Pain – Physical and Emotional - October 2020

We can learn and grow from pain

By Kathie Straker, CBP

Most of our pain is psychologically created.  There can be physical pain, but suffering with emotional pain adds another layer on top of the physical pain and it’s thought that about 85% of our physical pain has an emotional component.  Every experience in life has an emotional component. Our emotions come from the deeper part of our consciousness – our subconscious. Often our emotions go unexpressed. When unexpressed they can get in the way of our innate intelligence, that part of us that is able to heal ourselves.  Or because they are unexpressed or perhaps expressed inappropriately, they become pathological and again, get in the way of our healing so that we’re unable to heal or heal in a lasting way or heal completely.

There is always the duality of the pathological and natural aspects of the 5 basic emotions which are: Joy/Sadness; Fear; Anger; Worry; and Grief. Fear when pathological, affects our sympathetic nervous system and puts us in the “fight, flight or freeze” state. On the other hand, fear gives us pause when we are about to jump into unknown waters – “might there be a strong undercurrent?” or “could there be rocks just beneath the surface that I can’t see?”. This fear serves us by allowing us to make better choices so is considered natural.

Clearly then we don’t want to eliminate our emotions. Neither do we want to become stuck in our emotions and in the story around those emotions. Rather, ideally we prefer to feel them, experience them, learn from them, then move through them.

Often though, we don’t learn what we should from our emotions so life keeps providing us with situations that perpetuate the pathology of our emotions. This makes the emotions denser and more likely to become stuck.

It may be helpful to understand that everything in life is a perception. Two people can witness or even experience the same incident and both can perceive it quite differently. An example is if we hear someone say to us “please be quiet”, one person might simply stop talking while another might be personally affronted by that statement. There is no right or wrong perception, we just perceive.  But those perceptions flavour or taint how we experience life.  They act like little filters and they create our beliefs and our judgments – and yes, we all have judgments, because we are all human. These beliefs and judgments trigger our emotions which can, if pathological and especially if those emotions are stuck in our bodymind, create physical pain.

an style="font-size: 12pt; background: none 0% 0% repeat scroll white;">Because of our beliefs, judgments and pathological emotions, we create our illnesses, diseases and pain.  This helps us see that the things we perceive through our 5 senses - touch, taste, sight, sound and smell – are the things that have brought you to where you are right now.

By looking behind our sense perceptions, you can become more of who you really are - your authentic self.  That part of you can become buried with your beliefs and perceptions but it never really changes, no matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing. So the next time you experience pain, you might ask yourself “what’s behind this?”, “what’s really going on here?”, “is there another way of looking at this?”.

By making a shift from the sympathetic nervous state to the parasympathetic nervous state we feel more relaxed. When we feel relaxed we can begin to recover from stress because when we’re stressed, our body can’t heal properly, in fact it begins to break down which again, is when disease, pain and illness can occur.  And once you recover from stress, your body begins to work more efficiently and function in an optimal manner.  That’s when the healing process can begin. 

There are many things we can do to achieve that relaxed parasympathetic state and begin healing our pain. You might practice positive thinking, recite positive affirmations, meditate or do Yoga. Even get a massage, walk in nature, play with a pet you love, listen to some music or confide in a close friend.  But although they’re all beneficial, on their own they are not enough because most of those speak to the conscious mind so really help only while we are practicing them. This is because our contradictory negative thoughts we may be unaware of, are usually programmed in the much more powerful subconscious mind. 

I suggest that one try to be with pain for a while, accept and even embrace it to better learn from it, perhaps understand it, grow from it and move through it. When the pain feels stuck, there are many holistic and traditional healing modalities to explore.  Many can help you reconnect to who you really are.  The ones I favour work at the conscious and the deep subconscious levels to help balance and heal long term.  Some examples of these modalities are BodyTalk, the BreakThrough method and Tuning Fork Therapy. 

Kathie Straker, CBPKathie's Bio: BODY IN TUNE - Integrative Healing. - I help unlock the flow of abundance by releasing pain - physical and emotional - and by releasing beliefs or habitual thought patterns – the conscious and subconscious ones – that may be holding you back from really living fully. I work with various holistic modalities such as BodyTalk, BreakThrough, Reiki and Tuning Fork Therapy, all of which comprise a comprehensive “whole” healthcare system that brings about balancing and healing in the bodymind. I have a strong focus on the nervous system when working so that you feel more relaxed and can begin to recover from stress because when we’re stressed, our body can’t heal properly, in fact it begins to break down which is when disease and illness can occur. And once you recover from stress, healing can begin. That’s when the magic happens! And that’s because I work not only at the physical level, but also at the mental, spiritual, energetic and emotional levels which is what makes this work so effective. Based in Summerland, just 10 minutes from Penticton, Body In Tune (Integrative Healing) provides holistic healing to help you get to the core root of your problem.or on line sessions. 250-494-0432 - Kathie Straker, CBP Website - Email


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