love and oneness.

You may like to join us on Tuesday May 5th (Ireland Time) and watch the Live steam video, by lighting your own fire or candle at sunset at 9.21pm on Tuesday from wherever you live around the world.

You will be able to leave comments during the event, saying were you are from and if you like add, that you are part of Maria’s Sacred Ireland Tour Groups.
You may like to send a blessing or intents etc.

It is tradition to please wait until after the Uisneach Fire is lit, to light your candle or fire.

We are looking forward to visiting the Hill of Uisneach again on our upcoming Ireland Sacred Tours with Maria next year.


More About The Bealtaine Fire

Bealtaine falls at a different time each year, based on the earth’s rotation of the sun, this year it falls on Tuesday 5th May, as the sun sets tonight (Monday) it marks the beginning of three days of celebration that the summer has arrived, different cultures across the world will light their fires on Tuesday after the Uisneach Fire is lit.

The lighting of the Bealtaine Fire on the Hill of Uisneach is one of Ireland’s oldest traditions. In ancient times, a great assembly would gather on the Hill to witness the fire being lit by the High King of Ireland.

The Bealtaine Fire is traditionally seen as marking the arrival of Summer in Ireland and a symbol of the re-birth & rejuvenation of the land after the long Winter months. Once the fire was lit on the Hill of Uisneach, fires would be ignited on sacred hills all across Ireland.

In recent years this tradition has been revived to become one of the key events in the Irish cultural calendar. The Bealtaine Celebration on the Hill of Uisneach is a genuine gathering of the tribes; people of all creeds, from all over the world coming together with the local community to create a truly unique event.


Message from Maria O'Farrell Carr

The Hill of Uisneach is the Navel of Ireland, the birth place of the leylines of Ireland that stems from and travels the world such as the Giza leylines and the Apollo-Athena Leyline (Michael Leyline). The Royal ceremonial road to the top of the hill is still lit today.

For centuries the tribes of Ireland have gathered at this sacred place in Oneness.

From the Atlanteans, to The Tuatha De Danann, to Gods & Goddesses, the Druids, to the Queens and the High Kings of Ireland and our community today, all gather at Uisneach, connecting with Joy and Peace, with the Land and each other.

The Goddess Eriu is believed to be buried on the Hill and is a place of balance of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. The fires are lit on May 5th as we travel from darkness to light to a new world of Love & healing.


Join Maria and the Keepers of the Hill on Tuesday virtually at

Source: Uisneach page and photos

Maria O'Farrell CarrMaria's Bio: Maria is a gifted healer, intuitive and medical intuitive from Ireland. She carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing and ancient Irish intuitive gifts she inherited from her mother and going back to her grandmothers, two great uncles who were well known healers of the sick and even as far back as her great, great, great, grandfather (b. 1837) who was known as the Irish Healer of Animals. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from her deep study and relentless research. Maria offers Celtic Intuitive & Angel Card Reading thru Skype or phone to any were in the world. Maria grew up in Ireland and has travelled to over 16 countries and visited 245 cities. She has lived and travelled to Australia, Canada, North and South America, Europe and many places around the world. Maria has lived in the Okanagan, BC, Canada for years. She now lives part-time also back home in Ireland in the Spring and Autumn. Maria is the founder and publisher of 'OK In Health eMagazine' and Web site since 2014. is a beam of light in the wellness community. Maria was awarded the 2008 SOWINS, Women Up Front and Centre - Health & Wellness Award for her work on OK In Health eMagazine and the community. Over the years she has also worked as an Event Organizer and brought instructors to the Okanagan from all over the world. Maria was also involved at the grass root level in bringing in Dr Deepak Chopra. Gregg Braden and Dr. Wayne Dyer to the Okanagan valley. Maria has a wealth of experience in travel, as a healer and in events organizing. Maria hosts a weekly Health Column in 5 Okanagan newspapers. In 2013, Maria brought 30 people to Ireland for the 14 day Celtic Angel Ireland Tour and since then brings two tours over to Ireland each year. Maria has published two books on Sacred Ireland and is working on her third book. Maria continues to enjoy studying, travelling, offering sessions, working on OK In Health eMagazine, loving life in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and the Sacred Ireland Tours. - Maria O'Farrell Carr Website - Email

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