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Prepare Your Skin for Winter - January 2020

And Repair the Summer Sun’s Damage

By Deanna Klan

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Is your skin dry and dehydrated? Are you dreading the cold dry winds that the colder months bring? Perhaps your skin became leathery and “older looking” over the summer or the sun gave your complexion some serious issues like hyper pigmentation. Here is the easy way to answer all these problems with one of Mother Nature’s best gifts.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also known as glycolic acids, derived from sugar cane have some wonderful properties that can address some serious skin care problems. Because theses acids unblock pores and reduce the excessive oil flow from oil glands they are highly useful in acne and problem skin.

As these glycolic acids are available in various strengths they can be used at home in a mild strength and in a salon in more aggressive fashion. Even the more aggressive versions are perfect ‘lunch time peels’, leaving no redness and with no down time. The most extreme percentage products are used only in a physician’s clinic and these can give the intense redness and uncomfortable side effects. At lower strengths they can be used at home frequently for ongoing maintenance of a healthy appearance, or as social events dictate (e.g. weddings, school reunions etc.)

By promoting a healthy increased cell turnover they are unrivalled in improving the skin’s texture and moisture retaining properties, which is what aging, wrinkled and dry skin so desperately needs. As an exfoliant, alpha hydroxy acids are unrivalled; they remove dead skin cells and the blockages that can be in pores, leaving skin smooth, clean and younger looking.


Like many exfoliants these products will give greater effectiveness from moisturizing products that are used afterwards, the skin is able to accept moisture far better and without wasting products on dead skin cells that should have flaked away sooner.

The alpha hydroxy acids remove the rough built up skin cells that give sun worshipper’s their tell tale thickened and harsh appearance. Stronger glycolic acids would be employed for situations like these in a professional controlled manner. Combined with ongoing home care, improvement can be seen quite quickly.

When skin has pigmentation problems, alpha hydroxy acids can significantly fade the areas care that are darkened, even age spots and this takes minimal home care. This is further helped by using a quality sun screen and avoiding sun exposure as much as possible. Many people having these skin conditions are so surprised and thrilled with the excellent outcomes, as they now have an appearance that is better than they had even hoped.

Studies have shown that these acids also affect the collagen levels in our skin; by increasing the glycosaminoglycans activity (like “sponges” below the surface of our skin) stronger healthier skin with more moisture results and this translates into younger fresher and smoother skin. And who doesn’t want a complexion that feels and looks years younger?

Deanna KlanDeanna's Bio: Deanna Klan has enjoyed being a licensed esthetician since 1986 and she combines her love of natural organic essences and healing energies at her salon. Specializing in organic facials for: Rosacea, Acne and Aging Skins. Deanna Klan has an impressive line-up of facial techniques including crystal therapy, healing energy and harmonic frequencies. Using organic and wild-crafted skin care products with world class facial and body massage techniques to give extraordinary results for the body, mind and soul. She uses organic skin care products that are paraben free and chemical free. Deanna can be reached at Daydream Esthetics Studio, 1329 Kilwinning St, Penticton, 250 490-1233. Deanna has a column called 'Natural Beauty' and has written for OK In Health since July 2009. - Email


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