Removing Blockages to Healing - February 2021

Written by Gerald Morris, Okanagan Thought Field Therapy

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Gerald Morris, Okanagan Thought Field Therapy

Many health issues occur because of blockages and restrictions in the physical body. Blockages commonly happen in the circulatory system, eliminatory system, sinus cavities, nervous system, gallbladder, kidneys, and in other places. Blockages can also be  found within our thoughts and emotions. We often see people stuck in anxiety, depression, perfectionism, grief, self-doubt, phobias, and in other issues.

Blockages and restrictions in the physical body can be caused by injuries, inactivity, allergens, toxins, diet, environmental and household chemicals, radiation, infections, and emotional difficulties. In the thought-emotional body, they can be caused by physical traumas, or by physical toxins in foods and in the environment. They can also be caused by psychological traumas; abuse and abandonment are examples. Psychological toxins such as shame, doubt, selfishness, guilt, neglect, and prejudice can likewise cause blockages and restrictions. Living through an environment of war, or in a toxic family or work place, can also cause blocks.

These blockages negatively affect our quality of life and professional success; they can even affect our physical health by disrupting the flow of energy along our energy meridians and other energy points, which can lead to dysfunctions in our Autonomic Nervous System. Regardless of whether a blockage is experienced in our physical body or in our thought-emotional body, the conditions associated with the blockage make lasting impressions in our conscious and subconscious thoughts. These areas of thought are referred to as Thought Fields.

Positive Thought Fields are supportive; they help us to thrive, and be happy and effective people. They help us flourish and live a life of meaning and satisfaction. Negative Thought Fields are unsupportive; they cause us anxiety, depression, doubts and other emotions, which negatively impact our perspectives, emotions, relationships, successes, and physical bodies.

Negative thoughts and experiences can also produce Psychological Reversals in our Thought Fields. Reversed Thought Fields, conscious or otherwise, often cause restrictions and blockages to the flow of energy along our energy meridians and other energy points, which can lead to unsuspected subtle or severe health consequences. These reversals must be corrected before healing can successfully take place. To leave a Thought Field in a reversed state can prevent an otherwise successful treatment from fully working or lasting.

An example of a Psychological Reversed condition can be seen in people suffering with self-sabotaging beliefs. They often work hard to overcome their beliefs, but regardless of their efforts, they continue to fall back into conditions associated with their negative beliefs. Once the Psychological Reversal is corrected, new supportive beliefs can be easily adopted and previous struggles overcome. In Thought Field Therapy the initial step is to identify and correct all Psychological Reversals in the thought field associated with the original complaint. The next step is to remove the blockages along the energy meridians and other energy points.

The science of epigenetics now recognizes that our thoughts work above our genetic predisposition. Our thoughts can in fact alter the effects of our genetic inheritance. One great thinker put it this way: “The reality of man is his thought, not his material body. The thought force and the animal force are partners.” The power of thought, conscious or subconscious, has both an outward and inward effect. So, when addressing health issues, we would be wise to consider treatment for both our outer and inner realities. 

If you are experiencing complicated or long-standing, unresolved health issues, you may wish to try Thought Field Therapy, an effective and complementary approach to healing.

Article written by Gerald Morris, Okanagan Thought Field Therapy

Contact at 778-931-1095

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