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Healers Need Healing Too - November 2020

Written by Rocky Krogfoss

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The vast majority of healers are women. It is the way it has always been that way, for good reasons. Let me talk about what I have experienced with dozens of female healers as clients. One of the most insidious programs that women embrace unwittingly is the core belief program I have called, “I give my love away to everyone, in the hopes of getting some back”. Some see this as a duty to god, unfortunately.

This de-empowering program is so vicious with its long- term health probabilities, that it requires serious attention today from all women, healers or not. When I have taught workshops for women, this one program revelation can create all kinds of significant epiphanies and emotions.

Healers are especially vulnerable to this with many healers subconsciously taking on the pain of their clients, effectively damaging their own cellular body in the process. 
How many healers wind up with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression?

The healing wisdom is here now to release all that baggage that most healers unintentionally collect.

WE need every healer to be healthy, free of the negative information / energies of their past and their clients. It is OK to seek healing from someone who can help you effectively release your past and the client energies you took on.

The struggle / poverty / martyrdom mindsets must end. There are healers that can help. Seek them out, recalibrate your cellular frequencies to 5D, the world is waiting for you. They need your gifts and abilities. Seek outside your limited circle. Reach out to the world. 

I am Rocky Krogfoss, President, New Beginnings Therapy, Quantum Emotional Healer, Langley, BC
Website: www.migraine1mastery.com

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