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The Light that Surrounds Us - August 2020

By Sharon Taphorn, Vancouver, BC

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“Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile.
Smile at each other; make time for each other in your family” -Mother Teresa

Everything on and around planet earth has an energy field. In physics they call it the subtle organizing energy field, in metaphysics we refer to this field as the Aura or Human Energy Field. Science has used electromagnetic experiments to prove this field exists and numerous research projects and papers have given both communities much data to ponder and discuss.

The aura is often referred to as a reflection of our true selves. This energy emanates in, around and through our physical self. It can show the picture of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status. Each of us vibrates at our own unique frequency. This field is affected by external and in internal influences and therefore conscious maintenance and cleaning can assist in health on all four of these levels.

Many holistic healers, Reiki and other energy practitioners are tuned into their senses in such a way that they are able to sense these energy fields through their hands and or third eye. During a healing session they can utilize this field to feel or sense disharmonic energy in human, animals, plants, rooms, thoughts, and more, as the list is endless. Each of us has the ability to work with these fields whether we can see or feel them. The knowing that they exist and conscious intent are that are required.

To practice sensing this field, begin to experiment and play with the energy.

  • Place your hands about 3 inches apart facing each other. Do not tense, just relax.
  • Concentrate on feeling the center of your palms & simultaneously be aware of your entire hand for about five to 10 minutes.
  • At the same time, inhale and exhale slowly. Concentration is facilitated by pressing the centers of your palms with your thumbs before starting.

It is by concentrating the energy at the center of the palms that the hand chakras are activated, thereby sensitizing the hands or enabling the hands to feel subtle energy or matter.
80 – 90% of you will be able to feel a tingling sensation, heat, pressure or rhythmic pulsation between the palms on the first try.

It is important to feel the pressure of the rhythmic pulsation.

Bring your hands 2 feet apart – Rotating the hands increases the energy field between them

Channeled energy usually goes from in hand and out the other unless directed consciously.

Keep an open mind and heart. Keep practicing and each time you will feel more energy and the sensations will happen faster, and enjoy the process. As you get better at creating these balls of energy, you can visualize sending them to people, places and things.

As we go about our activities of daily living, we usually encounter many different people and events. Each time we connect with each other, we leave imprints in each other’s energy fields. Often we feel exhausted after of day of dealing with so many projects and people, we can feel scattered and unfocused. One of the easiest and fastest techniques I’ve used to clear my energy field of collect energy is using this cleansing vortex technique:

The Cleansing Vortex

This exercise is a visualization exercise for cleansing and purifying your entire energy field. It is an excellent exercise to perform at the end of a day, especially at those times when you have interacted with a great many people. It helps sweep out energy debris, preventing it from accumulating and creating imbalance within the energy field. This process takes about 5 minutes, and is also a wonderful visualization in the shower.

Find a comfortable position and perform a progressive relaxation. Performing a breathing technique is beneficial as a preparation for this exercise. You may want to use a simple prayer or mantra as well. Remember that the exercise presented here is a guideline, and you should learn to adapt it to your own energies.

About 6 meters (20 feet) above you, in your mind's eye, visualize a small whirlwind of crystalline white fire beginning to form. It looks like a small tornado, then visualize it growing until it large enough to encompass you and your entire auric field. The small end of the funnel should be visualized as capable of entering down through your crown chakra at the top of your head and passing down the middle pillar of your body.

This whirlwind of spiritual fire should be seen as rotating and spinning clockwise. As it touches your aura, see it as sucking up and burning off all of the energy debris you have accumulated.

See, feel and imagine it moving down, over and through your entire aura and body. Know that it is sweeping your energy field clean of all the extraneous energies you have accumulated throughout the day.

As it moves through your body, allow this energy vortex to exit out through your feet down into the heart of the earth itself. See the vortex as carrying this energy debris into the other realms, where it is used to fertilize and benefits all the kingdoms of life upon and within the mother earth.

If you feel light headed after using this technique, give yourself a few minutes of breathing, drink some water blessed with gratitude and relax. We often feel so light after we clean our energy field of other people’s stuff that we have been carrying around for a while.

Sharon TaphornSharon's Bio: I am a Teacher, Healer, and Adventurer on this human journey. As an early indigo, I felt most at home with nature and animals. I have always been empathic and sensitive to the energies in my environment. Learning to work with these enhanced senses in the 3D world has been an interesting journey. I began to seek answers and clarity in books and libraries at an early age, my quest for a better understanding of why I could see, hear, feel and smell things others could not. This led to an exploration of many religions, beliefs and experiences, some dark, some strange. I learned the power of our thoughts, and working with other dimensional energies through classes on empowerment, workshops, books and life experience. A life threatening illness in my son when he was three led me to Nursing, which led me to alternative healing as my patients would tell me they felt better when I was working (I knew I had a healing touch and made a point of always touching my patients). And mother to a 22 year old multidimensional Indigo. - Email

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